The 5 Best French Presses For Camping (My Recommendation)

Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by John Moretti

If you’re like me, coffee and camping go hand in hand. French presses come in varying shapes and sizes and are suitable for varying settings and occasions. With that said, if you’re going camping, you need one that has a good capacity, especially if your group is large or you love coffee as I do.

Of course, I’ve not been able to test every French press ever made, but I’ve been through many of them, and based on those options and my friends have tried, the Aeropress Go is ahead of the pack. Many coffee experts will agree with me. 

However, if you’re backpacking or doing a lot of climbing, you’ll need something lighter like Bestargot French Press, which weighs a mere 7.7 ounces.

I like a usable machine no matter where I am or if I have all the necessary ingredients (yes, we sometimes forget filters, etc., at home) and still make great-tasting coffee. So here are the tried and proven five best French Presses for camping.

My Recommendation:

While there are many French presses, most of them will not fit into the wild life. The ones I have chosen as my top five will make great coffee and will not break during travel.

Durability and flexibility are also critical when carrying items for camping. If you are around a location with running water, then any French press will suffice. But if you are going to the boondocks for days, choose a French press that cleans easily and requires very little water. Here’s my list!

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker

The AeroPress was our overall favorite. In our blind taste test, it came out on top, with both of our tasters declaring it as the best-tasting coffee of the bunch.

It’s also the easiest method to get your caffeine dose in the morning. It takes slightly over 2 minutes to brew (not including the time to boil water). It’s effortless to clean and only takes a few seconds.

It’s also small enough to fit into any camper’s gear. We’ve taken it on a couple of short overnight trips, even though it’s a tad heavy for backpacking.

The AeroPress is great for small gatherings because it makes 1-3 cups at a time. To create two cups, add an extra half scoop of ground coffee and drain the water from the “4” mark to the “2” mark a few times before producing the suction, letting the coffee brew, and pressing it out.

The AeroPress rapidly became our go-to method for making a quick, tasty cup of camp coffee. We highly recommend it. You’ll have everything you need to start your mornings off right in the backcountry if you pair it with a good camping coffee mug or mess kit.

When compared to a traditional French press, I appreciate how simple it is to clean. When preparing 1-2 cups of coffee at a time, the AeroPress is ideal. However, when I used it to prepare coffee for gatherings of three to four people, it took a long time. 

When using it, it entails brewing a cup or two with one batch of grounds, pressing them out, replacing the chamber with fresh beans, and repeating the process. I’ve never had a problem with durability when it comes to the Aeropress. The black foundation is sturdy enough to bear my heaviest pressure.


  • Brews a delicious cup of coffee
  • Comes with numerous filters that are small and easy to transport
  • Durable
  • Compact and easy to clean


  • It’s a tinge picky at times, resulting in poor extraction
  • AeroPress coffee filters are required
  • It’s not suitable for groups because brewing many cups takes time
  • It’s heavy

ESPRO Ultralight French Press

ESPRO P0 Ultralight Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee French Press, 16 Ounce, Matte Meteorite Black
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02/18/2024 12:00 am GMT

Are you planning to camp alone? If that’s the case, this is your best bet! The ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press is a vacuum-sealed coffee press thermos that is great for mornings when time is of the essence.

To brew a cup, place ground coffee in the chamber and fill it with hot water, like a regular coffee press. Then, press the plunger down after four minutes.

This coffee press gets top marks for adaptability in our round-robin because you can drink right from the bottle, pour the drink into another mug, or seal the bottle to drink at a later time. It is the best alternative for people who like to take their coffee slowly.

I brew in the morning, then throw the ESPRO in my bag to drink while kayaking or on an early-morning journey. I leave it in my car to enjoy when I dock. The insulated, leak-proof bottle keeps the coffee hot for at least six hours.

The coffee taste is excellent, thanks to two excellent filters that remove grit. However, the double-filter system feels delicate, making it more challenging to clean while camping without running water.

This model also takes up more room in the bottle than I anticipated—despite holding 16 ounces of liquid, the ESPRO only creates 10 ounces of coffee. I use the ESPRO as a thermos by removing the filter. The system itself is bulky and not designed to be shared.


  • Clean brew
  • It’s Insulated
  • It has proof against leaks
  • It stays hot for around six hours
  • Simple to use
  • Can be used as a thermos after removing the filter


  • It isn’t easy to clean without running water
  • Because it is bulky
  • Delicate filters
  • Not to be shared

GSI Outdoors Java Press by (30 fl oz.)

It’s a dependable coffee press in a robust, adventure-ready package that delivers the feel of brewing at home when brewing for a small group. During repeated use, the GSI Outdoors Java Press reliably made robust and tasty coffee for the three of us (me and my pals.)

The Java Press makes around four cups of coffee every brew. It’s been rolling around in my camping box for weeks and has withstood almost everything I’ve thrown at it.

Although the chamber isn’t insulated, the Java Press has protection from a durable canvas sleeve (and has an insulated top). However, you need to keep in mind that it won’t keep the coffee hot for a long time.

To avoid muddy coffee and spilling down the insulated sleeve while pouring, I use more coarse grinds.


  • Brews 30 ounces of camp coffee — 2-3 cups light enough for backpacking
  • No harmful chemicals — BPA-Free
  • Rigid plastic — preventing injuries
  • Silicone ring plunger 
  • No leaks pour through the lid  
  • The sleeve has no mess insulation
  • Safeguards hand 
  • Collapsible handle
  • Top with double-wall insulation  
  • Keeps coffee warmer for longer


  • It doesn’t remain hot in the carafe for long 
  • The square spout is prone to pouring down the carafe’s side
  • It’s bulky

Stanley Stay Hot French Press — 48 oz

Are you planning a camping trip with your friends or family? You should carry your Stanley Press.

Another traditional staple I’ve seen with older family members. The Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press — 48 oz is a substantial, feature-packed press that keeps on providing.

Because it’s made of robust material, it’ll last a lifetime. It can keep my coffee warm for up to four hours.

Although you shouldn’t take it hiking, it will come in handy if you’re traveling in an RV or pitching a tent. While the Stanley is sure to become a family legacy, it isn’t the best choice for individuals wishing to travel or walk light.


  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Brews 48 ounces — enough for 4-5 glasses
  • BPA-free — there are no hazardous chemicals in this product
  • Vacuum insulation with two walls
  • Pouring is simple with an ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean filter
  • Durable


  • The filter could be better
  • It’s heavy
  • It’s expensive

Bestargot French Press

Don’t worry, friends, the Bestargot French Press makes 16 ounces, and it’s both a Pot and Cup weighing 7.7 ounces and will float in your pack. While it may not keep your coffee for very long, it presses up a good cup of Joe. 

I like how it’s easy to carry and clean, making it ideal for my lighter trips. You would love it, but you have to handle the cup carefully as it gets hot.


  • Lightweight – only 7.7 ounces for our hikers, backpackers, and ultralight travelers 
  • It’s durable
  • Has hanging handle
  • Has measurement lines


  • Incorrectly listed – says this product makes 25oz when it’s 16oz
  • No insulation
  • Not 100% titanium

How to Choose a French Press for Camping

It’s a pain for me to arrive at my campsite and realize I’ve forgotten the necessary coffee filters for my French Press. Dealing with complex coffee machines that demand exact grind size, water temperature, or skill is also very complicated.

Therefore, my favorite camping coffee gear is simple and easy to operate. Unless you’re a coffee expert or you have spent hours honing your skills with a camping pot, buy a coffee maker that can make a decent mug with anything handy at camp.

Here are some factors you should consider before buying a French Press to go camping.

• Easy to Use

Ease of use means that it cleans easily and brews quickly. You need to ask yourself, will you be at a campsite with a faucet and flowing water most of the time, or will you be cleaning your coffee maker with water from a container?

Even if you use the same grounds, the flavor of your final cup can vary greatly depending on the type of coffee maker you use.

Ensure you get a coffee maker that isn’t too picky or that you’re willing to master its peculiarities and procedures to make a good cup.

• How Fast it Brews

It’s challenging to be patient when waiting for your morning coffee, so you might be tempted to choose the quickest route. If you’re the kind to drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee in the morning, it could be worth it to wait a little longer and prepare a large pot ahead of time.

• Easy to Transport

If you’re car camping and have plenty of space, we suggest deciding on taste and simplicity of use rather than packability. It’s worth sacrificing a little taste or convenience for durability and packability for trekkers or campers with limited room.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a French Press for camping requires a lot of keenness. The type of device has to be flexible and easy to handle on your trip.

There are several models and brands to select from; therefore, you should take your time to compare which one works best. You’ll enjoy your trip more if you get the right model that’ll make your coffee brewing process much easier.