Bunn Vs. Ninja Coffee Makers (Things To Consider)

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Bunn is a trusted coffee maker brand that has been used in many households for many years, but Ninja is a younger brand that brings many innovative features to the home barista. If you are trying to determine which coffee maker is better for you, you may be considering a Bunn or a Ninja, but which is best? Let’s find out!

Bunn coffee makers are simple, reliable, and trusted by many households. These coffee makers consistently make good coffee much more quickly than other coffee makers. Ninja coffee makers are built around practical features and host a variety of coffee brewing methods and features. 

The world of modern coffee makers is vast and confusing, and there are so many options to choose from. If you have taken the plunge into this world and find yourself comparing Bunn and Ninja coffee makers, there are a few important considerations to make. Let’s compare Bunn and Ninja coffee makers to determine which brand will suit you best.

Bunn Coffee Makers

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If you have investigated coffee makers before, then you will be familiar with Bunn coffee makers. Bunn is a brand that has been around for a very long time and is very trusted in the sphere of home coffee brewers. Some coffee lovers will use nothing but a Bunn coffee maker. 

Bunn has a good selection of coffee makers in its catalog and focuses on producing coffee makers that are simple to use but shockingly effective. Every Bunn coffee maker is a very user-friendly appliance, but they all share the same effective brewing technology. 

The coffee makers produced by Bunn all share one defining feature that sets them apart from other brands. This feature is the pre-heating water storage system. 

Most coffee makers heat the water on demand as it flows through the machine, but Bunn coffee brewers are left on and keep the brewing water hot in the water reservoir. This feature means that Bunn coffee makers brew coffee significantly faster than brewers from other brands. 

A Bunn coffee maker can produce a delicious, well-made 12-cup batch of coffee in less than four minutes. This makes Bunn coffee makers ideal for the coffee lover who needs their coffee as soon as possible. 

Aside from the speed at which Bunn coffee makers brew coffee, these machines are well-known for making very good coffee. The coffee from Bunn machines is well-extracted and well-balanced, provided the person operating the brewers uses the correct brewing ratios. 

These machines feature no-frills, not especially modern features. Bunn brewers are very simple, they make coffee well, and that’s all. However, these machines are reliable, sturdy, very simple to use, and they make very good coffee very quickly. 

Ninja Coffee Makers

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Ninja is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances that are relatively new in the industry, but the company prides itself on creating innovative products that solve a multitude of problems simultaneously with a multitude of impressive modern features and multi-functionality. 

Phrases and words such as ‘multi-functionality’ and ‘modern features’ may seem gimmicky or intimidating, but the truth is that Ninja coffee makers can only be described with such words as phrases, as they truly are multi-functional and wonderfully innovative. 

Every Ninja coffee maker, regardless of the model or the price range, has a host of features designed to make brewing coffee easier and to provide a range of coffee brew options. 

Ninja coffee makers possess multiple multi-function features that set these brewers apart from brands. Some Ninja coffee makers can brew with K-Cups, other coffee capsules, single-serve brews, multi-cup brews, and even have milk frothing wands that extend out from a hidden compartment. 

Hot and cold water dispensers, insulated coffee carafes, multiple brewing modes, self-cleaning, tea brewing capabilities including a dedicated tea leaf brewing basket, digital touch interfaces, programmability, and state-of-the-art coffee brewing technology mean that ninja coffee brewers are some of the best-equipped machines out there. 

 These machines are designed with components and brewing features that ensure the best brews possible by precisely controlling water distribution, brew temperature, brew time, coffee extraction, and ground coffee saturation. 

Ninja coffee makers are not equipped with other modern features such as timers, automatic features, or built-in grinders, but every feature on these machines is designed to provide an excellent brew from each setting in a range of brew settings and styles. 

Is Bunn or Ninja Coffee Maker Better For You?

four different coffee in cups

Bunn coffee makers are legendary in the industry, and Ninja coffee makers are packed full of modern brewing features, but which brewer is best for you? Should you invest in your morning coffee routine with a Bunn coffee maker or a Ninja machine?

The truth is that both Bunn and Ninja coffee makers produce excellent coffee. Both machines are reliable and are beloved by those who use them. However, there are some considerations that will determine which machine is better for you. 

While Ninja coffee brewers have a wide range of coffee brewing methods and feature many innovative attributes, they are sometimes inconsistent, they can be expensive, and they typically take a long time to brew. 

Bunn coffee makers are not very sophisticated, and they do not have many modern features, but they brew very consistently and very quickly compared to Ninja brewers. 

The answer to which coffee maker is better for you is dependent on what you want from your coffee maker. If you want a coffee maker that makes the same consistent coffee every time very quickly, then using a Bunn appliance is better for you. 

If you prefer your coffee to be varied and if you enjoy multiple coffee beverages, then investing in a Ninja coffee maker may be a better choice for you. 

Take your time to examine both brands, browse their catalogs, and choose a machine that suits your individual needs, and you will be satisfied with your morning coffee every day!


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Bunn and Ninja coffee makers both produce excellent coffee. Bunn coffee makers are more consistent, quicker, and easier to use, but Ninja machines are far more versatile and produce a wide range of beverages in multiple styles. 

Take your time to examine your coffee routine and requirements, explore the range of Bunn and Ninja coffee makers, and determine which machine suits your needs best. You will not be disappointed with Bunn or Ninja coffee makers, but be sure to find the right machine for you.