The 11 Best Organic Coffee K- Cups (A Complete Guide)

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To the modern coffee fanatic, where and how the coffee is grown is often very important and that’s for a reason. As K-cups have gained more popularity and as its demand increases, the number of companies offering these products has also increased. Are you looking for high-quality organic coffee K-cups?

These Organic Coffee K cups mentioned will provide any coffee drinker with the best experience possible. With this in focus, let’s take a more detailed look at each of these high-quality K-cups and why you will benefit from using them!

The 11 Best Organic Coffee K- Cups

1. Newman’s Special Blend Organics Keurig Single-Serve K-Cups Pods

The Newman’s Special Blend for Keurig single-serve K-cups has become one of the most popular amongst coffee consumers, and it is featured by Keurig itself. 

Except for the exceptional taste of these organic k-cups, this organic coffee has multiple interested certifications. It is certified for USDA organic, kosher, and fair trade. 

This specific coffee is a medium blend, and it is a mix of medium and dark roast coffee beans, tilting more towards medium Roast. It is full-bodied and with a strong aroma, all the things that make for a great organic coffee. 

The fair trade certification is simply just the cherry on top and adds to the element of more efficient farming and business practices in general. 

These Newman’s unique blend organics single serve K-cups are available in three different flavors, each being 100% organic Arabica coffee. Apart from the popular Special blend, you can find these as Newman’s French Roast, as well as the Special Decaf Blend.

2. Caza Trail Coffee (Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast)

Caza Trail Coffee Pods, Dark Roast, Single Serve (Pack of 24)

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Caza Trail’s Extra Bold organic coffee is an impressive full-bodied coffee. Consisting of 100% Arabica coffee, which is USDA organic, fair trade, and kosher certified coffee beans. 

These beans are sourced from Indonesia and Latin America. This solid yet smooth blend is powerful but has moderate acidity levels. These Caza coffee pods are made with 100% arabica coffee blend for the perfect balance of aroma, body, and flavor.

3. Peak Performance (High Altitude Organic Coffee)

The Peak Performance company sources coffee beans growing at a peak. Did you know that coffee beans grown at a higher altitude are the only ones that are used for Peak Performance coffee? 

These beans are single-sources, certified as USDA organic, as well as fair trade. These beans promise their consumers a better quality than common coffee beans, and it definitely lives up to their promise! 

This is a delicious coffee, being both smooth and rich! This 100% Arabica coffee comes from the Guatemalan Highlands. Keeping their primary focus on quality and health, all Peak Performance coffee is wet-processed. 

This specific technique makes each coffee bean much cleaner before the roasting process and increases the fruity flavor that is so strongly present inside the beans.

4. AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade K-Cups (Peru Medium Roast)

AmazonFresh organic coffee is both high-quality coffee beans and gives their buyers great value for their money! However, it will have a hard time challenging and beating the taste of artisan coffee, but it isn’t supposed to. 

This coffee is meant to be easy on the consumer’s pockets, organic, and simple. AmazonFresh coffee is both USDA Organic certified and FairTrade. Being made from 100% Arabica beans, this medium-bodied coffee has strong chocolate and brown sugar undertones. 

The medium roast coffee is sourced in Peru, and it definitely makes for a golden cup of coffee! Some people prefer a dark roast, so the Sumatra coffee variant is strongly advised. It is also fair trade and USDA Organic. 

Also, being 100% Arabica beans, these beans carry a rich aroma combined with spicy undertones to keep their consumers hooked!

5. San Francisco Bay One cup (Organic Rainforest Blend)

San Francisco Bay OneCup is an organic coffee blend proudly sourced from Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia. Being USDA certified organic, their organic coffee K-cups are not just known for their delicious coffee but also for the pods they use. 

The best thing about these pods is that they are commercially compostable. As long as you have access to a facility that does commercial composting, you don’t have to be concerned that these pods are filling up a landfill, or worst-case scenario, the ocean. 

However, the compostable part isn’t nearly as impressive as the taste of this coffee! The blend sourced from around the world is full-bodied, has a unique aroma, and is smooth on the taste buds. The citrus undertones in the coffee add positively to its flavor. 

This is just the perfect coffee in all criteria, especially in the flavor and freshness! This is definitely worth trying, and you most likely will not be disappointed!

6. Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve

Green Mountain coffee has been well regarded for quite some time, and with good reason! Most of the coffee products from Green Mountain are delicious and worth remembering. 

Green Mountain Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve is no different. With certifications for kosher, 100% organic, and fair trade, this dark Roast cup of coffee will excite you! 

This full-bodied coffee has noticeable undertones of spicy flavors, as well as sweet brown sugar. The lack of bitterness works in favor of this coffee, and it is one of the main reasons it has gained so much popularity amongst coffee fanatics. 

7. Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve Pods (Organic Breakfast Blend)

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods, Breakfast Blend, 12 Count (Pack of 1)

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Cameron’s Coffee single-serve pods also offer commercially compostable coffee K-pods, similar to the San Francisco Bay OneCup pods we discussed earlier in the list. 

It would be good to still bear in mind that commercially compostable means that you will need to have access to industrial facilities. These pods are unfortunately not yet compostable in conventional home facilities! 

These coffee beans are USDA-certified organic, and they are 100% Arabica coffee. They are sourced from Central and South America. While these beans are undoubtedly fresh and flavorful as can be, it tends to feel like it is a bit underwhelming. 

This shouldn’t count as a negative, considering the bold and robust brew that can be made from these pods!

8. Death Wish Coffee And Valhalla Java Bundle Single Serve

Death Wish Coffee is known to be the most robust coffee, and it really is! This K-cup coffee is the strongest on the market. The pack includes both a Valhalla coffee and Death Wish coffee. Valhalla is a very strong coffee, but not as strong as Death Wish, hence the name! 

However, these two coffees are an excellent combo! Where Death Wish may be a bit heavy on the caffeine side for some people, Valhalla is seen as the perfect compromise. Having two different flavored pods in one set makes choosing the correct pod much more convenient. 

This coffee is also USDA certified as organic and fair trade as well. Although capsules are used made from plastic, they are still recyclable. If you are a fan of strong coffee and haven’t tried these pods before, you are definitely missing out big time! 

Being strong isn’t the only thing these two coffees have going for them, as both Valhalla and Death Wish are flavorful and rich, with a strong aroma!

9. Real Good Coffee Co (USDA Certified Organic Dark Roast) Coffee K-Cups

These completely recyclable plastic coffee pods are great value for your money and offer some decent coffee as well! Being USDA certified as organic, these 100% Arabica coffee beans are found in Sumatra. 

These coffee beans offer the flavors of cedar, bell pepper, and lemony acidity. The acidity levels are pretty high when it comes to these coffee K-cups, though it isn’t so high that it would trouble you. The dark-roast coffee has a full-bodied, inviting aroma that effectively complements its spicy undertones!

10. Beaniac Organic Daily Dose Donut Shop (Plant-Based Coffee Pods)

The Beaniac Organic Daily Dose has a light roast and is a great member of their coffee family! This is serious premium coffee, but it comes at a very affordable cost! 

It certainly has gained popularity for its environmentally-friendly and compostable packaging. Instead of using conventional plastic cups for their packaging, these K-pods use a compostable material that is obtained from plants. 

Unfortunately, these pods are also commercially compostable, so they wouldn’t be able to go into your home compost bin, but the solution is still a lot better than pure plastic! 

The coffee used for these pods is 100% Arabica and has USDA Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications to put its quality and sourcing in the limelight!

11. The Organic Coffee Co. (One cup)

The last one of the list is known as The Organic Coffee Co. OneCup. This is a subsidiary of the Rogers Family Company, which is also known to manufacture the San Francisco Bay One Cup. 

Because of this, there are some similarities between these two, and it is unavoidable that the pods and the coffee inside of the pods are taken into consideration. The pods that are used for the Organic Coffee Co. are precisely identical commercially compostable pods. 

These components include the filter, plant-based plastic liner, as well as paper lid. It would be good to keep in mind that neither the lidding nor the mesh filter is compostable. So you will be left with the bag, the cardboard boxing, and the ring. 

This coffee is sourced from Latin America, as well as Central America. The French Roast is dark, and it works wonders for the overall flavor of the coffee, and the oils can be tasted as well. 

You can choose from three different flavors apart from the dark French Roast. The other three flavors are Breakfast Blend, Java Love, and Gorilla Decaf. 

Why You Should Go Organic

Best Organic Coffee K- Cups

Needless to say, coffee is one of the most popular hot and cold beverages in the world. With the growing popularity and demand, along comes the demand for coffee growers to increase their production. 

To achieve this, some growers tend to resort to using several fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, as well as chemicals to speed production up while harvesting the highest possible quality. 

Some may even put filters inside coffee bags in order to increase supply. Now, there is a question of hybrid coffee plants. 

Naturally, a coffee plant prefers to grow in the shade. However, growing coffee beans in a dense forest or giving up a large portion of a coffee plantation to grow trees isn’t seen as the best option for most growers. This results in most coffee plants being hybrids. 

They are made to grow and thrive in the open and produce berries. These coffee plants end up sacrificing some of their delicious flavors. 

This is why the conventional method is not sustainable and risks good quality coffee. By going organic, you will ultimately be getting the best value for money while not harming our planet in any way.

Organic Coffee K-Cups Are Simply The Best!


When you choose to go organic, you ensure that coffee growers work towards higher coffee standards and quality. Organic coffee isn’t just coffee that is 100% free of chemicals such as pesticides, but also coffee that is grown in an all-natural way. 

If your focus has shifted to sustainability, you can rest assured, knowing that organic K-cups make an effort to be more sustainable and responsible. This approach becomes especially noticeable with an increase in biodegradable k-cups. 

As popular as they may be, K-cups’ bad side is the heaps of plastic they add to the landfill. By buying biodegradable options, you will ensure that you are taking a step in bettering your environment. 

All 11 of these K-cups mentioned above will make you an excellent cup of coffee, and you will probably be using it for the rest of your life!