The 10 Best Water Filters For Espresso Machine (Things To Know)

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by John Moretti

The importance of a good water filter for an espresso machine is something baristas and home brewers know all too well. I have made coffee with both filtered and unfiltered water and have been exposed to the taste differences as well as the effects on the machine I was using.

That being said, it is essential to buy the right water filter for your machine and your usage. There are filters that are better for use with a home machine and others that can be used in a coffee shop. Buying a filter machine that does not do what you expected or that cannot supply you with enough water to keep on brewing, will worsen your experience instead of enhancing it.

Since water filters are so important, what are the ten best water filters for espresso machines?

The 10 Best Water Filters Used For Espresso

I have made a list of the top 10 best water filters that can be used for an espresso machine. The list includes filters that are better for use in small or home machines as well as filters that are able to be used in high-demand coffee shops

1. Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System

The Brondell Circle reverse osmosis system is an under-the-sink water filtration system made for ease of use. This system can be used both at home and in a coffee shop with a 1.58-gallon tank that refills fully in less than an hour.

The added tap included with this filter system also has an LED light to show you when it is time to replace your filters, so you do not need to check regularly. If you want to use this filter system in a coffee shop and have an espresso machine with a water regulator you should be able to connect the filter outlet to the espresso machine with ease.

Since this filtration system is built to be housed under your sink there is also no need to worry about countertop space. Along with being small and stylish, this filter system does wonders. Not only does this system include four filters to remove any chemicals from your water, it also uses water-saving technology.

2. Waterdrop Remineralization Reverse Osmosis (WD-G2MNR-W)

Waterdrop is a manufacturer known for its water filtration systems as well as its high-quality products. The Waterdrop Remineralization reverse osmosis system is easy to use, easy to install, and can be used again with smaller machines or espresso machines that can be connected to plumbing.

This reverse osmosis filtration system is housed under your sink and does not use a tank, meaning that you need very little space for this system. This specific Waterdrop system also reintroduces certain healthy minerals to your water after filtration and also has a convenient filter change reminder. 

The one aspect of this water filtration system that might be a bit of a hassle is it’s need for electricity. This system does need to be hooked up to electricity to function properly. 

3. Waterdrop WD-FC-06 NSF

Another filter system from Waterdrop is the WD-FC-06 NSF tap water filtration extension. This filter is incredibly easy to use and almost as easy to install. Simply attach this filter to your kitchen tap and turn the water flow to run through the filter.

This water filtration system is not as high-tech as some of the others that are on the market but for basic chlorine filtration, this does the job perfectly. This tap filter system is also marketed towards the coffee market and claims to remove dirt, chlorine, and other unwanted aspects from your water.

Though this tap filter system does not use pipes to move the water through a filtration system, if you have a small home machine with a removable tank, this can drastically improve your coffee.

4. Waterdrop 0.01 μm Ultra Filtration

Another incredibly easy-to-use and easy to install a water filtration system is the Waterdrop Ultra Filtration system (17UB-UF). This seemingly little device can have an enormous impact on your coffee as it reduces any impurities like chlorine from your water.

This filter system can be used for both countertop home espresso machines as well as integrated plumbing espresso machines if hooked up properly. This filtration system is also compact and only requires space under your sink. 

5. iSpring RCC7P 75 GPD

This reverse osmosis filtration system from iSpring is another amazing filtration system available on Amazon. The process of reverse osmosis helps purify your water to a higher standard which, in turn, helps you make better coffee and protect your espresso machine at the same time.

This filtration system is a bit bigger than the ones mentioned above and is also to be installed under your sink. This filtration system is heavy-duty making it perfect for an espresso machine with an auto-fill water tank

After installing this filtration system under your coffee station, you can attach the pipes to your espresso machine instead of a tap to have your espresso machine running on filtered water. This system is also good for home use and will provide you with filtered water for all uses including your espresso machine.

6. iSpring RCC7AK 75 GPD

Similar to the previously mentioned iSpring RCC7P the iSpring RCC7AK water filtration system uses reverse osmosis to provide you with perfectly clean water. Though the filtration process takes out almost all the bad things in your water, it also takes out desired minerals. Luckily the last step in the process is remineralization. 

The iSpring RCC7AK filtration system helps you purify and sweeten your water naturally making it perfect for extracting all the goodness from your coffee grinds. This system is also installed under your sink and can provide your espresso water tank with perfect water.

If you have the know-how, you can also link this system to your espresso machine if it is able to regulate the water intake. This will help you supply you espresso machine with clean water automatically.

7. PurePlus UTR400A 

The PurePlus UTR400A is not just another plain reverse osmosis filtration system. This system is tankless meaning that you get your water quickly and efficiently. After looking at the video on Amazon I could see this filtration system is also incredibly easy to install and set up.

The filters included with this system is also incredibly easy to replace once it is necessary. Half of the beauty found in this water filtration system is the included tap that comes with the product. The tap not only tells you when to replace your filters but also shows you the real-time TDS value of the water you are running through the tap.

With a simple setup and the use of piping, you should be able to connect this filter system to your espresso machine directly. If your espresso machine is connected to the filtration system you will also hear a little alarm when your filters need replacing ensuring that you do not have to keep worrying about your filter.

If you have a home espresso machine with a detachable water tank, or a jug to fill up your espresso machine, this water filtration system will provide you with a full tank in no time. This filtration system allows for waterflow speeds up to 0.4 gallons a minute.

8. APEX MR-1030 GAC

APEX MR-1030 GAC, Calcite & KDF-55 Countertop Water Filter (Clear)

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The Apex MR-1030 GAC is perfect for making coffee at home. This compact countertop filter allows you to get perfectly clean water from an attached faucet to fill your espresso machine.

The maximum flowrate for this little filtration system is 1 gallon per minute meaning that you will be able to fill your espresso machine’s entire water tank in no time. This filtration system is also incredibly easy to install and does not seem to require any electricity to function to its full capabilities.

The biggest problem with this powerful and compact filter system is the fact that it takes up counter space in your kitchen. If you do not have enough space next to your sink it might be a problem to get this little machine installed as the pipe connects directly to the tank to allow for an easy switch between tap and filter water.

9. Brita Stream UltraMax

The Brita Stream UltraMax is a different kind of water filtration system. This simply designed water filter is made to be easy to handle and fits comfortably into most fridges. 

Though this is probably not the best filter to get for a big espresso machine or for a coffee shop, this device is perfect for home use. The container allows for up to 25 cups of liquid to be filtered before it needs to be refilled and due to it being portable you can easily fill up an espresso machine with a non-removable reservoir.

The Brita Stream UltraMax also claims to reduce unwanted particles in your water and filters out chlorine easily to help you improve the taste of your coffee in no time. Since this is a countertop and fridge-friendly filter machine there is no installation required.

10. Bevilt Under Sink Ultrafiltration System

The Bevilt Under Sink Ultrafiltration system works by using reverse osmosis and remineralization to provide you with the best water you can ask for. This system is compact and tankless meaning that it will take up less space under your sink.

The Bevilt filtration system is also easy to install and can once again be used for both bigger espresso machines and smaller espresso machines. If you wish to connect your espresso machine directly simply connect the pipe to your machine instead of the faucet that comes included.

What To Look For When Buying Filter For Espresso Machine

Water Filters

When deciding what filter or filtration system to buy there are a couple of factors that should be considered. 

1. The capacity of the tank

If you buy a filter or filtration system with a small tank it might take you longer to fill your espresso machine.

2. The maximum waterflow

Similar to the tank size, the water flow can also affect how quickly you are able to fill your water reservoir. If your filtration system is slow when connected to an auto-filling machine you could damage your machine.

3. The filters used in the system

One of the most important filters that need to be in your system is chlorine filters. Chlorine filters will improve both tastes and extend your espresso machine’s life expectancy.

4. Auto fill integration

If you have a coffee shop or a bigger espresso machine that can fill up with water automatically when hooked up to a water source this is something you will have to consider.

Some filter systems, like the countertop systems, can only be used to fill an espresso machines reservoir and can not be connected to the machine itself to automate the process.

Why Do I Need To Filter My Espresso Water


1. Espresso Machine

Filtering the water that you use in your espresso machine can drastically lengthen the time your espresso machine will last. By filtering out chlorine and other particles that can damage your espresso machine, you will also be saving costs when it comes to internal cleaning or fixing.

2. Coffee taste

The taste of your coffee, when made with unfiltered water, will never be optimal. Due to the number of chemicals in municipal water, the taste of your espresso can change and be less desirable.

When you filter your water, you allow for a lesser margin of error in relation to unwanted tastes. Some filter systems even enhance or sweeten the taste of the water itself, this ensures an even better tasting espresso.


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a water filter that is to be used to filter your espresso water and finding the best device for your needs is essential. If you have a smaller machine or only need a little bit of water at a time, buying a big water filtration system might be unnecessary.

Whatever your need is, there are more than enough filters on the market to choose from.