The 9 Best Vietnamese Coffee Phins (Review & Guide)

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The Vietnamese Coffee Phin filter, also known as the phin coffee drip, can be your new favorite coffee brew tool. Let’s look at what exactly these Vietnamese coffee phins are, why it is worth shifting into using the phin filter, and the best available ones.

Good quality Vietnamese Phins filters are sustainable, meaning it is made of metal, and no paper filters are required. It should also be of portable size and easy and quick to clean.  These are some of the few distinguishable key elements a good quality Vietnamese coffee phins usually has.

Vietnamese Coffee Phins

If you are looking for a delicious cup of coffee that will provide you with a great caffeine boost, you have several choices from the best Vietnamese Coffee Phins on the market. Vietnamese coffee is a unique brewing style that uses often-neglected Robusta beans for a stronger taste and caffeine level.

If you are not familiar with this brewing style, any one of these will be a great addition to your coffee drinking times.

1. Gladiator Vietnamese Coffee Phin

  • Weighted gravity filter
  • Perfect size for single-serve brewing
  • Compact size, making it great for traveling
  • All included pieces are made of durable stainless steel
  • Rubber handles, making it easier to handle while brewing

The Gladiator Vietnamese Coffee Phin is also a medium-sized coffee phin, and it will benefit coffee drinkers for single brewing cups. This is one of the most convenient coffee phins for traveling because of its compact construction. 

It is not only much easier to use than other brewers, but the weighted filter doesn’t require the user to screw anything in. The rubber handles on the side will keep you from coming in contact with hot metal while you’re brewing your cup of coffee!

2. Gladiator Coffee Maker

  • Extra large size, can serve up to ten people
  • Made from very high-quality stainless steel
  • Proudly made in Vietnam
  • Heavy gravity filter with handle
  • Secured lid that retains all heat during brewing

Most Vietnamese coffee phins are designed to provide the buyer with a single-serve use. However, the Gladiator coffee maker is a large pot, and you will be able to make more than enough servings for multiple people at once

It is produced to the same quality standards as Gladiator’s smaller brewers, with a secured base and lid, with a high-quality gravity filter.

3. Heirloom Traditional Coffee Phin

Vietnamese Traditional Coffee Phin Filter 8 Ounce, Gravity Insert

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  • Weighted gravity insert is simple to use
  • SAE-316 stainless steel resists corrosion
  • Heat-resistant rubber handles
  • It is compatible with most cups and mugs for a single-serve brewing
  • It can be used for both heated and iced coffee

The Heirloom coffee maker is the most trusted by Vietnamese restaurants all around the globe. The biggest reason is because of this product’s excellent durability. 

Its SAE-316 steel construction resists corrosion and damage much better than any other model, so you can use it repeatedly without having to worry. It is also made to be incredibly easy to use and comes with a weighted filter insert, as well as heat-resistant handles.

4. Thang Long Coffee Press

  • It comes with a screw-down filter
  • It has a high-quality stainless steel construction
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Medium-sized, making it perfect for iced coffee lovers
  • Proudly made in Vietnam

The construction quality is the most important thing of a Vietnamese Coffee Phin, and the Thang Long coffee press will serve you well in this aspect. 

Its 8-ounce size makes it ideal for making you a delicious cup of traditional iced Vietnamese coffee, as well as standard coffees. They usually come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that it is sturdy and will not break easily! 

5. Thang Long Coffee Maker

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel build
  • Weighted gravity filter insert
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Plastic side handles for easier handling while using

The Thang Long coffee maker is a variation on the Thang Long, which is mentioned above. It has the convenience features most American users look for in a coffee Phin. 

This includes a weighted filter insert, as well as plastic posts on the sides for easier usage. It also has a wider base, which is the perfect size to fit on top of most glasses, cups, and mugs!

6. Import Food Coffee Maker

1 X Vietnamese coffee filter set

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  • Secure, screw-on filter insert
  • All components are made of stainless steel
  • It comes with easy to follow printed instructions
  • Smaller and more travel-friendly size
  • Side handles of rubber

The Import Food Coffee Maker is a smaller type of Vietnamese coffee Phin, and it is the ultimate choice to make traveling easy and convenient for those coffee lovers who simply don’t want as much caffeine. 

It has an attractive design that includes heat-resistant side handles. It also comes with a complete guide with usage instructions, so it won’t leave you guessing how to use it!

7. Hoponew Vietnamese Coffee Filter

  • Side handles for easier handling
  • Stainless steel build that completely resists rust, stains, and tarnishing of a product
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Base fits easily on most mugs, making it one of the most compatible filters
  • Secured screw-down filter insert

This Vietnamese coffee maker from Hoponew is more heavy-duty than most of the other Vietnamese coffee phins available on the market. It is the perfect choice for buyers who makes coffee in their home, and it has convenient side handles which will refrain you from burning your hands and fingers during preparation.

8. Viet Delight Coffee Maker

  • Beautifully handcrafted ceramic brewer proudly made in Vietnam
  • It comes with a matching mug, spoon, and plate
  • Stainless steel screw-in filter insert
  • Small capacity, making it perfect for single servings

Most Vietnamese coffee phins are made of practical stainless steel. This Viet Delight model, however, kicks things up a few notches with beautiful, handcrafted ceramic. 

This wonderful product also comes with a matching mug, spoon, and plate! The whole set is ideal for gifting purposes, and if you are a coffee fanatic, this model is perfect for you!

9. Update International Coffee Filter

  • Produced of commercial-grade stainless steel
  • Screw on filter insert
  • Rubber lift handles
  • Texturized exterior, making the product easier to handle and grip

The Update International Vietnamese coffee filer uses a screw-on insert that has a snug fit that won’t let as many coffee grounds escape into the brewing chamber. 

It consists of both rubber side handles, with a texturized body, so you will run less of a risk of dropping or spilling anything during preparations.

What Is Vietnamese Coffee Phin? 

Vietnamese Coffee Phins

Phins are synonymous with the Vietnamese coffee culture. The traditional metal filter is a unique brewing method that is very popular throughout Vietnam, and it produces a deep and satisfying coffee. 

The brew is perfect on its own, or you can add ice or even sweetened condensed milk to make a Vietnamese Iced coffee. Using a Vietnamese coffee phin takes some time, as the coffee needs several minutes to brew and drip slowly but surely through the perforated plate and into the waiting mug below. 

However, the waiting period provides you with the perfect opportunity to gather your ingredients, answer some quick business emails, or even for you to take a quick moment to check in with yourself and plan your schedule for the day! 

There is no incorrect method to use when you are brewing Vietnamese coffee. However, there are some ways to maximize flavor, caffeine, as well as consistency in every brew if you are a picky coffee drinker. 

While the method may take you some more time, it emphasizes the natural notes of the beans used and creates a coffee that is best enjoyed on its own or as a base for other caffeinated drinks. 

How To Identify A Vietnamese Coffee Phin

Iced Vietnamese Coffee Phins

As mentioned, a “Phin” is the Vietnamese term for the style of mug-top brewer and filter. It is also referred to as a Vietnamese coffee maker by most western coffee consumers.

A coffee phin primarily consists of three individual components:

  1. A brewing chamber with a perforated bottom and a platform around the base, designed to rest on top of a mug, glass, or cup.
  2. A circular, perforated filter goes inside the brewing chamber on top of the ground coffee.
  3. A lid or a cap to go on top in order to keep the heat inside.

Vietnamese coffee phin brewers come in two main styles, which are differentiated by how the filter tamps the coffee grounds. Some models screw into a pin sticking up out of the perforated base. 

Other models have a weight on the filter. The force of gravity is used to hold the coffee grounds in place. Although most of the best phin brewers are made of stainless steel, you can also find versions made of other metals and even ceramic! 

Some phins have additional features, such as plastic or rubber handles to make them easier to use and grip onto. However, at their core, all Vietnamese coffee phins make use of this identical basic design.

How To Use A Vietnamese Coffee Phin 

Hot milk coffee and iced milk coffee are the two traditional preparations of Vietnamese coffee. There are basic steps in both, which are very similar. You will simply finish each drink off differently. Let’s walk you through the steps of using a Vietnamese coffee phin:

Using coffee filter
  1. Pour two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into the bottom of your glass, cup, or mug.
  2. Heat water to boiling temperature in a kettle.
  3. While the water is heating up, grind your coffee. For most Vietnamese Phins, you will want to use medium ground coffee. (About halfway between drip brew and French press) It would be good to note that the ground can vary depending on the style of brewer. Adjust your grind to suit your filter if it seems to brew too quickly or too slowly. 
  4. Remove the filter insert from the Phin brewer and put in 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Shake the brewer to ensure that the grounds are evenly distributed across the bottom and tamp them down slightly using your fingers.
  5. Put the filter into the brewer. If it is a screw-on style, you may tighten it until it stays securely in place. Weighed inserts can simply be put on top of the ground coffee beans.

This is where you start brewing using the coffee phin:

  1. Place the phin on top of your glass, cup, or mug and pour two to three tablespoons of hot water. Pour it as evenly as you can across the filter. This stage blooms the coffee in order to release as much flavor while preventing the rest of the water from dripping through the filter too quickly. 
  2. After approximately 30 seconds, pour in some more hot water until the water reaches the top of the brewer, then cover with the lid.
  3. Allow the coffee to drip through the filter and into your glass, mug, or cup. The brewing process should take about 4-5 minutes in total. If it happens quicker, the coffee is most likely ground too fine.
  4. Once the coffee is finished dripping, remove the phin from your cup, mug, or glass and stir the sweetened condensed milk into the brewed coffee.

Hot or Iced?

For a hot coffee beverage, you can drink it as it is. You may also dilute it with a bit more hot water.

If you prefer it iced, then, pour your Vietnamese coffee over a glass filled with ice.

Iced Vietnamese Coffee Phins


Vietnamese coffee phins are a useful tool in any coffee fanatic’s household and will be used repeatedly without a doubt. If you’re looking for true Vietnamese coffee, you won’t be able to get it at your local Starbucks as there are no phin brewers at Starbucks and most American cafés. 

Vietnamese coffee phins are not only extremely easy to use, but they are durable, and most of them are of extremely high quality. On top of this, most of them come with lifetime warranties.

Always ensure that you do your research about any Vietnamese Coffee Phins you are interested in buying, and make sure you purchase from a verified and reliable source.