The 6 Best Plumbed Coffee Makers (A Complete Guide)

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by John Moretti

Even though there are excellent coffee makers on the market, most of them have water reservoirs built in that constantly need refilling. With a plumbed coffee maker, that task has become obsolete. In this article, we look at the best-plumbed coffee makers to make your coffee drinking experience care-free.

The market for plumbed coffee makers is relatively small; however, the best direct water line coffee makers are: Brew Express Countertop, Keurig K150P Office Coffee Maker, Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker, Keurig K2500 Coffee Maker, JAVAPod K-Cup Coffee Maker, and Rocket Espresso.

Everyone loves coffee, but it becomes tedious to constantly refill the coffee maker when too many coffee-loving family members are in one place. This article looks at the best direct water line coffee makers to make your life easier.

best plumbed coffee makers

1. Brew Express Countertop Plumbed Coffee Maker

Brew Express - BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System

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The Brew Express coffee maker is attractively designed and compact to sit comfortably on any kitchen countertop. This plumbed coffee maker is programmable, and the inbuilt clock lets you set the timer to brew coffee any time of the day. 

This adjustable cup selector coffee maker can brew a full 10-cup carafe or single-cup if you prefer. The Brew Express auto-fills and spreads hot water evenly over your favorite ground coffee for optimum infusion.

The pause function lets you pour a cup of coffee mid-brew. When you remove the carafe, the machine switches off automatically but retains the settings to resume brewing when you place the pot back. The device switches off to save power after five minutes of pause.

The beeper can be muted as some people find it annoying. The filter basket has a carafe lock that holds the carafe in place.  

2. Keurig K150P Plumbed Coffee Maker

Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System

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The Keurig K150P is a single-serve coffee maker that can switch between a water tank and a direct water line.

It is great for an office environment because the 90 oz reservoir can make 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10-, or 12-ounces single-serve coffee.  The touch screen control panel for setting the temperature or the timer is convenient and easy to use. The coffee maker has an auto shut-off function that kicks in to shut the coffee maker down after a few hours to save power.

The Keurig K150P is high quality and will provide years of delicious coffee. It is priced at the high-end than other models, but it is worth it. 

Keurig machines are convenient to use, but if the K-150P requires an adapter to connect it to the waterline, it can be bought separately.  The Keurig K150P is flexible and can switch back to a water tank if you want to move the coffee maker.

If your coffee maker does not already come with a plumbing kit, the filter and water line conversion kit can be bought separately to hook your coffee maker up to a direct water line.

The conversion kit is compatible with Keurig B150, K150, B155, K155 coffee makers.

If your coffee maker’s model numbers are K3000, K3000SE, B3000, B3000SE, K150P, or B150P, they are compatible with a direct water line. The P stands for “Plumbed.”

3. Bunn Commercial 12-cup Plumbed Coffee Maker 

The Bunn Axiom is a beautifully designed stainless-steel commercial 12-Cup coffee maker that has three lower warmers. The LCD digital control panel is designed for ease of use and accuracy. It automatically adjusts to varying water pressures.

The Brew logic technology of this coffee maker will calculate the flow rate and adjust accordingly to brew and maintain consistent coffee pot levels.

This technology makes programming the coffee maker uncomplicated; cold brew, brew level, and temperature are easy to set.

The coffee machine features electronic diagnostics and a built-in tank drain that simplifies service.

4. Keurig K2500 Single Serve Plumbed Coffee Maker

The Keurig K2500 single-serve commercial plumbed coffee maker comes ready with a direct water line and filter. This coffee maker can also brew tea if you choose.

It is beautifully designed for small to medium-sized coffee bars or office environments. The K2500 plumbed coffee maker is durable that will provide service for years to come.

The K2500 comes with everything included that you need to hook it up to a direct water line the nozzle connection makes it easy to install.

The high-resolution programmable color touchscreen has multiple brewing settings, five cup sizes, high altitude settings, sleep mode, and an automatic switch-off function.

You will never run out of water again with the plumbed K2500. This coffee maker meets NSF-4 and ANSI hygiene standards.

The Pure Water filter provides filtered and clean water for multiple brewing cycles uninterruptedly.

With its luxurious compact design, strong brew setting, quiet brew technology, drainable tank,  removable drip tray, this commercial coffee maker is an excellent choice.

5. JAVAPod K-Cup Plumbed Coffee Maker 

This single-serve coffee maker is perfect for any kitchen.  It is compatible with all your favorite flavored K-cup pods and reusable capsules. It features an option for connecting to a direct water line for offices and a refillable water tank for kitchen countertop use. 

Choose any of your favorite K-cup coffees to enjoy, like decaffeinated, French roast, tea, chocolate; it includes pod capsules with an integrated mesh filter.

It is dual purpose-designed and can switch from direct water line to refillable tank for commercial or home use without any effort.

The premium single-serve coffee maker offers pre-programmed dispense sizes to let you fill up a small, medium, or bigger travel mug. 

The JAVAPod coffee maker includes 50 paper filters and a refillable pod capsule with a built-in steel mesh filter so you can use your coffee maker to brew your favorite coffee grounds, too, if you choose.

The plumbed coffee maker is perfect for everyday coffee drinking at home or the office. Enjoy both K-cup pods or ground coffee in this versatile plumbed coffee maker.

6. Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Commercial Plumbed Coffee Maker 

Rocket R58 V2 Dual Boiler with PID

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The Mozzafiato Cronometro is a heat exchanger coffee maker that features a high-quality PID temperature controller, a quiet rotary pump and can be connected to a direct water line for an uninterrupted water supply. The incorporated filter system removes harmful minerals and limescale and allows for clean filtered water continuously.

The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature controller is an instrument used to regulate temperature, flow, pressure and is located behind the coffee maker’s drip tray and can be set on four settings for different roast levels. 

With a built-in bean grinder, steam nozzle for cappuccinos and lattes, automated temperature and pressure controls, this coffee maker is in a class above the rest. The two boilers let you pour a coffee and separately steam the milk.

The PID controller keeps the water temperature constant to deliver consistent Espresso. It circulates water from the boiler to maintain temperature. The Mozzafiato coffee maker is on point when it comes to providing perfect espresso shots.

The Rocket coffee maker includes a training guide with a USB thumb drive to help you and includes a branded metal tamper to bring your inner barista to life.

The Rocket espresso coffee maker is on the high-end price scale but compared to other commercial models in restaurants and coffee shops; this compact coffee maker is a steal.

Brewing specialty coffee at the right temperature with this excellent coffee maker and impress everyone with your skills.

A control switch lets you alternate between water from the 2.5-liter water tank or the direct water line. A wastewater pipe can also be connected to the drip tray if you wish.

What is a Plumbed Coffee maker?

plumbed coffee maker

Most coffee makers are designed with portability in mind and need to be filled by hand. A plumbed coffee maker is directly connected to a water line and fills your coffee maker automatically. Instead of filling up the coffee maker, the direct water line constantly supplies fresh, clean water and keeps the coffee maker filled.

Even though a plumbed coffee maker is the bees’ knees, there are a few points to consider. When your coffee maker is connected directly to a water line, you cannot move your coffee maker again. 

This is a crucial point to remember when deciding where to place your coffee maker. The coffee maker should be placed near a water line but also located conveniently. A water line is permanently connected and can make it difficult when you need to descale your coffee maker.  

Plumbed coffee machines often include water filters for healthy and great-tasting coffee. Most plumbed coffee makers are more aimed at commercial use and often comes with a heftier price

A Few Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best Plumbed Coffee Maker

There are a few things to think about before you decide to buy a plumbed coffee maker like;

  • How many cups of coffee will be consumed a day?
  • Is it intended for home or commercial use? Plumbed coffee makers are perfect for offices, restaurants, and coffee shops. If you have a high-volume coffee consumption, it’s definitely worth the investment.  
  • What kinds of coffee do you want, filter, Espresso, milk, coffee drinks, or all?
  • How much counter space do you have?
  • What is your budget? High-End plumbed Espresso machines are costly, with a wide price range from $1,000 to $7,000.
  • Convenience and ease of use are important factors to consider.
  • Installation, can you install the direct water line yourself?

Is it Easy to Connect a Direct Water Line to a Coffee Maker?

direct water line coffee maker

It all depends on the manufacturer of the coffee maker. Typically, it is straightforward to connect a coffee maker to a direct water line. There are many DIY instruction videos available online to help you.

There are two choices to connect your coffee maker by either fixing a valve to an already existing water line or a connector that connects over your kitchen sink water tap to your coffee maker. 

But remember, if you connect the hose to your tap, the water pressure in the supply line going to your coffee maker might be low and inconsistent. 

To avoid this, connect your coffee maker’s water line directly to your home’s supply with a switchable valve.  Even though it is fairly easy to connect your coffee maker yourself, you could always hire a professional to do the installation for you.


Plumbed coffee makers for home use are not an everyday sight on the market, but I managed to find the six best-plumbed coffee makers to help you decide which one is best for you.

The simplicity of using an automatic water-filling coffee maker is what we crave in an office, restaurant, or home full of family members.

A plumbed coffee maker saves the hassle of refilling a water reservoir constantly and provides filtered clean water to your coffee maker directly.

A plumbed coffee maker is perfect for people who are serious about coffee and willing to invest a little more in a luxury coffee maker. 

Each of the models I listed above has great features. The best-plumbed coffee maker you choose will depend on your budget, convenience, how many cups of coffee are served, or if it is for your home or commercial use.

The convenience of never filling up, unfortunately, comes with added expenses. If you are looking for a plumbed coffee maker or espresso machine for commercial use, this is the right option. 

To have a constant supply of fresh coffee with minimum inconvenience is worth the expense if you are in a commercial or office environment.  But if you are just a regular home coffee drinker, then the extra cost of a high-end plumbed coffee machine should be considered.

I hope you found my list of the six best-plumbed coffee makers informative enough to make the right choice for your home or coffee shop.