The 12 Best Espresso and Coffee Brushes (A Complete Guide)

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An espresso machine is an excellent investment for any coffee fanatic who loves drinking good quality coffee. However, a machine that is kept clean and tidy will not only last longer but deliver noticeable tastier results! This is where the need for espresso brushes comes in. 

The best espresso brushes’ bristles are typically nylon, but the best espresso brushes are made of hair or other organic material. A good espresso brush is softer, which results in better cleaning. Usually, espresso brush kits come with two or more pieces of different sizes, serving several purposes.

Espresso brushes are an essential tool that comes along with owning an espresso machine. Keep reading to find out which ones are the best to use and why espresso brushes are so important!

best espresso and coffee brushes

List Of The Best Espresso Brushes For Coffee Machines

Below are some of the most influential and helpful espresso brushes from different brands to ensure the cleanliness of your coffee grinder and machine. The below products have excellent reviews from customers who have purchased these items. 

Since all of the brushes are ideal items, you may have some difficulty choosing. You will surely make the best choice if you know your exact needs!

1. Urnex 22-ESPBR-144 Scoopz Tool

The slim shape of this brush allows you to clean your espresso machine efficiently and adequately easily. The Urnex 22-ESPBR-144 Scoopz Tool is both a coffee grinder and espresso machine cleaner and is 23 cm tall, which is more than long enough to reach every nook and cranny. 

It has a sleek design with a multi-purpose, providing the user with an ergonomic handle and a small brush head with a detergent measuring scoop on the other side. Each measuring scoop equals 1.5g, measuring the amount of detergent that should be used. 

Measuring detergent will be easier and much more accurate with this espresso brush. The bristles are produced with care and effort, and they are highly durable, making this brush suitable for long-term use.

2. Bertani Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush

With the Bertani Coffee Grinder cleaning brush, you will be able to maintain the quality of your espresso machine and your coffee like a pro! This brush has a simple design that is produced with natural materials. 

This brush’s handle is made out of wood, with a height of 5.75 inches, that will provide the user with a comfortable grip, giving a refreshing mood to do their everyday chores! The Bertani Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush’s bristles are strong enough to stay in shape for years yet soft enough to dust away any coffee grounds and residue that stick onto the filter or the machine. 

Apart from using this excellent brush for your espresso machine and coffee grinder, you can also use it to brush any other equipment you may have in your kitchen!

3. ACKLLR Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush

The ACKLLR Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush might just be your next favorite tool in your kitchen! The ACKLLR Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush is a 4 in 1 package that includes all the functional brushes for coffee makers you need! 

This package contains 1 Big Coffee Grinder Brush, 1 Medium Coffee Grinder Brush, 1 Small Coffee Grinder Brush, as well as A Long Handle Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush. This specific range of sizes and heights will surely dissolve all the inconveniences you might come to face while cleaning your machine! 

The long coffee grinder brush is to clean somewhere that could be hard to reach, such as your group head. The shorter cleaning brush is for the more reachable places of your machine. 

The round and wooden brush is specially designed to clean an espresso machine and other coffee equipment that will need cleaning. And, the brush that contains bristles on both sides can be used to brush off any excess coffee grinds that are left behind on the coffee machine or grinder. 

Nothing can go wrong when you purchase this 4 in 1 brush set, as it contains 4 of the best brushes you will ever use!

4. BagTu Coffee Machine Cleaning Kit

All coffee fanatics with their own espresso machine know that hygiene is the most crucial thing about any piece of equipment that you use with something you consume. This is no different with coffee makers, and in order to achieve proper hygiene, cleaning with the correct equipment is a must! 

This is precisely why you need BagTu Coffee Machine Cleaning. This espresso machine group head includes an 8.6 inches long brush with Nylon bristles with an elbow design measuring spoon, a shorter brush with a length of 6 inches, as well as a coffee art stencil pen to design your coffee art. 

The angles of the Bagtu Cofee Machine Cleaning kit’s brushes are perfect for cleaning an espresso machine as well as the burr blades, but the handles are also long enough to keep your hands and fingers safe from the boiling hot water. 

5. FEENM Machine Brush

Coffee grounds generally fall onto the machine while you brew coffee. The FEENM Machine Brush will provide you, as the user, with a quick and easy cleaning of your espresso machine. This brush has a length of 10.43 inches, with bristles on each end. Compared to other cleaning brushes, these brushes are much longer and bigger. 

The one brush on the one end is a yellow and soft grinder brush which is ideal for everyday use without damaging the blades of your grinder. The other brush is a black bristle counter brush. It is stiff and sturdy enough to wash off coffee grounds. The bristles are easy to maintain and clean after each use. 

Cleaning your coffee grinder and the machine will never be easier with this brush!

6. SPIRIT Store Group Head, Coffee Grinder Brush

If you brew coffee and a lot of it quite often, you definitely need this tool! The SPIRIT Store Brush will ensure that you clean your coffee equipment like a professional barista! It comes in a package containing two brushes each, and both of these brushes have a length of approximately 19 centimeters long. 

The brushes’ handles are made of plastic, and it is specially designed to clean in every small space possible. The bristles’ shape is flat and black.

Additionally, there is a hole in each brush at the end to hang in your kitchen for optimal user-friendliness! The SPIRIT Store Brush is a multi-functional cleaning brush that can be used for more than just coffee machines and grinders. It can also be used for cleaning pasta makers, food processors, and so much more!

7. Squeak’n Clean Coffee Pot

Squeak'n Clean Coffee Pot Sponge Brushes - Set of 3

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The Squeak’n Clean Coffee Pot Cleaning Brush may look strange at first glance, but it is designed to clean! Coffee ultimately will cause stains on your coffee grinders, machines, and even your everyday coffee pot or cup! 

It can be challenging to wash, but fortunately, the Squeak’n Clean brush is here to help you! Additionally, this kit comes with a set of 3 brushes. They have multi-sponge assemblies to create a round shape, along with a long plastic handle for a sturdy grip to reach further and wash off all stains, odor, or built-up residue. 

Cleaning your coffee machine, grinders, pots, cups, or even containers will be much faster if you have these brushes!

8. Bunnsaver Espresso Cleaning Brush

If you are serious about helping the environment, the Bunnsaver Espresso Cleaning Brush will give you that good feeling! The Bunnsacer Espresso Cleaning Brush is an eco-friendly product that makes its handles and cleaning pads out of recycled plastic bottles. This brush’s cleaning pad is fully removable, replaceable, and reusable.

When the brush’s cleaning pad gets old or dirty, you can simply remove it to wash or replace it. You can replace the cleaning pad at your discretion. The curved brush will allow you to clean your coffee machine without bending, and the thick cleaning pad is durable for use in the longer term. 

If you compare this with any brush with bristles, this brush doesn’t fall out as some bristles tend to do!

9. Zhehao Store Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush Set

This coffee cleaning brush set has a unique design and contains four brushes. The first two brushes come with a spoon, whereas the other two brushes have 58mm stainless steel blind filters. This is known to be the best combo for the most effective cleaning experience!

The practical shape, as well as the deflecting fins, will keep the user’s hands and fingers safe from the boiling water while cleaning every corner of your coffee machine, including the tight and hard-to-reach places. 

Nothing is better than having comfy and practical tools for your everyday cleaning tasks!

10. Diguo Espresso Supply Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush

Espresso Supply Coffee Grinder Brush

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This type of espresso cleaning brush from Diguo is a very high-quality cleaning brush and perfect for cleaning any kind of coffee grinder and machine. This brush can be used to clean any other espresso equipment too. 

You can even use this brush to clean out your French Press without having to be concerned about any harm or damage caused to the plunger mesh or the canister. The brustles or the Diguo Cleaning Brush are made of natural fiber and are long and soft enough to reach all those small nooks and crannies. 

However, although the bristles are soft, they are still firm enough to remove those unwanted coffee grounds and residue without causing damage to the burrs or blades. It has a 7.7 inches long handle made of natural hardwood and is rounded for comfortable holding. 

The brush is also straightforward to clean, with little bristle shedding, making this brush a beneficial purchase for every coffee and hygiene fanatic!

11. Merryseason Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush

The Merryseason Brush is a specially designed brush containing natural fiber bristles that protect your coffee grinder’s blades when you use it. It has a wooden, rounded handle that is 0.9 inches in diameter, and it is incredibly comfortable to hold, with the right length of just over 7 inches. 

It weighs about 0.80 ouches, so it is both gentle and lightweight to use! The brush bristles are long-lasting, so you won’t have that concern about them possibly falling out when you’re using them to clean your grinder or machine. 

The bristles are stiff enough to remove any excess coffee grounds that could get stuck to your grinder or machine. The longer handle makes it much easier to get into all the corners that need a good clean! 

It is recommended that you wash this brush in cold water only and never to place it in a dishwasher. By caring correctly for this brush, you will be maximizing its lifespan!

12. Pallo Coffee Brush

Pallo Coffee Tool, Black

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The last espresso cleaning brush you will benefit significantly from is known as the Pallo Coffee Brush. Maintaining your coffee machine is just as essential as cleaning it, and the Pallo Coffee Brush will provide you with everything you need! 

Its unique design with water deflecting fins will keep your hands dry and cool while backflushing. This brush is 9 inches long and is slim enough to clean the group head, as well as any coffee grinders. It also has a measuring spoon at the end, with a nylon bristle brush. 

You will benefit greatly from using this cleaning brush, and if you enjoy hygienically consuming coffee (who doesn’t?), you will benefit the most!

The Importance Of Espresso and Coffee Brushes

An espresso brush is a type of instrument that is especially useful for the maintenance of espresso coffee machines, as well as super-automatic coffee machines. In the former’s case, it is common to use an espresso brush with a curved handle in order to clean under the machine’s shower (where the filter holder is inserted). 

Coffee grinds and whole coffee beans contain large amounts of oil that attach to the coffee machine every time it is used. Therefore, it is a crucial activity to clean your machine regularly. If you do not clean your coffee machine regularly, you definitely need to purchase cleaning brushes for your coffee machine immediately! 

To keep the taste of the coffee as fresh as possible, the residue build-up needs to be cleaned off from your coffee machine. You need to invest in a proper cleaning brush to clean your coffee equipment thoroughly. 

This means purchasing a brush that is specially designed for coffee machines, as well as coffee grinders. Espresso cleaning brushes have the ability to go through every nook and cranny of your espresso machine and your coffee grinders to ensure that every part is thoroughly cleaned. 

When using an espresso brush to clean either your coffee machine or coffee grinder, the bristles mustn’t “absorb” the coffee beans, especially the wet or more oily ones. This is mainly because the different coffee beans will not mix from one brew to another brew as you brush through the other parts. 

Generally, they are used to clean the grinding wheels of the coffee grinder or the coffee grounds, which are the parts where the most residues are accumulated, let’s say “difficult to reach”. For this reason, coffee maker brushes usually have an elongated handle, which allows you to reach tricky corners.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an expensive or a more budget-friendly coffee grinder or machine. You want to use high-quality cleaning brushes that effectively clean them without causing any damage. The sturdy and high-quality brushes mentioned above will do a great cleaning job without causing any problems to the blades of your grinder or the heads of your espresso machine. 

In case you have not noticed, coffee machine brushes are not often purchased separately but are instead sold in more extensive maintenance and cleaning kits. The kits generally consist of several different parts and brushes of various sizes. From long brushes to shorter ones, the variety of brushes is enormous! Always ensure you know the quality of the brush before purchasing.