The 9 Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs (Review & Guide)

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by John Moretti

One of the best things that have happened to the world of coffee mugs is the introduction of double-walled coffee mugs. 

The best double-walled mugs are the Dobbelt set of two that are 6 ounces in size; made out of ceramic, this set is slightly different than ordinary glass double-walled mugs. The Bodum bistro coffee mug that holds 10 ounces is one of the best glass double-walled mugs on the market. 

However, everyone that has fallen in love with double-walled coffee mugs will know that there are several different types on the market. I recommend looking at the nine best mugs in detail before deciding which ones you may want to have in your home, especially as there are different types for different situations. 

The Best Double-Walled Coffee Mugs

Overall, there are nine double-walled coffee mugs that we have found are better than the rest, each one helping you to have the best coffee experience. These nine are all found on Amazon and are relatively affordable compared to other mugs that you may usually find. 

I recommend that you look at each one, consider how they have to be used, and how many you may need to have stocked in your home. Several double-walled coffee mugs are perfect for camping, some perfect for offices, and some ideal for being used at home. 

1. Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Lids – 14 Oz

Seen as the cheap alternative to many glass double-walled mugs, the stainless-steel coffee mug from Avito is fantastic and sturdily designed. The mug offers several color options and will keep your coffee hot and your hands from burning while being extremely rugged. 

Usually used when people are going on camping trips, the stainless-steel design means that you can easily throw the mug in a bag and forget about it. I always recommend having one or two of these on hand to ensure that you can easily have something that can keep the kids cooled or hot. 

2. AMEDY’S Set Of 4 Insulated Double Wall Glasses

There is only one thing that is better than having one perfect double-walled coffee mug, and that is having four double-walled coffee mugs. This set of four 16-ounce double-walled coffee mugs will be perfect for your cupboard when people are coming to visit. 

The best thing about these is the slightly taller design, allowing for a grand view of your latte and cappuccino, or just some black coffee. I have seen these used at homes or in boardrooms, giving a clean but professional look that can be enjoyed anywhere. 

3. Youngever 2 Pack Double Wall Thermo Insulated Coffee Cups

Many of the double-walled mugs in the world are made to have no handle on them, which can be hard to adjust to. The Youngever 2 pack double walled coffee mug set is an exception to the rule, one that has been executed to perfection as the design sacrifices no space at 15-ounces. 

The set of two mugs is perfect for allowing you to serve your guests with a set of mugs that will always look amazing. Sometimes having a handle on things will ensure that your mugs are better overall than a mug that has no handle at all, with rounder bottoms. 

4. Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug 10 Ounce

Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug, 10 Ounce (2-Pack), Clear

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When building your cupboard of mugs, you may need something smaller, around 10-ounces, that will help you have multiple double-walled mugs at the ready. I recommend getting a few of these as they will be perfect to be used as your everyday mugs, holding just the right amount of coffee.

You can quickly fill your cupboard with enough mugs to ensure that you have enough for everyday use or when friends come to drink coffee. Whether you are building a complete set of double-walled coffee mugs or are just testing what you have, I recommend having these in your set. 

5. Double Walled Coffee Cups Dobbelt Set of 2 6 Ounce Black

This set of two double-walled coffee mugs from Dobbelt is what I consider the best double-walled mug on the market. Because of the ceramic material and the clean black and white look, these are fantastic for use alongside other normal mugs that you already have. 

I know that these have the best features of double-walled mugs while also having all the best features from ceramics. I recommend that you have these on the fence, as they are fantastic mugs all around, allowing you to have the best possible mugs in your cupboard. 

6. Sweese 415.101 Glass coffee mugs 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass

Simplistic is often the best possible way to describe this set of four Sweese 8-ounce mugs, with handles and a clean round shape that we cannot help but love. The smaller design of these mugs means that the handles are much thicker and sturdier than most other double-walled coffee mugs that have handles. 

This set of four will fit nicely in any coffee set, whether you are keeping them in a closed cupboard or an open cupboard with no doors. Creating a sleek design that helps your coffee set fit together without having to sacrifice your initial design. 

7. 2-Pack 12 Oz Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs with Handle

When you are making lattes and cappuccinos, you will often need mugs that are slightly larger than the normal mug. Most double-walled mugs are only 10-ounces in size, making it hard to make larger drinks without wasting some coffee on the side.

This 2-pack 12-ounce set of double-walled coffee mugs is perfect for almost any setting while staying completely affordable. If you are redoing all your coffee mugs in your home or just moving into your first home, you can easily have a complete set that will always look amazing. 

8. ZWILLING Sorrento Plus 2-pc Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set

ZWILLING Sorrento Plus 2-pc Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set, Clear

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As with all designer things in the world, the world of double-walled coffee mugs has a few far above what would usually be used. The Zwilling Sorrento set of two double-walled coffee mugs is one of the cleanest sets of mugs that you can find on the market. 

This set will create a slightly cleaner feeling than the other double-walled coffee mugs that are currently on the market. One of the big things that have made me recommend them is the cleaner design at the bottom of the mug, something that many other mugs will have. 

9. Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

A simple design is often the best possible thing, which is even better when the price of the mugs is something that you can easily handle in even the worst of times. This set of two 12-ounce double-walled mugs is probably one of the best deals currently on the internet. 

Capable of working perfectly for any coffee you can make at home, in an office, or even at your guesthouse. I recommend that you start your collection with this simple set as it is both affordable and capable of allowing you to know whether you like or hate double-walled mugs easily. 

Are Double-Walled Mugs Good?

double walled coffee mugs

Double-walled mugs are good for keeping your drinks cold or hot, preventing your hands from being burnt, and preventing your drinks from becoming hot. As the technology used for making double-walled mugs has improved, the mugs’ overall quality has improved as well. 

The mugs are usually sturdy enough to last a lot of abuse without breaking or chipping as early double-walled mugs would. When the mugs were first introduced, the walls were thinner than normal glass, causing them to be a lot more sensitive and breaking when handled too roughly. 

However, as new materials were being used to make double-walled mugs, they have become a lot sturdier, with standard glass double-walled mugs becoming thicker as well. I recommend checking the mugs before purchasing a large amount, ensuring that they have thick enough walls to last much longer. 

Are Double Wall Coffee Mugs Microwave Safe?

making coffee with a microwave

If the double wall mug is made out of glass, ceramic, or borosilicate glass, it can safely be used in any microwave. Further, they are safe to be used in your dishwasher, making them easy to maintain and clean without having to sacrifice or add in extra steps. 

Steel can, however, never be used in the microwave as the material reacts with the waves used in microwaves to heat food up. Steel double-walled mugs should never be used in microwaves and should also never be heated up over an open flame, as the insulation prevents the heat from transferring into the mug. 

Further, plastic double-walled coffee mugs cannot be used in microwaves because the plastic material may melt when heated with the microwave. A few specialized plastic double-walled coffee mugs can be used in the dishwasher and microwave because the plastic does not react, staying calm. 

What Are Double-Wall Mugs For?

double walled latte mug

If you are considering buying double-walled coffee mugs, there are a few things that you need to know before you go and purchase them. Knowing what they are used for and how they operate will ensure that you can use the mug fully. 

There are three things that double-walled coffee mugs are suitable for, each one being a solution to problems that have plagued coffee drinkers for a long time. Most people who have used mugs know of the heat from the coffee burning their hand or their hand heating up cold drinks. 

Keeping Drinks Hot Inside the Mug

The most well-known function of double-walled coffee mugs is to keep your drink as hot as possible without losing any heat at all to the material. Because there is a layer of air around the coffee, the liquid, whether coffee or tea, stays extremely hot for a lot longer. 

The air insulates the inner layer where the liquid is, preventing any heat from being lost to the sides of the mug and causing the coffee to go cold. Further, when your double-walled coffee mug has a lid, almost no heat is lost to the surrounding air, usually keeping your drink hot for several hours.

Keeping Drinks Cold Inside the Mug

An often-forgotten part about double-walled coffee mugs is that they can keep your cold coffees ice cold as well, preventing your drinks from heating up. The heat from your hands will also not heat the drink that you are drinking, keeping everything freezing without being uncomfortable to hold. 

Many people use double-walled coffee mugs to ensure that their drinks are cold throughout the summer. When camping or hiking, double-walled coffee mugs are usually used to keep drinks colder for several hours without relying on power. 

Keeping Your Hands Safe From The Liquid

Double-walled coffee mugs usually don’t have handles because no heat is transferred to your hands, ensuring that you aren’t accidentally burnt. Further, double-walled coffee mugs will never start condensing when cold liquids are being held in the mug. 

The layering effects cause your drinks to stay in their bubble, not interacting with anything else, staying perfectly cold or hot for hours. The thicker the air pocket is inside the double-walled coffee mug, the better it will be at keeping everything insulated, whether it is hot or cold. 


Double-walled coffee mugs are some of the most amazing additions to the world of coffee mugs in recent years. We recommend using one that will ensure you can use it easily with almost any drink that you want to drink, whether it is a lovely fresh hot coffee or a cold-brewed coffee. 

Whatever you do, please don’t buy the most expensive mugs simply because they are at that price point!