The 9 Best German Coffee (A Complete Guide)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by John Moretti

Germany has built a sterling reputation for producing some of the worlds’ finest coffee brands. However, as there are so many great options to choose from, I have decided to share my top 10 best German coffee recommendations with you, including a handy buyer’s guide to narrow your search for coffee perfection.

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1. Top Pick – Dallmayr Prodomo German: Ground Coffee

Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee, 17.6 Ouce (Pack of 2)

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Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee is my top pic for exceptional pre-ground coffee – no wonder it’s one of Germany’s leading coffee brands!

While Dallmayr is produced purely from Arabica beans, it features a medium roast coffee with mild acidity levels. It has a strong aroma that packs a punch with its rich, full-bodied flavor, which will satisfy most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

It is a great choice if you need a coffee to serve to guests as it suits most palates. However, it is not suited to those who prefer a darker, more robust taste. 

Furthermore, it has numerous health benefits as it is produced without any chemical additives with high-quality coffee beans that have been refined to remove any bitter notes.

Decaffeinated Dallmayr Prodomo Ground German Coffee 

Dallmayr Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, 17.6 Ounce

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Finding a medium roasted, decaffeinated coffee brand that tastes like the real deal without any bitterness is incredibly challenging.

However, Dallmayr managed to do just that as their organic Arabica coffee beans are cultivated in the highlands. Coffee beans grown at high altitudes are deemed to be superior to those produced in lower-lying areas.

Unlike most decaffeinated coffee variants, it does not contain any harmful chemical additives or bitterness. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for coffee lovers who cannot tolerate caffeine. 

It’s equivalent to “having your cake and eating it.”

2. Jacobs Krönung Coffee Beans: A German Classic

Jacobs Kronung Whole Bean Coffee 500 Gram / 17.6 Ounce (Pack of 1)

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Jacobs has stood the test of time as it has been on the market for over 100 years. It is an excellent testament to German coffee at its finest.

However, Jacobs is not only famous in Germany. Jacobs has also been exported throughout the world due to its superb taste and aroma. 

The Krönung coffee brand is purely derived from Arabica coffee beans that organic farmers have sustainably produced.

The Arabica coffee beans are mostly imported from countries with ideal climates to cultivate exceptional coffee beans in Asia and Africa, including South and Central America.

This medium roasted coffee features a mellow, nutty flavor that is not acidic compared to other coffees.

Jacobs Krönung coffee beans are also versatile as you can ground them for either filter or espresso beverages. The coffee beans retain their flavor much more than pre-ground coffee varieties.

To enjoy the best cup of freshly brewed coffee, avoid reheating or boiling it as it will affect the coffee’s flavor.

3. Tchibo Feine Milde: German Ground Coffee

Tchibo Fine Mild 2x250g Ground Coffee

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Tchibo is yet another quintessentially German, high-quality, trusted coffee brand that has been on the market for over 60 years.

Tchibo Feine Milde is produced from organically grown premium Arabica coffee beans, which have been refined for drip coffee machines and feature a delectable ‘fine mild” taste and aroma.

Though the taste of ground coffee can never match that of whole coffee beans, Tchibo produces a fantastic ground coffee alternative.

While the mild, sweetish flavor is not suited to those who prefer bold, dark-roasted coffee, it is certainly not bland or bitter compared to other mild coffee brands.

4. Barissimo German Ground Coffee: Fair Trade 

If you want a coffee that is not too light or too dark and ethically sourced in compliance with Fair Trade practices – look no further!

Barissimo is famous in Germany for producing coffee that is purely derived from top-quality organic Arabica coffee beans.

It features a silky texture with a full-bodied, rich flavor, minus the bitter lingering taste.

While the bag is adequately sized to retain its ground coffee flavor and aroma, it does not include a seal. Therefore, it would be advisable to decant it into an airtight container. 

5. Eduscho Gala Nr1: Iconic German Ground Coffee

Eduscho Gala Nr. 1 Ground Coffee 17.6oz/500g

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Eduscho Gala Nr.1  is a perfect choice for those who prefer an elegant darker roasted premium blend between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans with a bold, full-bodied, rich bittersweet flavor and a delicious aroma.

The coffee beans are sourced from premium coffee plantations and expertly roasted to produce a magnificent coffee blend.

While this authentically German coffee brand is pre-ground, it is produced in vacuum-sealed packaging to prolong its freshness.

Furthermore, it’s an ideal evening beverage served after a sumptuous meal due to its mild taste.

6. Folgers Simply Gourmet: German Ground Coffee

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Chocolate Flavored Ground Coffee, 10 Ounces

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If you are looking for a delectable dessert coffee without artificial additives, try Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Chocolate Coffee, a firm favorite in German coffee shops.

Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Coffee is purely derived from Arabica coffee beans that have been expertly roasted with naturally flavored quality chocolate.

Furthermore, it is available in a wide variety of flavors like caramel, mint, vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate raspberry. In addition, Folgers may be used in pour-over, French Press, and automatic coffee machines.

7. Jacobs Krönung: German Instant Coffee

Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee 200 Gram / 7.05 Ounce

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No top German coffee list would be complete without one of Germany’s most significant exports, namely Jacobs Krönung Instant Coffee.

Jacobs has been producing excellent roasted coffee since its inception in 1895, and its instant coffee brand is no exception.

Therefore, if you need a delicious coffee on the go, try Jacobs Krönung Instant Coffee. It is produced in 7.05-ounce jars that provide 112 cups of delectable coffee.

Jacobs 3in1 Classic Instant Coffee Sticks

Jacobs 3in1 Classic Instant Coffee Sticks, 10 Single Servings (Pack of 1)

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The Jacobs 3in1 Classic Instant Coffee Sticks comprises of a pack of ten single servings of delicious Jacobs coffee, which is an absolute life-savor as it contains coffee creamer and sugar. 

Furthermore, it’s convenient if you are traveling or on the go should you enjoy a sweet, creamy coffee version.

8. Tchibo Gold Selection: German Instant Coffee

Tchibo Gold Selection Instant Coffee, 3.5 Ounce

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Tchibo has built a sterling reputation for producing elegant and aromatic instant coffee in Germany.

It is solely produced from premier organic Arabica coffee beans and expertly roasted to create a delicious mild-tasting coffee which is perfect if you are pressed for time.

Due to their best-in-class manufacturing processes, Tchibo Gold Selection instant coffee features a smooth, full-bodied taste and a superb medium roast aroma.

Their premier Arabica coffee beans are firstly grounded, then freeze-dried and expertly roasted and blended to preserve the coffee bean’s natural aroma. 

9. Dallmayr Espresso Monaco: German Ground Coffee

Dallmayr Espresso Monaco 7oz/200g (Pack of 3)

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To end our best of German coffees list, I simply had to include Dallmayr Espresso Monaco as a homage to all those dark-roasted coffee lovers.

This delectable brand is crafted from expertly roasted Arabica beans to produce an espresso that is bold yet velvety smooth and with just the right amount of bitterness. 

Moreover, avid Dallmayr Espresso Monaco fans claim that it is more affordable and less bitter than Italian espresso brands, and they are produced in attractive containers.

About German Coffee

coffee germany

How Does German Coffee Compare With Other Countries?

Drinking coffee is a key component of quintessential German culture and tradition, and they have been mastering the art of producing exceptional coffee since the 17th century. 

In fact, 70% of the German population who are over the age of 14 years old enjoy a steaming cup of coffee each day.

While German coffee is predominantly milder compared to other coffee countries, they are elegant, full-bodied, and less bitter. However, they do produce several excellent darker roasted coffees for those who prefer more robust flavors.

Furthermore, German coffee has become popular in the United States due to its exceptionally smooth taste and great value for money.

Where Do German Coffee Beans Come From?

coffee beans germany

Germany is the second biggest importer of coffee beans in the world which demonstrates how vital this beverage is to the German population and their economy.

Their coffee is mainly produced from organic Arabica coffee beans that have been imported from sustainable coffee plantations across the globe. However, most coffee beans are imported from Honduras, Brazil, and Vietnam.

While each region in Germany produces its own uniquely flavored coffee, Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, is renowned for producing world-class coffee brands. 

Are German Coffee Beans Better Than Ground Coffee?

I know that there has been some debate on whether coffee beans are more fragrant than ground coffee, they both have their own merits and disadvantages.

Coffee beans are hands down the best option if you prefer a fresh cup of coffee each morning with a longer shelf life, while it might not appeal to those who cannot set aside time to ground coffee beans.

Likewise, ground coffee is perfect if you don’t want the hassle of grounding coffee beans with the correct level of coarseness to make your morning brew. 

Furthermore, you would need additional equipment to ground your coffee. Although, I have experimented with grounding coffee beans a day before they are used as there is no time during the morning.

If you pre-ground your coffee beans before they are used, keeping them in an airtight container works incredibly well.

Moreover, it is certainly worth it if you want to stop grabbing expensive takeaway coffees on your way to work each day.

How Are German Coffee Beans Roasted?

coffee roasting machine

Coffee beans are generally roasted at various temperatures and periods of time to produce the following roasted varieties: light, medium, dark, or darker roasts.

Lightly roasted coffee is heated for a shorter duration to ensure that the coffee bean oils are removed. This roasting method is used to craft mild tasting, light-colored coffees varieties.

Darker roasts are exposed to longer heating processes that result in oilier exteriors, increasing their bitterness.

German, medium-roast coffees are preferred in the United States as they suit most pallets, except for those who prefer dark Italian roast varieties.

Packaged coffee starts to lose their taste and aroma as soon as they are opened. Therefore, a large coffee bag might take a lot longer to consume, which means that the remaining coffee of a large bag might be stale by the end.

However, larger coffee bags are a lot more economical if you have several coffee lovers in one household.

If you would like to stockpile German coffee, choose small vacuum-sealed coffee bricks for much longer shelf life in comparison to loosely packaged bigger coffee packets. 

Moreover, certain coffee lovers believe that coffee bricks can retain their aroma for numerous years.

How Should I Dispose Of My Used German Coffee Grounds?

Coffee lovers are increasingly becoming aware of their impact on the environment. So, it is great to know that German coffee grounds can be reused for various purposes.

Coffee grounds contain several minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium that are essential for plant growth which makes them an excellent fertilizer for acid-loving plants. Furthermore, they can repel pesky insects.

Alternatively – treat yourself to a leisurely spa bath treatment with a reinvigorating coffee and coconut face mask after a long day at the office.


German coffee is a perfect choice for aficionados who prefer a sophisticated medium roast, full-bodied organic coffee that is sustainably produced. However, my top 10 best German coffee recommendations cater to everyone – including coffee lovers who prefer intense darker roasts that offer great value for money.