The 5 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers For Camping (Complete Guide)

Last Updated on October 1, 2021 by John Moretti

Although the pour-over method is often associated with trendy coffee shops, the good news is that if you invest in the right pour-over coffee maker, you can most definitely take it with you on your outdoor camping and hiking expeditions. Since I am both a coffee lover and an avid camper, I did some research to provide you with a list of the 5 best pour-over coffee makers for camping.

Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper

Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper, Size 02, Silver
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02/17/2024 03:43 pm GMT

The classic and much-loved Hario V60 is made from ceramic, glass, metal, or plastic. Since the latter two materials are durable and portable, they are perfect for outdoor adventures. This Hario V60 works with filters, though, so these will have to be packed as well. However, carrying a few paper filters with you to the camping site is a small price to pay for the quality coffee brews you’ll get from this coffee maker.

The Hario V60 is a cone-shaped coffee dripper, which means that hot water flows to the center and stays in contact with the coffee grounds for longer. This ensures proper extraction of taste and aroma. In addition, the spiral ribs of the coffee maker prevent the filter from sticking to the dripper, which allows air through and contributes to a smooth extraction.

Because of the large hole at the bottom of the dripper, the tip of the paper filter protrudes through, which means that the hot water can extract the coffee unrestricted by the dripper. One of the main reasons why coffee aficionados like the Hario, is that you’re able to control the strength of your brew by changing the speed of pouring. In this way, the Hario provides you with ample control over the taste of your cups of coffee around the campfire.


  • The Hario V60 produces superior-quality coffee.
  • You have control over the brewing process.
  • The Hario V60 is relatively cheap.
  • Weighing in at 3 ounces, the dripper is relatively light.
  • The Hario is a single-piece dripper, which makes for easy cleaning.
  • The Hario is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-cup sizes.


  • You need to pack compatible filters.
  • You need to get your coffee grounds right because of the dripper’s big hole.
  • The Hario V60 takes up more space than some of the other collapsible coffee drippers.
  • The Hario V60 requires some technique.

The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brewer, Red, 2-Pack (Brew Buddy)
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The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy consists of a wide plastic rim with a piece of mesh attached. Since the mesh filter is soft and foldable, the Brew Buddy will hardly take up any space in your luggage. In addition, brewing a cup of coffee with this dripper is super easy. You simply place the rim on a cup or a mug, place a scoop of coffee into the fine mesh filter, and pour hot water over the grounds. The extraction process is quick and your coffee will be ready in as little as 30 seconds.

Since the mesh acts as a reusable filter, you don’t have to worry about lugging filters around. However, although the mesh does manage to prevent most of the grounds from landing up in your brew, the coffee you get from the Brew Buddy is less clear and crisp than what you’ll get from drippers that use paper filters.

Also, because the rim of this dripper rests on the cup, the mesh filter falls inside the cup, which leads to coffee steeping instead of dripping in most cases, except if you have a super large mug. The steeping process can lead to a stronger cup of coffee, depending on how long you allow the hot water to come into contact with the grounds.


  • Making a cup of coffee with the Buddy is simple.
  • The Buddy is affordable.
  • With a weight of 3.52 ounces, the Brew Buddy is light.
  • This dripper is extremely compact, due to its mesh filter.
  • The dripper has a single-piece construction and is easy to clean.


  • The dripper can quickly overflow onto the flat top if you overfill it.
  • The coffee is not as clean as what you get from other drippers.
  • Because the dripper falls into the cup, the coffee tends to steep.
  • This dripper comes in only a 1-cup size.

Melitta Ready Set Joe

Melitta Ready Set Joe Travel Mug Coffeemaker, Red
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The Melitta Ready Set Joe is another durable and portable dripper that you can easily throw into your backpack or suitcase. The dripper also features a one-piece design and is made from plastic. According to a friend of mine who loves using her Ready Set Joe when she is on the road, this dripper will last you forever. She also says that this pour-over coffee maker provides a tasty and strong cup of coffee. As is the case with the Hario V60, you will need to pack a few paper filters, though.

This cone-shaped brewing cone features an opening in the base that fits on top of the cup, which enables coffee brewers to see into the cup without having to lift it off the cup. This handy feature helps prevent overfilling, which is so often one of the drawbacks of the pour-over brewing method. You also have a level of control over the strength of the coffee brews you get with the Ready Set Joe. For a bolder and more developed cup of coffee, simply pour the water slower over the grounds.


  • This dripper is super affordable.
  • The plastic material is robust and durable.
  • You have some control over the strength of your brews.
  • The one-piece dripper is easy to clean.


  • You need to invest in and pack the correct filters.
  • The dripper is available in only a one-cup size.
  • The quality of the coffee you get is not as good as with other coffee makers, such as the Hario V60.

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip for Drip Coffee While Camping and Backpacking

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If space and weight are concerns for you when you’re planning your next camping adventure, consider buying the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip. Apart from weighing less than half an ounce, this pour-over brewer also folds flat and will hardly take up any space. The design of this innovative dripper consists of a polypropylene sieve and two plastic legs that clip onto the cup or mug of your choice. Since the drip cone doesn’t come into contact with the cup, you can rest assured that your coffee won’t steep in water.

My only complaint is that the water runs quite quickly through the sieve, which can result in a weak cup of coffee. Those who prefer a strong cup of coffee will therefore need to add an extra spoon of grounds, which means your coffee supply may run out a bit quicker. However, if you’re hiking, this quick brewing time of this pour over will come in handy. Apart from saving you on time, the speedy filtration also ensures that the temperature of the water remains hot when it hits the cup.


  • No filters are required for this dripper.
  • You won’t need to fork out too much money for the GSI Outdoors.
  • This dripper is ultralight and also very compact.
  • As is the case with the other drippers, this one is easy to clean.


  • Since it is possible that one of the plastic clips could break, the GSI Outdoors is not as sturdy as the other pour overs reviewed here.
  • Like the Brew Buddy, the coffee that the GSI Outdoors produces is not as clean as you’ll get from pour overs that use paper filters.

Kalita Wave Pour Over

Kalita Wave 185 Drippers
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After the Hario V60, the Kalita Wave is probably the most popular manual pour-over coffee maker. The coffee that these two drippers produce, however, is not the same. This is due to the difference in design. As opposed to the cone-shaped Hario V60, the Kalita Wave features a flat-bottom design. Also, instead of one big hole in the center, the Kalita Wave features three small holes that slow down the flow rate of the brew. The flat-bed design promotes a more consistent and sustained extraction and makes it easier for coffee makers to brew a good cup of coffee.

Similar to the Hario V60, the Kalita Wave also prevents the filter from sticking to the dripper since it features waved edges. This minimal contact makes for improved temperature stability. This means that you will get an excellent quality and also hot brew from the Kalita Wave. This pour over is either made from ceramic or stainless steel, of which the latter material is durable enough to take with you on camping holidays. Since it cannot fold flat, it is a bit bulkier than some of the other pour-over coffee makers.


  • The Kalita Wave is more user-friendly than the Hario V60.
  • You’ll receive a clear yet bold cup of coffee.
  • This one-piece pour over is also very easy to clean.
  • You can choose from two sizes: the Kalita 155 and the Kalita 185.


  • You’ll need to buy special Kalita filters.
  • It’s a bit bulkier than other portable pour-over coffee makers.
  • At 4.4 ounces, the Kalita Wave 155 is a bit heavier than other pour overs of its size.

What To Look for When You’re Shopping for Pour-Over Coffee Makers for Camping

When you’re trying to decide which pour-over coffee maker to take with you on your next camping trip, you can consider the following:

  • Weight: If you’re going camping, the weight of your pour over may not be so important to you. However, if you’re going on a hiking trip and have to lug your coffee maker with you, weight will definitely be an issue.
  • Size: Once again, if you’ve got ample space in your car and are driving to your camping site, you may not be overly worried about how bulky your coffee maker is. If you’re carrying a backpack every day, however, you may prefer a fold-up coffee maker such as the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip.
  • Quality coffee: For coffee enthusiasts, the taste and quality of the brews they’ll get from a specific coffee maker will most likely be a strong consideration. Depending on the outdoor adventure you’re embarking on, it may be tough to choose between quality and other factors such as weight.
  • Value: Value for money is another factor that may play a role. Investing in a slightly more expensive coffee maker may at times be more sensible if, for instance, the coffee maker will last long and produces good coffee.
  • Durability: Durability will most likely be an important consideration, regardless of what type of outdoor activity you’re planning to do. Even if you love your Chemex handblown coffee maker, it would not be suitable for a camping adventure. Stick to coffee makers that are made from durable and tough materials, such as plastic or stainless steel.
  • Ease of use: Whether you’re on a camping holiday or hiking through the beautiful natural scenery, ease of use will probably be a consideration.