The 9 Best Temperature Control Smart Mugs (A Complete Guide)

Last Updated on November 8, 2021 by John Moretti

We all have a lot on our minds, from work to raising families, all while trying to keep track of the latest changes happening around us. The last thing we need to worry about is our coffee getting cold. Thankfully, there are all these temperature control smart mugs out there that can solve this. But there are so many. So what is the best temperature control smart mugs? 

The best temperature control smart mugs are so precise they will keep your coffee at your exact temperature preferences and have solid battery life. Some look like traditional mugs, while others are built for travel. Examples of top brands are Cauldryn, Ember, Glowstone, and Muggo.  

The most important feature of a temperature control smart mug is that it actually does what it says it will do. This is why we’ve done a deep dive into the market to present you with many excellent options that range in price and style. However, when it comes to life with tiny toddlers, the best choice might not be what you expected. 

9 Best Temperature Control Smart Mugs

When it comes to selecting the best temperature control smart mug, you need to consider your budget and needs. For example, do you want one that can be operated through your phone? Do you prefer one that looks like a mug? Do you want one that can travel? Or do you only need an inexpensive model to operate in your car?

Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug

Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug is a multifunctional device that can pair to your phone with Bluetooth. It has a temperature range of 72 – 212 F (22 – 100 C) and can brew your coffee or tea, cook freeze-dried food, heat soup, and even boil water. In addition, the smart mug has a 10-hour battery life that can be recharged via a desk base. 

Like many smart mugs, Bluetooth allows it to be controlled through your phone. There are also five automatic temperature settings you can choose from if you don’t want the trouble of selecting your own either manually or through the app. 

Cauldryn Pros:

  • Multi-functional, including boiling water
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read LED temperature screen

Cauldryn Cons:

  • Smaller hands find it large to hold
  • Won’t fit in many car cupholders
  • Some users find it heavy

East Mount 

East Mount smart travel mug has an AI chip and only ways 1.1 pounds (.5 kg). The mug will switch itself off if it is dropped, tilted, or the water level drops too low. It also has a special safety lock lid to cut back on leaking when traveling. It allows you to set your preferred temperature between 86 – 185 (30 – 85.5 C). 

East Mount works off of rechargeable batteries stored in its power base. The base can also act as a charger for your phone. The inner stainless-steel mug can also be removed for cleaning. 

East Mount Pros:

  • Excellent temperature range
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic travel lid
  • Good battery life

East Mount Cons:

  • Limited liquid holding capacity


Ember Smart Mug 2 is the ultimate luxury. This smart mug looks like a mug, and it has all the fancy features. Its sleek design is perfect for the office, and it allows you to set it to your precise temperature preferences between 120 – 145 F (48 – 63 C). It can sit on a charging coaster or last 1.5 hours on its battery. The mug is hand washable, too.

The mug is app-controlled manually or with a smartphone app. It has auto sleep and wakes up when there is a liquid added. In addition to the 10 oz, there is the 14 oz, and there is a range of specialty color options, including the Rose Gold and Copper. 

Ember Pros:

  • Excellent temperature control
  • Can handle being dunked in up to three feet of water
  • Built-in battery with a sleek charging coaster

Ember Cons:

  • It isn’t cheap
  • Not travel friendly

Ember Travel Mug 2

Ember is bringing elegance to the smart travel mug market. Like the Muggo further down, its sleek design can easily transition from being on the go to sitting at a desk. As Ember customers have come to expected, it is loaded with options, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone, and even has an easy-to-use touch display directly on the mug. 

Ember’s travel mug has a 3-hour battery life but can work on the charging coaster, too. You can set the mug between 120 – 145 F (48 – 63 C). It is also IPXY waterproof rating. 

Ember Travel Mug Pros:

  • Excellent temperature control
  • Can handle being dunked in up to three feet of water
  • Good battery life

Ember Travel Mug Cons:

  • It isn’t cheap
  • The temperature range is limited


GEEZO is a smart temperature control travel mug that works on a 12-volt charging cable. It can be set between 86 – 194 F (30 – 85.5 C). Thus, it is versatile, able to hold a variety of products, including coffee, noodles, or even a baby’s milk. However, it is built for people who are on the road a lot, not at a desk.

It is straightforward to use: indicating its status with a red light for heating and turning blue when it has reached the desired temperature. It can easily be cleaned by removing the stainless-steel inner cup. It holds 13 oz and only weighs a hair over a pound (.5 kg). 


  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight


  • It only works with a 12 V cigarette lighter
  • Not desk use friendly


Glowstone is a dishwasher-safe smart mug made out of fine bone china. The designs are light, from a blue honeycomb to soft pink, yellow, blue, and white solids. The mug heats itself, with a 1-hour running time, keeping temperatures between 140-150 F (60 – 65.5 C).

It is equipped with a Qi wireless charger and a power adapter for those not wanting to use the USB. The mugs hold 11.5 ounces and weighs only slightly over a pound. 

Glowstone Pros:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Charging plate can use a USB cable, plug adaptor, or most smartphone adaptors
  • Keeps drinks hot

Glowstone Cons:

  • There are no lower settings, making this too hot for some
  • Putting it on the charging mat won’t extend the heat time


Muggo is the smart mug with the best charging base. The dual base allows you to charge its battery attachment and, with the second compartment, either change another battery attachment or heat your Muggo. It’s like a warming plate that doesn’t get hot. 

Muggo has a three-hour battery life and a wide temperature range, 95 – 150 F (35 – 65.5 C). While not on par with a backpacker’s thermos, the spill-proof lid is one of the top ones when it comes to travel mugs. Its sleek design also makes it one of the best non-traditional mugs for the office. 

Muggo Pros:

  • Excellent temperature range
  • Fantastic dual charger
  • Sleek non-traditional mug design

Muggo Cons:

  • Only comes in one size
  • Only comes in one color

Tech Tools

Tech Tools Retro Heated Smart Travel Mug Stainless Steel - 12V (Red)
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03/21/2023 09:10 pm GMT

Tech Tools has a delightful retro smart mug that is easy on the pocket. The mug holds 12 ounces, is thermal insulated, and comes with an adorable analog temperature gauge. 

Despite the name, this is not the most advanced smart mug. It heats through a 12-volt car outlet, and you turn it “on” or “off,” depending on your temperature preference. (The dial only tells you how hot it is. You must do the work to keep it there by manually turning it off and on.) However, for something this cute and under thirty bucks, it’s a great mug. 

Tech Tools Pros:

  • It’s adorable
  • It does exactly what it says
  • Affordable

Tech Tools Cons:

  • Analog “on” and “off” only
  • Can only be charged by your car


VSITOO S3 Pro is a double-layer vacuum mug that holds 12 oz. It has a temperature range of 95 – 150 F (35 – 65.5 C) and a four-hour battery life. It can be operated manually or through an app on your phone. It will automatically shut itself off when empty and wakes up when liquid is added. In addition, the IPX7 waterproof level makes it less stressful to clean.  

Despite coming with a lid (which does help keep it warm), this is really isn’t a travel mug. Instead, it is a similar design to the Ember but with a sturdier and less elegant design. Unfortunately, the sturdiness doesn’t apply to the handle that remains thin. 


  • Good battery life
  • Nice temperature range
  • Handwash safe


  • It isn’t as “on-the-go” as it would like you to believe
  • The handle is thin for its overall design and weight

The 4 Best Alternative Temperature Control Mugs

Temperature control smart mugs can be fantastic, but they don’t always fit our personal preferences. Some of us love our mugs because they are treasured gifts, valuable heirlooms, handcrafted pottery, or reflect our personalities. Also, some of us have lives that can’t be dealing with charging cables because of our hobbies or the tiny people around us. 

BESTINNKITS: Best Temperature Control Plate

BESTINNKITS is a coffee warmer that turns your beloved mug into a smart mug. This is perfect for people who already have mugs they adore and don’t want to give them up.

The plate works by gravity induction, so it can only be “on” when a mug is on it. The 19-watt warmer works by a power cord, keeping your beverage at 131F (55c). It is waterproof, in that a spill won’t hurt it. (Do not dunk it in your sink for a wash.) It comes in a variety of colors, and users love it, often using it for art projects too.


  • Splash-proof, cleanable design
  • Plate automatically turns off when the mug is removed
  • Allows you to use your favorite mugs


  • No USB cable option
  • No adjustable temperature controls

Burnout: Best Electricity-Free Mug

BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Travel Mug 16 oz Black - Drink NOW & HeatZorb Tech
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Burnout cools hot coffee down to the ideal drinking temperature then keeps it at that perfect temperature for hours. This insulated vacuum mug was developed by thermal engineers in the aerospace industry. The designers were fed up with waiting for their hot beverages to cool down enough that it didn’t burn their mouths. 

Burnout is battery-free. Thanks to HeatZorb Technology, it uses your own coffee’s thermal energy to work. They believe in it so much that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Burnout Pros:

  • Rapidly cools beverages to ideal drinking temperature
  • Keeps drinks warm for hours
  • Doesn’t require electricity

Burnout Cons:

  • You can’t regulate the temperature
  • Lid is not leakproof enough for backpacking
  • It only retains heat; it doesn’t reheat 

Cafflano-Klassic: Best All In One

Cafflano Klassic- Portable All-In-One Pour Over Coffee Maker Black

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Cafflano-Klassic is everything but a smart mug. This award-winning mug, weighing only a pound, it comes with a hand grinder for your beans and makes you a cup of coffee directly into its insulated mug. It is easy to stash in a backpack, allowing you to take the taste of homebrew anywhere. All you need is to find a way to boil the water. 

Cafflano-Klassic Pros:

  • Allow you to grind beans and make a fresh cup of coffee on the go
  • Is insulated
  • Lightweight
  • No batteries or electricity required

Cafflano-Klassic Cons:

  • You need to provide your own heated water
  • You need to provide your own beans
  • Won’t reheat your brew if it goes cold

Mighty Mug: Best Mug To Use Around Pets And Toddlers

Mighty Mug is perfect for anyone trying to do life around toddlers or pets. Got kids that crash their push toy right against your workspace? A cat that thinks your desk is its bed? Then you require a mug that isn’t going to spill liquid all over your laptop.

Mighty Mug is a travel mug that keeps drinks hot for six hours or cold for twenty-four hours. It is leakproof, vacuum insulated, will fit into a vehicle’s cupholders, and has Smartgrip Technology, so it doesn’t knock over. Nor is there any cord for tiny hands or clever paws to yank. 

Mighty Mug Pros:

  • Stays hot or cold for hours
  • Doesn’t easily tip over
  • Fits into cupholders

Mighty Mug Cons:

  • You can’t regulate the temperature
  • Surface does need to be crumb-free to stick