The 10 Best Espresso Machines Under $1000 (Unbiased Review & Guide)

Last Updated on October 18, 2021 by John Moretti

Cafe-quality espresso machines don’t have to be expensive to be of excellent quality. In reality, the coffee and espresso industry is flooded with equipment that will make your morning espresso to your specifications for less than $1,000. As a result, these are the top ten espresso machines under $1000:

  1. Breville BES870XL 
  2. Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic 
  3. Gaggia RI9380 Classic Pro 
  4. De’Longhi La Specialista 
  5. Breville BES880BSS Barista touch 
  6. Rancilio Silvia 
  7. Calphalon Temp IQ 
  8. Nesspresso Creatista Plus
  9. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica
  10. Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine 

A good cup of coffee may get your day off to a good start. With so much at stake, you want everything done well. A home espresso maker is necessary if you want to brew cafe-quality drinks in your kitchen while building your skills. With that said, how are these espresso machines the best?

What Makes These Espresso Machines The Best?

The most control over your espresso may be found with these machines. Many elements influence its flavor, fragrance, and quality, including grind size, pressure, temperature, and extraction time

These devices can help you become the most incredible barista you can be by reducing human error. So, what distinguishes them as the best under $1000?

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

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The Barista Express is a little more hands-on than some of the other alternatives on our list, but that doesn’t hurt, especially considering the price.

One genuine plus: the BES870XL includes an inbuilt conical grinder, allowing you to pour ground coffee straight into the portafilter for optimal freshness after loading the bean hopper. 

If the conventional single and double shot settings aren’t just perfect, the Grind Amount slider allows you to choose how much or how little you dispense for each shot.

The 1600-watt thermo-coil heating system is kept at the optimal temperature by a PID temperature control, resulting in constant taste and strength. Breville’s well-known pre-infusion and 9-bar extraction techniques are used in this espresso machine.

You can produce rich, silky cappuccinos and lattes using Breville’s high-quality microfoam milk. Hot water is circulated through the steamer by a steaming wand.

Its features include:

  • Easy grind adjustment for the built-in burr grinder empties directly into the portafilter is one of its highlights.
  • The 2-liter water reservoir is simple to replenish.
  • A PID temperature controller maintains a constant temperature throughout extraction to provide a consistent taste.
  • Low-pressure pre-infusion to moisten the grounds, followed by extraction at 9 bars of pressure, ensures perfect espresso taste every time.

2. Philips EP3241/54 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54
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The Philips 3200 series is another espresso machine to make your favorite coffee experience even better. If you prefer expresso, a milkbased recipe, or just a completely automatic espresso machine that makes a perfect cup of coffee every time, you’re in luck since it comes with five different fragrant coffees.

The machine includes a latte GO milk mechanism, which allows you to give your coffee a silky-smooth layer of milk. It uses frothing chambers to combine milk and air fast while ensuring it dispenses at the proper temperature

Notably, one of the two sections of the system has no concealed components, making the machine simple to clean. It’s one of the most extraordinary automated espresso machines for under a thousand dollars.

It’s a 12-step grinder adjustment made up of sturdy ceramic grinders that can be adjusted in 12 steps to transform your coffee into anything you want. The ceramic grinders are built entirely of ceramic and are incredibly difficult to break, ensuring that you enjoy fresh, fragrant coffee.

Its features include:

  • Enjoy five coffees
  • Touch screen display with intuitive gestures
  • An adjustable grinder with 12 steps
  • Coffee grinders with ceramic discs that grind 20,000 cups of top-notch coffee
  • Thanks to the aroma seal, your beans will stay fresh for longer
  • Up to 5,000 cups without descaling with AquaClean
  • Dishwasher-friendly components.

3. Gaggia RI9380 Classinc Pro Espresso Machine

Gaggia RI9380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine, Solid, Brushed Stainless Steel

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It’s not challenging to locate a home espresso machine with a built-in steam wand for around $1,000, but not all of them deliver professional results. The double-hole steam wand is professional quality and will condition milk into a silky microfoam.

The Gaggia espresso machine is designed in a primary, elegant manner that will complement any décor. It’s small, measuring 9 x 9.5 x 14.2 inches, and takes up only a bit more room than your electric kettle. The casing is constructed of brushed stainless steel and is exceptionally durable.

A 58mm commercial-grade chromeplated portafilter is included with the RI9380/46. Two filter baskets are included in the package, allowing you to prepare one or two shots at a time. If you’re making beverages for family or friends, this is useful.

You can make more than 20 espresso shots without having to replenish the 71oz top-fill water tank.

We all want to maximize our morning time so that we can sleep well at night. With that said, the Gaggia Classic Pro has dual heating elements that heat the boiler in 5 minutes and the steam wand in 30 seconds.

It would be best if you brewed your espresso in a pre-warmed cup to keep the strong coffee fragrance and crema for an extended period. The Gaggia Classic Pro offers the professional-level capability for this. It includes a built-in stainless-steel cup warmer that warms to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cleaning the equipment is a breeze. You won’t have to clean it after each cup because it includes a large 16oz drip tray. The model features a 3-way solenoid valve for cleaning the portafilter, much as any professional espresso machine.

Its features include:

  • Commercial steam wand
  • Pressurized shot quality filter baskets
  • Durable chrome-plated brass 58 mm portafilter
  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve
  • The stainless steel frame 
  • Superior mounting of the vibration pump
  • Fast Heat-Up Dual heating elements
  • The Classic Pro’s control panel has been split into three switches for power, brewing, and steaming.

4. De’Longhi La Specialista Espresso Machine

A fantastic machine that has been meticulously built. It’s a clever gadget with a lever that tamps the ground coffee with the right amount of pressure. To enjoy a mess-free experience, you don’t need to remove a portafilter.

Furthermore, the machine has a short start-up time and is ready to operate as soon as you are. Turn on the machine, grind and tamp your dose, and then you can brew genuine espresso right away without having to wait for it to heat up. It is the finest espresso with a dual heating system.

Because it has two heating systems, the machine offers active temperature management, ensuring the best temperature stability for excellent coffee extraction and milk texturing.

The gadget has an innovative latte mechanism that allows you to make thick foam cappuccinos. That leaves you with the last thing left to do, and that is to place the cup under the spout and select foam. It is, without a doubt, a passionate espresso machine for coffee lovers. 

The machine’s beautiful design and professional inspiration enable it to provide you with the highest quality coffee you deserve. It’s a flexible machine that’ll let you have a better espresso experience.

Its features include:

  • Sensor grinding technology.
  • A smart tamping station.
  • Active temperature control with dual heating systems.
  • Advanced latte system
  • One second quick start.
  • Separate hot water spout.
  • Milk pitcher, descaling solution, and cleaning brush included in the box.

5. Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

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The Barista Touch exemplifies what makes an automated espresso machine so appealing. On a touch screen, you choose your drink from one of five café favorites. The built-in, conical grinder grinds your coffee to the ideal grind size when you press the Grind symbol. (You may also adjust the dosage to suit your preferences.)

Press the Brew icon after locking the portafilter into the brew unit (don’t forget to place a cup under the portafilter). Before ramping up the pressure for the ideal, PID-controlled extraction, the touch preinfuses your coffee.

If you choose a milk drink from the touch screen, place the steaming pitcher beneath the milk wand and press the Frothing icon on the touch screen; then stand back while the Barista Touch froths your milk to the temperature and texture you specified for your drink using microfoam technology.

Do you want to add extra coffee, hotter milk, or something else to your drink? You may program up to 8 unique cocktails, then name them and enjoy them whenever you like.

The standard Breville features are present, along with some pleasant additions, such as the ThermoJet heating system, which heats up to the ideal extraction temperature in three seconds. Three seconds is all it takes. If you haven’t had any coffee yet, it just means it took you longer to twist the portafilter into place.

Its features include:

  • You may choose a drink and then press symbols for each phase of the process — grind, brew, and milk – on the touch-screen display.
  • ThermoJet heating system with PID control achieves extraction temperature in three seconds.
  • There are five pre-programmed café beverages and up to eight bespoke cocktails, giving you many options.
  • Hands-free milk frothing for cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages; place the pitcher under the steam wand, and the touch will do the rest.

6. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with Iron Frame and Stainless Steel Side Panels, 11.4 by 13.4-Inch

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Thanks to a commercial-grade group head, the Rancilio Silvia gives you Italian dependability and a premium espresso extraction. For a professional-quality beverage, the espresso machine comes with a commercial-grade steam wand and portafilter.

If you’re searching for a beautiful and small espresso machine under $1,000, the Rancilio Silvia is a great option. Its timeless style and small footprint (11.4 by 13.4 by 9.2 inches) make it ideal for any kitchen. 

The frame is constructed of iron, while the side panels are stainless steel. This well-liked semi-automatic espresso machine is built to last. The professional stainless steel hinged steam wand has a complete range of motion and regulates steam pressure for smooth milk foaming. 

The Rancilio Silva comes with a commercial-grade group head that offers improved heat resistance and extraction quality. The unique 58mm portafilter is easy to remove and is the same kind used on professional Rancilio coffee makers.

The Rancilio Silvia boiler is the most powerful in its class of household appliances. This 12 ounce (0.3 liters) chromeplated brass boiler has excellent steaming power and a quick recovery between sips. Water may be supplied from above without removing the detachable water tank, which holds 2 liters.

A 7-gram coffee spoon, plastic tamper, and two filter baskets are included with this Rancilio Silvia espresso machine (single and double). Keeping this coffee maker in good working order requires regular maintenance. Descale your machine regularly to ensure that it continues to make your coffee for many years.

Its features include:

  • The ergonomic portafilter handle is the same as the Rancilio commercial equipment’s established design.
  • For superior heat stability and extraction quality, use a commercial-grade group head.
  • The professional steaming knob precisely adjusts steaming pressure, and the articulating steam wand gives a full range of motion. The classic linear style complements most decors.
  • A pod and capsule conversion kit is offered as an option.

7. Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine

Calphalon Temp IQ Espresso Machine with Grinder & Steam Wand, Stainless
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Calphalon is best known for its nonstick cookware, but the high-end merchant also makes a great espresso machine

This Temp IQ is a countertop device that combines an espresso machine, grinder, and steam wand into one streamlined design. It includes a built-in, conical burr mill grinder with 30 grind settings, sophisticated heating technology, and temperature management for a flawlessly extracted brew.

This espresso machine, unlike other at-home versions, features a larger portafilter that offers the same powerful flavor extraction you’d receive at your favorite local café, as well as a cup warming plate that keeps your shot at the right temperature until it hits your mug. 

A stainless steel milk container, tamper, cleaning disc, and cleaning pin are included in the package.

Its features include:

  • 15-Bar The Italian pump provides a gorgeous coating of crema for your espresso while delivering the proper amount of pressure for optimal flavor extraction.
  • Toss your beans in a blender and ground them to your liking. The conical burr mill is incorporated inside the machine. The grinder has 30 grind settings that may be adjusted.
  • Single and double shots include pre-programmed settings and a dial interface for selecting steam or hot water.
  • Single-shot and double-shot single-wall filter baskets are available.
  • Thermoblock heating technology and PID temperature control ensure uniform heat and soft pre-infusion blooms for dependably great-tasting espresso. For the best espresso extraction, use espresso grounds.
  • The 58mm portafilter retains more grounds and provides uniform water dispersion and extraction for a more robust taste.
  • Removable 2.8L water reservoir with easy-to-fill hinged lid
  • Cup warming tray and steam wand, much as in coffee establishments, froth milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks.

8. Nesspresso Creatista Plus

Nespresso BNE800BSS Creatista Plus Espresso Machine by Breville, Brushed Stainless Steel

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03/21/2023 08:40 pm GMT

The Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus makes espresso simple. Place a capsule in the slot and push the button. The correct quantity of ground beans in a vacuum-sealed capsule will keep the coffee fresh for years, ensuring that every cup is excellent.

The Nespresso Creatista Plus is a fashionable, valuable addition to your kitchen with its grand, sturdy design and glossy finish. You can brew both fresh coffee and delectable espresso

You may make a Ristretto (0.5 ounces), Espresso (1.35 ounces), or Lungo (5 ounces) with the touch of a button. Add ice to the cup to make your favorite iced coffee beverages.

You can take it a step further with the Creatista Plus and make sophisticated espresso-based beverages like flat whites, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. The capsule espresso machine comes with a steam wand for foaming milk and a stainless steel milk container with a spout as a pleasant addition.

The automated, built-in milk frother offers eight textures and 11 temperature settings ranging from 131 to 169°F (55 to 76°C). You can make professional-looking latte art right in your kitchen.

A high-resolution TFT LCD is included on the Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus. It will be your go-to person for all things preparation, brewing, and upkeep. The amount of coffee and the temperature of the milk may both be adjusted.

The 1.5-liter detachable water tank, as well as the automated steam wand cleaning feature that blasts steam through the wand after each usage, will be appreciated. Due to its energy-saving mode, the machine warms up in less than 3 seconds and shuts down after 9 minutes.

Each Creatista Plus comes with a complementary set of Nespresso Original capsules, each distinct fragrance character. Thanks to the sealed aluminum capsules, the flavor and scent are preserved, and the taste is outstanding. From this large selection of capsules, you may select your favorite coffee.

9. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine, Silver

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The De’Longhi Magnifica is another excellent espresso machine that effortlessly combines milk and steam to produce a thick, creamy foam. It includes an easy-to-use rotary and pushbutton control panel with programmed menu settings and an 8.8-ounce bean container that allows you to brew up to 14 cups of coffee quickly.

The brew system grinds coffee beans in real-time to create excellent coffee. However, to obtain better grinding performance, it is recommended that you use coffee beans with fewer visible oils.

The machine is simple to maintain, and it takes half the time to clean as other models. Furthermore, because the gadget is custom-made, it is excellent for the espresso and cappuccino experience because it can be programmed to your preferences. Notably, the machine meets every aspect, from the strength of the espresso to the amount of the beverage you want.

The control panel makes it simple to operate because all you have to do is modify the menu settings, temperature, coffee strength, and cup size based on your preference, and the machine will take care of the rest.

10. Jura D6 Automatic Cofee Machine

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Platinum
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The Jura D6 is another popular model. The Jura D6 is at the high end of the most delicate super automated espresso machine under the $1000 price range. It is, nevertheless, brimming with outstanding features that radiate quality and ease.

Simple yet effective. The Jura D6 may be summarized in two words. You can effortlessly brew the ideal cup of coffee every time with only a push of a button. It’s also simple to keep up with. You may use the Jura App, “JOE,” to enhance the capabilities of the D6 with the addition of the Jura Bluetooth Smart Connect device.

  • Brewing in individual cups.

The machine grinds whole beans, tamps, and freshly brews each cup for the best flavor and fragrance.

  • Preparation with only one touch.

In less than 60 seconds, it prepares excellent coffee specialties at the press of a button.

  • Adjustable and programmable.

Brewing strengths, volumes, and a height-adjustable coffee spout may all be customized.

  • Foaming milk perfectly.

For one-touch cappuccinos, it produces excellent foam.

  • Cost-cutting.

Makes professional coffee shop drinks at a fraction of the price.

The Jura D6 features a height-adjustable dispenser that can handle a variety of cup sizes. It avoids splashing, resulting in a velvet crema that is both beautiful and uniform. It also has a delicate foam frother for creating perfect microbubbles in your favorite cappuccino.

Its features include:

  • Verstaility: Cappuccino, espresso, and coffee machines are all available.
  • Operation: Controlled via the Smart Connect App or plain text display
  • Customization: Water level, coffee strength, and temperature may all be adjusted.
  • Grinder: Quick and accurate AromaG2 comes with an inbuilt grinder.
  • Technology: Pulse Extraction Process Flavor Optimization

Bottom Line

These espresso machines are all useful in your daily coffee routine, are well-made with professional-grade parts, and are built to last, so if you’re looking for something highend, quality, and under $1,000, this will be it!

When comparing pricing with other espresso machines, it should come as no surprise that the one you choose from this list outperforms the next most costly rival in terms of quality and performance. Take a sip, relax, and bask in the success aroma