Bunn Vs. Keurig Coffee Makers (A Comparison)

Last Updated on May 28, 2022 by John Moretti

Coffee makers provide us with not only continuously fresh cups of coffee, but it releases a strong and pleasant aroma in our home! Do you want to purchase a coffee maker but are unsure which one is best? What is the difference between Bunn and Keurig coffee makers?

Bunn developed some of the fastest and most durable home coffee makers in the last decade. While Keurig coffee makers tend to produce weaker coffee, the flavor is exceptional. The combination of performance, design, and affordability is what makes Keurig one of the best coffee makers on the market.

While both Bunn and Keurig coffee makers are well-known for their quality and efficiency, there are some pros and cons to each machine. Continue reading with us as we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these high-quality machines!

Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn coffee makers are well-known industry leaders, and many of the first coffee makers can be traced back to the Bunn brand. Let’s take a look at Bunn coffee machines and the advantages and disadvantages they hold:

Advantages Of Bunn Coffee Makers

They make delicious cups of coffee

If you’re on the search for a single-serve coffee brewer that makes rich-tasting coffee, then a Bunn coffee maker will tick that right off your list! 

Bunn coffee makers make one of the best cups of coffee known on the market, with absolutely no bitterness, and the quality stays the same with every cup.

Easy to use design

Bunn coffee machines are very straightforward to use and have a very clever design. You can make use of K-cups, soft pods, and ground coffee, and they even accept coffee bags or tea bags. 

You can also get boiled water from Bunn coffee machines, so you can make chai tea or even hot chocolate! 

Compact and space-efficient

If you’re tight on space and you only have enough room for a kettle in your office or home, the Bunn one cup service machine will serve you perfectly well! 

This Bunn coffee machine takes up very little counter space, as there is no reservoir to bulk out the machine. You can simply add the amount of water you need for each cup of coffee, and rest assured that your drink won’t overflow. 

Disadvantages Of Bunn Coffee Makers

Small cups of coffee

The fact that Bunn coffee machines are so compact and petite will limit you to only the specific size mug you can get into the drip tray. This will ultimately restrict the amount of coffee you will get in your cup. 

The biggest mug that you can fit on the drip tray would be a cup just over 4 inches high. However, if you remove the drip tray, it will be able to fit a mug of up to 6 inches. 

Read any instructions very carefully

You have to make 100% that you have read the instructions thoroughly and follow the cleaning routines carefully as well. 

Buyers who have not cleaned their machines regularly have ended up with watery coffee in just a few months after purchasing their coffee machines. 

A good way to keep your coffee machine clean will be to use White Wine Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar if you want to avoid the possibility of any aftertastes.

Different brewing methods

Although there is no fancy pre-sets on most Bunn coffee makers, it can do pre-wetting of your coffee grounds on either pulse or regular mode. 

Most buyers end up only using the Pulse mode, as it has a preferable delay in brewing the coffee grounds, which makes for a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee!

Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig coffee makers tend to last much longer than most other automatic coffee makers, although they also cost more. If you clean and maintain it correctly and regularly, you can expect your Keurig coffee maker to last anywhere between 3 and 5 years! 

Let’s talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of Keurig coffee makers:

Advantages  Of Keurig Coffee Makers


If you’re not a morning person and can’t leave the house without a caffeine fix, a Keurig will be your best friend! This machine offers you a quick and easy way to make your coffee if you’re in a rush. 

You can program your Keurig to make your coffee each morning, but if you don’t, it will take hardly any time to make coffee on the spot.


Although Keurig machines technically only heat water, they can still be seen as very versatile machines. You can make coffee, but you can also use the water to make tea, hot chocolate, and even boil water for oatmeal or noodles! 

Keurigs can do all these tasks without failing, and they do it exceptionally well!

Variety of beverages

When it comes to your Keurig machine, you will have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. K-cups come in almost unlimited flavors, ranging from French toast to pumpkin spice!

Disadvantages Of Keurig Coffee Makers


If you’re not a heavy coffee drinker who only enjoys the occasional cup of coffee, a Keurig machine will be ideal for you; however, if you drink four cups daily, it can become very costly very quickly. Each K cup is specially designed, and it can only be used once. 

One cup feature

Keurigs can only make one cup at a time, so it might take you a bit more time than to make a pot of coffee or tea if you’re making multiple drinks at a party or for guests.

Can be weak

You have to be very cautious about which K-cups you choose, as some can be much weaker than what you may prefer. 

Of course, it is a 100% personal preference, but if you’re a coffee drinker who prefers darker roasts, you need to make sure to find “bold” K-cups. It may be some trial and error for you to determine which ones you like and which ones are too weak or too strong for your tastebuds!


Now that you know exactly what Bunn and Keurig coffee makers are capable of and the advantages and disadvantages of each machine, you are sure to make the best choice! Always remember to do your research and purchase from a reliable source.