The 5 Best Disposable Coffee Cups (Top Picks & Guide)

Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by John Moretti

How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? If you’re like me, your answer is probably around three to five. If you’re a coffee aficionado, you most likely understand the benefits of disposable coffee cups.

The best thing about disposable coffee cups is that they are so convenient for on-the-go people. But with so many brands out there, it can be hard to know which one will work best for you.

Luckily, I’ve spent hours researching and comparing most of the top-ranking disposable coffee cups on the market today to find five that I think are worth getting.

Here is my list of the five best disposable coffee cups on the market today:

Let’s get right into it!

Avant Grub Biodegradable and Compostable 12 Oz Paper Coffee Cups

Avant Grub Biodegradable cups can be used for both hot and cold drinks.

These cups are made from a bio-based resin derived from plants, making them more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based products.

Avant Grub 12 Oz coffee cups can handle liquids with temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or burning, which means they’re great for both hot and cold drinks.

These cups are ecologically friendly as they’re made from a bio-based resin derived from plants instead of petroleum-based products.

The Avant Grub Biodegradable cup comes in a 12 oz size, perfect for enjoying your morning coffee on the go or even at work with ease.

Additionally, they have rolled rims that create a tight grip with appropriately sized lids. You can never worry about spills anymore.


  • The cups keep coffee hot for most of the time; they hold up well
  • Biodegradable cups means it’s good for the environment
  • The cups are presentable; suitable for parties and other outdoor/indoor social events
  • They offer a sturdy ergonomic grip


  • Although they are biodegradable, it takes about 180 days to decompose fully.
  • There’s no smaller size for those who need smaller sizes than 12 oz.
  • The cups don’t come with lids, and it’s challenging to find secure lids that fit

Luckypack 12 Oz Insulated and Corrugated Disposable Hot Coffee Cups 

These 12 ozs cups are perfect for any office, trade show, or fundraiser. They are made from recycled paper and have 70% post-consumer/post-industrial content.

They are also an environmentally friendly option, as they can be thrown away to decompose or recycled after use.

Their corrugated sleeves and ripple walls make it impossible for the cups to stick together when piled up, making it easier to pull them apart.

You also don’t have to buy a separate sleeve as they already come fitted with one, something I find so convenient for hot coffee takers.

The extra thick and sturdy paper used to make these cups makes them strong for everyday use, and it is guaranteed to hold up in even the most extreme conditions.

These cups also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; hence they are likely to meet every customer’s high standards and expectations.

Not only are these cups great for hot coffee, but they can easily be used as cold cups too.

What’s more, their inward curving bottom design prevents liquids from leaking out, so there’s no worrying about leaks.


  • You don’t have to budget for extra sleeves
  • Thick and sturdy paper material holds up hot bubbling coffee
  • Inward curving bottom design to prevent spilling
  • Can be used as cold cups too
  • Comfortable and attractive design


  • They don’t come with lids, and you have to set aside an extra budget for this.
  • It’s hard to pull them off when stuck together
  • Not a perfect fit for kids

NYHI 8 Oz 300-Pack White Paper Disposable Cups

NYHI 8 oz. 300-pack disposable cups are an excellent choice for coffee or tea because they are durable and standard-sized.

These cups come in a pack of 300, making them ideal for bigger parties and used in water dispensers over a long period.

They work best if you use a hot beverage (the heat makes the cup sturdier). If you do decide to use them for cold drinks, be careful because these cups are not insulated.

Unlike what you see at face value, these cups aren’t made of harmful plastic. The highest-grade paper and eco-friendly material used to make them ensures they decompose once thrown away.

What’s more, the cups are fitted with polyethylene lining and rolled rims to make them leak-proof. You’ll, therefore, enjoy seamless coffee sessions without the interruption of unwanted spills.

As for lids, you can use almost any standard coffee cup lid in the market as these cups fit almost all standard lids out there.

You can easily craft a customized message or logo on the cups to fit your business or events’ needs with the plain white design. You can add pictures, love quotes, or any other message you wish to add, depending on the nature of your event.

Cleaning these cups is quite straightforward — it’s just like cleaning any standard reusable cup in the market today. You can use a dishwasher or hand wash them with soap water, then leave them out to dry overnight before using them again.


  • These reusable coffee cups are made from high-quality materials
  • They have a sleek design which makes them look premium in terms of presentation.
  • They’re a standard size to be used by both children and adults
  • Suitable for both extremes; holds up both hot and cold beverages perfectly


  • If you’re looking for something more durable, then these disposable coffee cups will not be your cup of tea.
  • Pulling the cups off when stuck is a significant challenge

Glowcoast 12 Oz Disposable Coffee Cups With Lids

Glowcoast coffee cups are an ideal option for those who want to enjoy their drink on the go. The first thing that stands out in these cups is their midnight blue superior insulation and leak protection material, ensuring you have a more effortless holding experience.

They also come with resealable tight-fitting lids that can hold your drink in place while on the commute. The lids also help to maintain the temperature of your coffee at a constant for a long time.

The cups come in a pack of 90, so you can use them for your daily trips to the office too. Besides, they’re made of extra thick and sturdy material, making it possible to reuse them more than once. You can equally save a significant amount of money by reusing these durable, sturdy cups all day.

Their functional and stylish design makes them great for the beach, picnics, concerts, outings, office meetings, and nearly every outdoor/indoor event.

The disposable cups are made of high-quality 100% natural materials.


  • Extremely sturdy and reusable for more than one day
  • Cup is BPA free so it won’t leach chemicals into your coffee or tea
  • Stylish and functional design for use in all events
  • The package comes with 90 cups and lids


  • It takes a lot of struggle to separate the cups when stuck together
  • The lids are a bit challenging to get on properly

Ecodesign 16 Oz Disposable Hot Paper Coffee Cups

These disposable hot paper coffee cups are the perfect size for your favorite coffee drink if you prefer more coffee on the go.

The lid is fully detachable so you can enjoy it on the go, fits most car cup holders (except tiny ones), and comes with no-spill lids. The lids also come with a sipping hole for easy and convenient sips while moving.

What’s more, these cups come in a pack of 50 cups and 50 black lids that are reusable and offer a perfect grip over your cup to prevent spills. Additionally, the poly-coated paper used to make these cups helps your coffee remain hot longer and prevents it from spilling while on the move.


  • Both the lid and the coffee cup are perfectly disposable.
  • The lid is fully detachable, so you can easily clean the cups for reuse.
  • It comes at a fair price for the quality
  • Holds more coffee than competitor brands


  • Not suitable for extremely hot beverages as they may not remain warm long enough due to their design and material used
  • The thin paper quality makes it less durable and can survive only one to two refills

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Disposable Coffee Cup

disposable coffee cup

If you’re choosing the best disposable coffee cup, you’ll need to look out for some factors before purchasing. Some of the critical factors to consider include:


You’ll want to look out for a disposable coffee cup that is within your budget. If you’re buying in bulk, it’s best to choose the cheapest option and buy more to save money. But if you only need one or two cups, the price may not be as much of an issue compared with other factors.


Consider how many servings you’ll want your disposable cup to hold. This will help you determine the size of the cup that is best for your needs. A 12 oz coffee cup will suffice if you’re looking for a standard-sized cup for an office function or party.

Depending on your preference, you could go for smaller sizes like 8 ounces or bigger ones like a 16-ounce cup. If you like to host parties at home, for instance, having a big cup on hand can make it easier to share with guests if they want more or need refills.

Having different disposable cups available is also helpful because people have varying preferences about how much coffee they drink in one sitting.


It’s important to consider what materials are used in making a disposable coffee cup before buying because there are pros and cons associated with each material choice. For instance, paper cups are cheaper than plastic ones, but they also burn faster.

Most of the disposable coffee cups I picked for this review are made from biodegradable paper, known for its high heat resistance and durability. It’s affordable, environmentally friendly because it can be recycled and lightweight to transport easily if you’re buying in bulk or stocking up at a warehouse store.

Others are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a little more durable than paper. They’re fine for both one-time and recyclable use and would be best in the office setting where there aren’t any spills.

Number of Disposable Coffee Cups in a Pack

Another essential factor to consider is how many disposable coffee cups come in a pack. If you’re looking for the best value, then check out a package with the most number of cups but sells at an average price.

However, you shouldn’t just go for numbers while compromising quality. Make sure the cups you choose are made from high-quality materials that can hold heat well and won’t burn your hands.

If you’re buying these cups for a small function, you wouldn’t so much worry about how many cups are in a set. However, larger functions demand that you settle for packs with a larger number of cups so you can serve a larger number of guests.

Heat Retention Abilities

Another critical factor to consider when buying disposable coffee cups is their heat resistance. You can’t serve hot coffee in flimsy paper cups that will burn you or your guests.

Look for thicker and better-insulated models, so your guests don’t have to wait too long before they get their hands on the cup of steaming-hot coffee.

It’s also helpful if the cup comes with an insulating sleeve you can slip on for added heat retention.


There are disposable coffee cups that come in fun, vibrant colors for a more festive look. You can also choose from different designs depending on the occasion or your preference.

Some brands even make models with their unique designs and logo imprinted on them to help build brand awareness among customers.

It all narrows down to what you need for your occasion. There are many options available to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Disposable coffee cups are meant to be used only once. They’re easy and convenient for gatherings of any size as well as casual events such as picnics or beach days.

They come in many different designs depending on your preference, so you can choose what best suits your needs. You can also select from an assortment of colors and sizes.

And, of course, you can buy them in bulk and save money. They’re very convenient, so you never have to worry about having no coffee cups when needed or forgetting your reusable ones at home.

The best disposable coffee cup is the one that suits your needs for any occasion, such as a party or an event with family and friends.