The 8 Best Lavazza Coffee Beans (A Complete Guide)

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Shopping for coffee beans can be quite a confusing experience, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. The experience doesn’t have to be intimidating if you rely on good coffee brands like Lavazza coffee. In this article, we’re going to look at tips to help you choose the right coffee beans and a list of the nine best Lavazza coffee beans.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, 2.2 Pound (Pack of 1)
$25.99 ($0.74 / Ounce)

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03/21/2023 11:55 pm GMT

Super Crema is popular for many natives in Italy and coffee drinkers worldwide as it offers a balance between quality and price. You can make any type of coffee with these beans, making it an all-rounder perfect for home and commercial use. These coffee beans have a rich crema, and they are popular for their aromatic taste profile. They can make delicious espresso with thick cream or a long latte without getting overpowered.

Super crema coffee beans are medium roasted, not too mild nor burnt, and bitter. It is a harmony of Italian espresso with notes of brown sugar and hazelnuts. The coffee beans have an opulent aromatic intensity with a balanced roasting for a soft and compact crema.

The coffee beans are ideal for coffee drinkers who want a traditional espresso with a full, rich taste and a pinch of bitterness. The coffee produced has a sharp flavor and sweet aroma with a natural sweetness even without sugar additives. It is made from Robusta and Arabica beans and notes of dried fruit, hazelnut, and honey.


  • Creamy and mild flavor
  • Intense, robust, and full-bodied
  • Balanced aromatic taste
  • Smoky and delicious flavors
  • Compact and thick crema


  • It is more bitter than the classic espresso roasts

Lavazza Top Class Filtro Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza Top Class Filtro Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast 2.2LB Bag
$21.99 ($0.62 / Ounce)
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03/22/2023 01:29 am GMT

These coffee beans produce an incredible crema which holds very well for an exquisite cafe-like tasting coffee. The roast produced is balanced and light, and the smooth coffee has a strong aroma which makes every sip delightful. These coffee beans are ideal for manual coffee makers and homebrewers, and you can add milk to the coffee for a stronger flavor.


  • Smooth and thick crema
  • Aromatic with great body
  • Rich latte and cappuccino flavors
  • You can add sweet milk chocolate for a balanced taste


  • Isn’t the best for regular espresso

Lavazza Gold Selection Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Gold Selection Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, 2.2 Pound Bag
$27.05 ($0.77 / Ounce)
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This is one of the popular coffee blends from Lavazza, with a medium roast, vanilla, and milk chocolate tones. The coffee beans are easy to brew, and they are perfectly balanced with Robusta beans and Arabica beans. The espresso has just the right amount of bitterness to counter the sweetness, and as it is a blend, you can use the beans with either a pour-over, espresso machine, drip coffee maker, or French press. This brand of Lavazza can be used for a variety of coffees like cappuccinos, straight shot espressos, lattes, and flat white.


  • Rich in aroma and flavor
  • Smooth and creamy with a full-body finish
  • Well blended


  • It might be acidic for some people          

Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema Whole Bean Coffee

When you are thinking of buying espresso coffee beans specifically for lattes and cappuccinos, you need the Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema. This is a darker roast of coffee beans with rich notes of chocolate, though it technically isn’t flavored coffee. These coffee beans offer a more personalized aroma and flavor and a more balanced and rounded texture. If you want, you can easily blend the velvety crema with frothed or steamed milk, and you will still get quality coffee. 

The coffee beans can be brewed into fine or coarse sizes, and your morning coffee experience will never be the same. The coffee beans produce bold and intense flavors with a smooth crema that doesn’t require any additional milk or sugars. If you are trying to transition to black coffee, this is a good choice to start with.


  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Balanced flavor, taste, and smoothness
  • Light and floral
  • Tasty, aromatic notes
  • Suitable for lattes and cappuccinos


  • The beans come in an unsealable bag

Lavazza Crema e Aroma Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Crema E Aroma Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 2.2-Pound Bag
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These medium roast coffee beans are creamy, and they are made from a mixture of washed and unwashed Arabica and Robusta beans. The beans produce a lovely and delicious crema with espresso machines and a drink with a balanced flavor. Crema e Aroma is powerful, with spice notes, wine, wood, and cocoa to make your winter months and cold mornings manageable. The coffee is good whether taken black or adding cream and sugar for a richer taste.


  • It has a chocolate and fruity flavor
  • Smooth crema
  • Balanced taste and powerful aroma


  • It has a bright acidity

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Decaffeinated Dark Espresso Roast, 1.1-Pound Bag
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These Italian whole coffee beans are considered the best coffee beans for decaf, and they are blended and roasted for use with an Espresso machine. They have an exceptional aroma with a creamy dark roast and a smooth flavor. 

These coffee beans meet and exceed the expectations of most coffee drinkers, and as they are decaffeinated, they have a balanced taste with no bitter aftertastes. If you want bold and full-bodied coffee, the sharp notes of barrique add to the aroma and flavor for you to enjoy your delicious espresso as you should. These coffee beans make a strong, rich, decaf cup of coffee and espresso with a thick and velvety crema that makes you not want to drink instant coffee anymore.


  • The coffee is easy to make and store
  • Fresh and organic
  • Pleasant floral appearance
  • Exceptional fragrance and smoothness
  • Balanced and sweet taste
  • They make delicious dark roast and decaf espresso
  • There is no chemical residue in the decaf beans


  • It does not do well with regular brewing

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Italian Espresso Coffee Beans

Lavazza Qualita Rossa, Italian Coffee Beans Expresso, 2.2lb
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Having good coffee beans is very critical to making good coffee. If you have a good coffee maker and bad coffee beans, chances are your coffee will not be as sweet or smooth as you want. For an exquisite café experience, choose the Lavazza Qualita Rossa Italian Espresso Coffee beans to have a rich, super-fine, and fresh texture. 

These coffee beans have a strong, fruity, and chocolate flavor, and they are a mix of African Robusta and Brazilian Arabica. They can be used with most coffee brewers and any coffee maker that makes espressos. This roast is affordable hence perfect for making coffee at home, and the high-quality beans leave a compelling, rich flavor, so you want more.


  • Delicious and rich chocolate tones
  • High-quality coffee beans that don’t go bad
  • Ideal for espresso drinkers


  • You will need a separate grinder for improved results.

Lavazza Espresso Barista Perfetto Whole Bean Coffee

These coffee beans are medium espresso roast whole coffee beans that are blended and roasted in Italy. They are popular for their full-bodied and rich taste in coffee and are a go-to for authentic Arabica flavors and coffee drinkers who want the strongest coffee.

These coffee beans are best used with espresso machines, but they can also be used with French press and drip coffee makers. If you are looking for an aromatic espresso with a delicate crema and rich chocolate undertones, choose Lavazza Espresso Barista Perfetto.

The coffee beans are costly, but the rich and high-quality pack is worth the extra money you pay. You are guaranteed a perfect cup of coffee that is easy to prepare, as the beans are easily ground and extracted at home.

If you are looking for a perfect balance of sweet and bitter without a gritty and bitter aftertaste, these coffee beans are perfectly roasted for that reason. The chocolate undertones are an incentive for all coffee drinkers, and the thick crema packs favor and smoothness into every cup of coffee for a richer taste.


  • Value for money
  • High-quality coffee beans
  • Ideal for home brewing
  • It packs a rich flavor in the coffee


  • It is a bit costly

What Are The Lavazza Coffee Beans?

Lavazza is a popular Italian coffee brand that offers espresso blends and ground coffee with several flavor profiles and different roasts. The brand offers a superb variety of coffee blends which guarantee a strong and rich drink with a smooth crema. The blend of beans provides an exquisite balance of aroma and flavors. The following are some of the best Lavazza coffee beans with strong, rich tastes and exquisite aromas for a great cup of coffee.

How To Choose The Right Lavaza Coffee Beans For You

As much as Lavazza is recommended for coffee drinkers, it might not be easy to choose the right coffee beans, especially for the first time. When choosing the perfect coffee beans, look at factors like;


The acidity of the coffee beans comes to play. The degree of acidity is different for every person, as some coffee drinkers enjoy coffee with a sharp and pleasant aftertaste. In contrast, others want dull coffee with low acidity.


Aroma affects our implication of the coffee’s taste, so it needs to be something pleasant. Aroma is also important when choosing the best coffee beans, and there are different and unique aromas for ever brewed coffee. Coffee aromas are described as fruity, nutty, floral, complex, or smokey.

Type of Roast

There are different roasts of coffee beans that should also be considered when choosing the right flavor profile. Full-bodied, fruity, and earthy flavor profiles affect the coffee’s flavor as either light roast, medium roast, or dark roast.

Light roast – these coffee beans have a floral and fruity flavor and are suitable for people who prefer pour-over coffee. The coffee made is light, smooth, and balanced, and you don’t necessarily have to add milk for more flavor. Light roast coffee is relatively low in caffeine levels, so if you don’t want to jitter after your cup of coffee, this is the best way to prepare it.

Medium roast – medium roast coffee beans are great for a smooth and full-bodied cup of coffee. The coffee beans have undertones of nuts, dates, caramel, dried fruits, and chocolate, making them popular for espressos.

Dark roast – if you want more caffeine and flavor in your cup of coffee, go for dark roast coffee beans. They have a strong, intense, earthy, and sometimes bitter-sweet flavor, especially due to dark roasting. Dark roast coffee beans are suitable for coffee drinkers who want a lingering taste of coffee after the last sip as they are fine, smooth, and with a robust flavor.

Wrapping Up!

Choosing your favorite coffee will not be as straightforward if you don’t know what you want. Coffee drinkers have different preferences for coffee brands, such as the taste and the environmental impact coffee production has. Lavazza is the most popular coffee, constituting 80% of native Italian coffee drinkers, and it is also a leading coffee producer in the world. Whatever your preferences are, Lavazza coffee is ideal for quality and taste.