The 9 Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (Helpful Guide)

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Espresso machines are one of the best machines any coffee fanatic can use to create their own cup of delicious coffee. But, like all machines, your espresso machine will also need to be cleaned. What are the best espresso machine cleaning tablets?

Let’s look at each of these nine high-quality espresso machine cleaning tablets and why one of them might just become your and your machine’s best friend!

The 9 Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Below are 9 of the best espresso machine cleaning tablets you can make use of to prolong the life of your beloved espresso coffee machine. Let’s take a look at the features of these cleaning tablets and which one would be perfect for you:

1. CleanEspresso

This first espresso machine cleaning tablet is a recommendation that will work best for Breville-style espresso machines. When buying this product, you will get both your Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets, as well as Filters! In the 20 count package, you will be provided with six filters.

Most coffee machine cleaning tablets weigh around 1 gram each. However, these big 2 gram tablets ensure that the perfect amount of cleaning ingredients are added to handle the pressure of your Espresso Machine’s cleaning cycles. You will also never need to use more than one tablet at a time!

These CleanEspresso tablets will provide you with a high-standard cleaning to the inner parts of your machine. Since it usually is challenging for tablets to clean the inside of machines thoroughly, you might have some difficulty believing it. However, you will be happy to hear that these tablets are specially designed to leave the insides of your machine squeaky clean!

The CleanEspresso tablets are made to be as efficient as the official Breville cleaning tablets, but they surprisingly come at a much lower cost. The main promise of these tablets is not just to clean your machine but also to guarantee you as the buyer with a better-tasting espresso.

When cleaning your Espresso Machine with the CleanEspresso tablets, you will notice your coffee tasting better and bursting with flavor. This means that the tablets are doing precisely what they need to!

2. Cafiza Cleaner And Descaler

These Cafiza tablets are known to be a very standard descaler that also doubles as a cleaner. Do not let this put you off, as the same chemical components are used for descaling that is used to clean your espresso machine. 

These tablets are often used by professional baristas, as Cafiza makes these tablets in a lot of different sizes, should a different fit be needed. These tablets are also made with the same formula in powder form if you need easier dosing. 

However, these Cafiza cleaning tablets can be seen as more of a weekly routine tablet type. These tablets are not as powerful as other tablets, but you can also take advantage of this aspect. You can use these Cafiza tablets more often without putting too much strain on your espresso machine. 

Cafiza tablets will also eliminate your need for using any heavy-duty descalers. You will not regret picking this tablet up!

3. Cino Cleano Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

if you need to clean other parts of your espresso machine, and not just the inside, you can use these excellent tablets, known as Cino Cleano tablets! These tablets are suitable to work with many types of espresso machines, including the Breville ones. 

Cino Cleano has packaged these tablets in rigid paper packaging instead of using containers made of plastic. Packaging like this has both downsides and upsides. If you are looking for a product in durable packaging, you might not prefer this product.

 However, if you are an environmental enthusiast, you will benefit from the packaging, as it is both user and environment friendly. Unlike some Espresso cleaning tablets, these types of tablets focus on descaling your machine and not just cleaning it! 

While washing your machine, the Cino Cleano espresso machine tablets will also focus on maintaining the longevity of your machine. With the Cino Cleano tablets, you can also throw away the worry of any change happening with your coffee’s flavors. 

These tablets have no external impact on your espresso machine’s flavor other than simply preserving them! Even the ingredients used in the tablets are non-toxic and entirely safe to use. Whenever you need to clean your group head, portafilter, or even steam wand, you can simply dissolve one tablet into hot water and use it as soap. 

All your espresso machine’s external parts will be good as new and untouched by the parts that could affect the taste of your coffee negatively. All in all, these tablets are one of the best choices any coffee enthusiast with an espresso machine could make!

4. Full Circle Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

The Full Circle Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are odorless, phosphate-free, as well as biodegradable! These tablets are not only known to be environmentally friendly, but they also provide you with a more gentle way of cleaning your espresso machine. 

Some manufacturers think about only getting the job done effectively, which can often lead to harmful chemicals coming into your machine. Over time, this can not only shorten your espresso machine’s lifespan but also cause its death, a coffee fanatic’s worst fear! 

With Full Circle, you do not have to worry about any of that. Besides using chemicals that aren’t as corrosive as other types of cleaning tablets, their tablets are much more soluble than others on the market. 

When a tablet is more soluble, it means that there is a much less chance that the tablet will not dissolve completely and stay behind in your machine. This happens more frequently than you would think, and it leaves your machine only partly cleaned, with chunks of the tablet coming out of the other side. 

You will not regret buying Full Circle cleaning tablets for your espresso machine, as it makes for effective, as well as eco-friendly cleaning!

5. Plink Universal Cleaner And Descaler

Plink tablets are known to be “universal.” This means that the number of things you can use and clean it with goes beyond the buyer’s expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you have a semi-automatic or an automatic espresso machine. Plink tablets will successfully clean and descale your espresso machine to perfection. 

These tablets are also a beneficial choice for drip and single-serve coffee machines. One of the things most buyers like about the Plink tablets is that they are perfect for removing descale from any coffee-related appliances as well! 

It is not uncommon for your coffee gear to get built-ups, too, such as a milk pitcher or the metallic bits of your espresso machine. You can simply dilute your Plink tablets in some warm water and use them to get all the stains out!

6. Essential Values Espresso Machine Cleaner And Descaler

If you are a coffee fanatic that would like something simple and easy to use, the Essential Values Espresso Machine Cleaner And Descaler may have just become your new best friend! 

These tablets are simple, don’t have any flashy or distracting features or hazards. This is just a product that does the job, and it does it very well! These tablets are exclusively manufactured for cleaning your espresso machine, no matter what kind you have. 

You can simply pop one of these tablets in your espresso machine, and your machine will be squeaky clean of any build-ups. Besides these simple and effective factors, the Essential Values Espresso Machine Cleaner and Descaler come at a very cost-effective price, considering that they are amongst the best espresso machine cleaners. 

The packaging also catches the eyes of many buyers, as it is a simple bottle that looks like a cleaning product because that’s precisely what it is!

7. Schaerer Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Schaerer Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

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Consisting of 100 tablets per jar, the Schaerer Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are one of your most practical options! Schaerer Cleaning Tablets are a high-end product that is generally used in coffee shops where it is of utmost importance for machines to be in their top condition.

These tablets are a bit more costly than other cleaning tablets, but they are one of the best brands on the market! With Schaerer cleaning tablets, you will be set for quite some time. They will do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning your beloved espresso machine, and they have no trouble when it comes to bigger machines either. 

Where other tablets might fall short, you can have total trust in the Schaerer cleaning tablets!

8. CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaner And Descaling Tablets

If you are looking for a more handy option when it comes to cleaning your espresso machine, you will benefit from CleanHike tablets! These tablets come in individual packets and are many buyers’ go-to options for any coffee machine. 

Whatever type of machine you may have, you can rest assured that these tablets will effectively clean it. They are excellent for single-serve as well as fully automatic machines. 

CleanHike Espresso Machine Tablets also consists of a natural formula that avoids any type of toxic or malign ingredients, which is exceptionally beneficial to environmental enthusiasts who enjoy their coffee. 

9. OEM Bosch Siemens Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets

10 Pack OEM Bosch Siemens Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets Part 310575

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As one of the final recommendations when it comes to the best espresso machine cleaning tablets, we have the OEM Bosch Siemens Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets from the brand SparesPlanet. 

These tablets may be a part of the SparesPlanet brand, but their original equipment manufacturer is Bosch Siemens. These tablets are compatible with Bosch machines, but because the company initially manufactures either the tablets or the ingredients present in them, these tablets are compatible with any other espresso machines as well. 

Similar to the other cleaning tablets mentioned above, the Bosch Siemens Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets work to clean all of the inner parts of your espresso machine. After you have used these tablets in your coffee machine, you will find that there will be no residue left without influencing the taste of your coffee in any way. 

However, it would help to note that if you are looking for a cleaning tablet that will clean the exterior parts of your machine, these tablets will not work for you. The primary function of the OEM Bosch Siemens Cleaning Tablet is descaling your machine and not cleaning it. 

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Why Cleaning Your Espresso Machine Is Crucial

You may wonder why it is so important to clean your espresso machine every once in a while. You may think that because there is constantly boiling water running through your machine, the heat will kill any bacteria. 

You are partially correct, as boiling water does kill most bacteria. However, the problem is that espresso no longer uses boiling water for brewing, as the ideal temperature for making a cup of espresso is well below boiling point. 

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

And even if you are aware of this, the water is heated in a completely separate compartment and goes directly to brew the coffee. Most of your espresso machine is left completely untouched by the hot water. Because of this, it is safe to say that your espresso machine will need a bit of cleaning from time to time

The good part is, this is super easy and can be done by simply dissolving a unique tablet in the water tank of your espresso machine and running it as you usually would. The solution will descale, clean, and disinfect the machine in general. 

Using the correct cleaning tablets will increase the lifespan of your machine, protect it against descale build-ups, and improve the overall taste of your coffee!


For an espresso machine to constantly work at its best, you have to take some responsibility as the owner. And, taking responsibility for your coffee machine has never been easier since cleaning tablets like these mentioned above have become so popular. Along with their popularity, they have been constantly bettered and formulated for machines to handle.

It doesn’t matter what cleaning tablet you decide at the end of the day. You must be taking care of and cleaning your espresso machine. It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality and taste of your coffee, and most important of all, how long your machine lasts!