The 5 Best Starbucks Nespresso Capsules (My Selection)

Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by John Moretti

Starbucks is the most prominent name in the entire coffee shop industry, and that is due to a good combination of branding and tasty coffee. Thanks to your Nespresso machine, you can now enjoy your Starbucks coffee because Starbucks Nespresso capsules are available for sale. And here are the best Starbucks Nespresso capsules of my own choice:

Best Overall: Starbucks Best Seller Variety Pack

Starbucks by Nespresso Best Seller Variety Pack packaging may vary, Original, 50 Count
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02/18/2024 12:00 am GMT
  • What I like: Comes with all of the best Starbucks capsules. Not very expensive and much more affordable compared to Starbucks store-bought coffee. Very varied in the sense that you could get the best of all worlds.
  • What I don’t like: Works only for OriginalLine machines.

What you will love about this Starbucks variety pack is that it comes with all of the different coffee pods that you would want for your Nespresso machine. As such, there is no longer a reason for you to choose because it has all of the different best-sellers that have different roasts and intensity levels.

As such, if you are someone who wouldn’t want to waste a lot of time looking for a good Starbucks capsule for your Nespresso OriginalLine machine, then this should be a no-brainer because of how well-rounded this variety pack is. For example, you could go for something mild today and then go for a bolder and more intense pod tomorrow if the day demands it. As such, the one thing that makes this my favorite is that it gives you a choice instead of restricting you. 

Best For Original: Starbucks Colombia

Starbucks by Nespresso, Single-Origin Colombia (50-count single serve capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original Line System)
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02/17/2024 04:24 pm GMT
  • What I like: Amazingly balanced and full-flavored. You get that full-bodied effect without giving you an overly intense cup of coffee. The smooth flavor hits all of the best notes really well.
  • What I don’t like: Not quite very intense and won’t be enough for those who really want a strong kick.

For those who own OriginalLine machines, I would recommend none other than Starbucks Colombia, especially if you are an espresso enthusiast who just simply wants to savor a shot of espresso. Then again, you can also use this pod for many different coffee drinks like an americano or a latte because it is one of the most well-balanced pods you can get from Starbucks.

The first thing you would notice from a sip of this pod is the balanced taste that it comes with. Nothing overly stands out as it hits you with the best of all of the worlds due to how it marries the light and mellow acidity and fruitiness of a light roast and the caramel notes of a dark roast. It just simply hits you at the right spot and is great for a lot of different occasions. 

Then again, it isn’t the most intense as it has a mid-level intensity of 7. But that should be enough for most people.

Best For Vertuo: Starbucks Single-Origin Sumatra

  • What I like: Dark and full-bodied but comes with different floral notes that are refreshingly delicious. Gives you a hint of spice that goes well with its somewhat intense kick.
  • What I don’t like: Might come off as too bold or spicy for those who prefer lighter roasts.

The beauty about this VertuoLine pod is that it comes with one of the unique taste profiles despite being a single-origin pod. This Starbucks Single-Origin Sumatra pod comes with beans sourced from Sumatra and are some of the best when it comes to their overall flavor profile when given a dark roast.

I really like this coffee pod because it comes at you with a complex taste profile that is as unique as it can get. Given that this is a dark roast, you should expect a caramel and cocoa flavor profile, but, instead, the boldness is more on the spicy side of things as it tantalizes your taste buds with a floral spiciness hiding underneath herbal notes. On top of that, this is a somewhat intense pod with an intensity level of 10, which actually goes well with its amazingly unique taste profile.

Best Dark Roast: Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast

  • What I like: Amazingly dark and full-bodied. Very bold and amazing roast that gives you what you want from a dark roast. Comes with a few caramel notes for that added dark sweetness. 
  • What I don’t like: Not the best for those who can’t handle high caffeine levels.

If you love a dark roast that can easily wake your senses up early in the morning, then the Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast should give you a good espresso kick before you leave for work. You will instantly fall in love with its amazingly aromatic dark scent that will fill the room with an irresistible aroma. But, of course, its taste stands up really well to the aroma that it gives off.

This Starbucks dark roast is best for espresso because it hits all of the right notes from a good shot of espresso. It has the strength to keep you awake for extended periods of time and has the bold dark flavor that will also surprise you first thing in the morning. Then again, you can also use this shot for a wide variety of different purposes, especially if you prefer to have your espresso with water and milk. But what we can be sure of is that this is an exceptional dark roast with a good intensity rating of 11.

Best Light Roast: Starbucks Blonde Roast Espresso

  • What I like: Smooth, light, and very easy for anyone to love. Comes off with mellow and approachable flavors that you may want to enjoy if you want to take things easy.
  • What I don’t like: Lacks the right kind of intensity for that good-morning kick.

This is the lightest and mellowest Starbucks roast you can get as Blonde Roast is the best Nespresso capsule for those who want to take it easy, especially when they have no reason to get that intense caffeine kick and that bold flavor.

But, as mellow as it is, this coffee pod comes with a good medley of different flavors that are all so light and smooth that they become approachable for any coffee drinker. This should go well with a latte or a macchiato, especially if you prefer to have a light coffee that goes with the creaminess and sweetness of milk and a bit of caramel.

Of course, it has a low-intensity level of 6, which should be that bad if you want to have a good cup of coffee without the jittery feeling that a more intense dose will give you. So it might not be enough to keep you awake early in the morning, but it should be enough for that sweet afternoon coffee escape.

What To Look For When Buying A Starbucks Nespresso Capsule

Machine compatibility

The good news about Starbucks Nespresso capsules is that they cater to VertuoLine and OriginalLine owners. That means that if you want to buy a capsule for your machine, you could simply choose the pods that are compatible with the type of machine you have. But, of course, it is best to make sure that you read the item description to know that the pod is really compatible with the machine you have.

Intensity level

Different Starbucks Nespresso capsules come with different intensity levels depending on how strong you want your coffee to be. Most Starbucks capsules range from 6 to 12 in terms of intensity rating. Those that are closer to 6 tend to be on the mellow and lighter side, while those closer to 12 are the ones that should be the best for coffee drinkers who want their coffee bold and strong. The good news is that most Starbucks variety packs come with all kinds of intensity levels so that you can have a choice depending on how strong you want your coffee to be.


The type of roast that you can get from your Starbucks Nespresso capsule indicates the type of flavors you can get. Lighter roasts are more mellow and subtle but tend to be on the floral and acidic side. Medium roasts are the ones that are closer to the usual Starbucks coffee that you can get as they hit all of the right notes with the perfect balance of a good coffee. On the other hand, if you want your coffee to be strong, bold, bitter, and still very complex, darker roasts tend to hit the right spot.


Does Starbucks Cater To Both VertuoLine And OriginalLine Machines?

Yes, you can get your Starbucks coffee capsules in either VertuoLine or OriginalLine, depending on the machine you have. It is also very easy for you to choose because all you need is to go to the Starbucks Nespresso page and then choose either the Vertuo or Original tab, depending on the type of machine you have. It simply is that easy as the chances of you buying a Vertuo for your OriginalLine are slim at best.

Is Starbucks Nespresso Coffee Intense?

Starbucks Nespresso coffee capsules have different intensity levels depending on your preference. The lowest is usually at intensity level 6, which should still give you a good caffeine kick but not to the point where you will feel the intensity of the caffeine rush. Meanwhile, depending on the roast level, Starbucks Nespresso coffee capsules can reach very high-intensity levels of 12, which is the most intense that Starbucks has.

Are Starbucks Nespresso Pods Expensive?

In contrast to how expensive a cup of coffee is from a Starbucks store, the good news is that Starbucks Nespresso pods are not very expensive as most of these pods will cost you under a dollar per capsule. As such, the price difference should be huge considering that you could end up paying a few dollars for a good cup of Starbucks coffee compared to the dollar you would be spending for one Starbucks capsule. In fact, most Starbucks capsules are actually more affordable than Nespresso capsules.