The 10 Best Colombian Coffee Beans (Expert Selection)

Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by John Moretti

Colombia is one of the world’s top producers of coffee. It is one of only a few countries that can harvest coffee twice a year. Coffee from this region is highly respected and enjoyed for its overall rich, mild aroma and great taste.  With two annual harvests, we have a ton of beans to sort through. So I put together an extensive list of the best coffee beans in Columbia.

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo 

2LB Don Pablo Colombian Supremo - Medium-Dark Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - Low Acidity - 2 Pound (2 lb) Bag
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02/18/2024 02:09 am GMT

In 1989 Darren J.  Burke and his wife, Eliana founded this much revered coffee. When you drink Don Pablo Colombian Supremo coffee, you will taste coffee that is mild, rich and sweet with a full body. Normally, beans are sold as a medium dark roast. 

This brand is known for going the extra mile to produce a quality cup of coffee. Only the best and healthiest beans are selected for shipping and roasting.

Don Pablo achieves its amazing flavor thanks to strict harvesting conditions. Beans used in this coffee are only grown in the shade and at a strictly high altitude – no exceptions. When it is time to roast these beans, they are only roasted in small batches at various facilities in the United States.

Regarding taste, these beans usually taste mild and sweet with a slight hint of chocolate.

Don Pablo coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans. If you have a French press machine, Don Pablo beans are perfect for brewing in one.

Volcanica Colombian Peaberry

Colombian Peaberry Coffee, Whole Bean, Supremo, Fresh Roasted, 16-Ounce
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02/17/2024 04:51 pm GMT

Volcanica Colombian Peaberry coffee is made of the rarest highly selected coffee beans. When you enjoy a cup of this coffee, you will taste an amazing balance between medium sweet acidity and a smooth body. This coffee is only shade-grown in volcanic soil. 

These coffee beans only come from 5% of the coffee bean crop. This 5% of the coffee crop has a special taste due to a genetic mutation. Apparently, it is a mutation that many coffee lovers enjoy – so much so that this coffee often receives 5 Star reviews.

Volcania Colombian Peaberry coffee is produced using the washed method and later dried by the patio method. During production, beans are immediately packed after roasting. So when you brew a cup, you get an extremely fresh bean.

  • It is characterized by a smooth taste. 
  • This rare coffee can be rather expensive.If you buy this coffee online, look out for the expiration date. Some reviewers have noted that they have sometimes received an expired bag of coffee.

Coffee Bean Direct Colombian Supremo

Coffee Bean Direct Colombian Supremo, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag
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03/22/2023 12:09 am GMT

This Colombian Supremo bean produces a cup with a smooth complex taste, medium acidity, and a balanced body. Coffee lovers have frequently characterized this coffee as strong and creamy. 

Your sweet tooth will also enjoy the flavor –  there are hints of chocolate, berry, and sometimes brown sugar.

Reviewers often mention the coffee tastes smooth and brews perfectly in the French press. Some even say this coffee has more body than regular Colombian coffee. 

  • Smooth complex taste
  • The beans may be oily compared to other beans.

Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez Coffee Intense Cumbre Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean Colombian Coffee 17.6 oz
$17.95 ($1.12 / Ounce)
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Like many people who grew up in the 1980s, I remember seeing the character Juan Valdez in many coffee commercials. This character has been the face of Colombia’s coffee marketing for several decades now. However, Juan Valdez is not just a character, it is also a rightfully respected coffee brand. I love this coffee not only for nostalgia – it is simply good stuff.

I personally have been to several Juan Valdez cafes. I really enjoyed the fresh-brewed coffee there. I always found the coffee aromatic and smooth. The coffee beans also lived up to their mild acidic status.

One of the many things I appreciate about the coffee from this brand is consistency. Whether you are drinking a fresh-brewed mild, dark roast, or instant brew, you will enjoy a delightful cup of coffee.

While some people may not like instant coffee, I also appreciate the instant coffee from this brand as well. 

  • A well respected brand that has been around for decades. Consistently good coffee. 

Koffee Kult 

Koffee Kult Colombia Coffee Beans Huila Region Medium Roast (Whole Bean, 32oz)
$39.99 ($1.25 / Ounce)
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03/22/2023 01:35 am GMT

This brand is made from 100% Arabica coffee and was founded by American Jamie Mardis. The coffee is USDA certified organic and shade grown. 

In order to assure premium quality, Koffee Kult beans are grown at a high altitude of 6230 ft. This medium roast coffee is processed by the wet method and is usually sun-dried. When you drink a cup of this artisanal brew, your tongue may pick up on notes of caramel and some mild cherries. 

For the best quality and taste, this coffee is only roasted in small batches. Any mutations or impurities are removed during a highly selected process. Each bean is hand selected.

When you buy a bag of this coffee, you will notice the roasting date is printed on each bag. The dark roast brew is usually less acidic than the lighter roast. 

Fresh Roasted Coffee

This US based roaster offers two single roast Colombian coffees. While grown in Colombia, the coffee is actually roasted, blended, and packaged in the United States. When you have the Columbian brew, you will notice hints of honey and cherry. Beans are processed using the wet method and then sun-dried on patios or dryers. 

The company grows its beans with cooperation from the indigenous tribes of the Tolima region. Its ideal packaging uses the one-way valve method to squeeze out unwanted air. This helps to increase your chances of not buying a stale bag of coffee beans.

  • Beans grown in cooperation with local tribes and uses one-way valve

Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada

If you want to drink a full-bodied coffee that is produced by way of good relations with local tribes, this coffee is a good choice for your morning brew. The coffee production is a family affair. 78 Family Growers own a co-op that unites families from 19 different villages. 

The CooAgroNevada Co-op produces this organic certified coffee that has a smooth taste and chocolatey overtones. Each cup also has a nutty finish with a nice balance of body and acidity.  You may want to add milk to this coffee to further enhance the flavor. 

  • Cooperates with local farmers 

Eight o’ Clock Coffee

Eight O'Clock - Colombian Peaks - Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)
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This is another Colombian coffee that will delight you with hints of chocolate and cherry notes. It also has a well-balanced acidity with a clean finish and a walnut taste. These beans are grown in volcanic soil at high altitudes. Enjoy the full body finish when you start your day.

Many reviews note that the coffee is not bitter or too acidic. Some note the flavor as mild, while other coffee drinkers say it is bold. This is a more economical coffee compared to other premium Colombian brands. It is made from 100% arabica beans and appears to be a good fresh choice to start the day. 

  • Easily available. Consistent good taste. 

I have been a fan of this brand for years.

San Francisco Bay Coffee

SF Bay Coffee Colombian Supremo Whole Bean 2LB (32 Ounce) Medium Roast
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This brand produces coffee with beans from around the world. One of the countries they get beans from is, of course, Colombia. The Colombian coffee beans are grown in the Antioquia region. The coffee you will drink will have a sweet structure that is heavily influenced by chocolate overtones. There is also a nice hazelnut aroma with a light floral essence. 

While I have not tried this coffee yet, it’s certainly one that sounds the most appealing to my palate. It is a medium light roast and I am sure it would go nice with milk and a very little sweetener.

You can get coffee from this brand in whole beans or already ground. 

Colombian Supremo Coffee from Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee, Strong & Smooth Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin, 2 LB
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Stone Street Coffee is a very well-known brand that has been around since 2009. This brand also has a Colombia Supremo coffee that is fully flavored and naturally sweet. I think I would enjoy this coffee quite a lot since it appears to have a hint of vanilla. 

This brand only roasts their coffee in small batches in the United States. Their Colombian Supremo coffee is also ideal for cold brew. When you make coffee with this cold brew, it stands strong enough on its own. The flavor and boldness is appealing enough where milk and sweetener are not needed.

Trader Joe’s 100% Colombian Instant Coffee

Trader Joe's 100% Colombian Instant Coffee 3.5oz (Pack of 2)
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02/17/2024 06:58 pm GMT

While some people may be snobby about instant coffee, I am one coffee lover that is not. Before instant coffee makes it into your cup, it was also once a whole bean as well. After trying many fresh brewed coffees, as well as instant ones, one instant brew truly stands out from the pack.

Of all the things that I have purchased from Trader Joe’s, one product that stands out is their Colombian instant coffee.

When you drink this coffee you will experience a full-bodied medium dark roast coffee with a slightly nutty overtone. You can enjoy it plain or with a little bit of milk and light sweetener. It still holds up very well when you add milk.

Other viewers have noted this coffee has a strong taste for an instant brew. Some even mentioned that it tastes better than some brewed coffees. I also strongly agree with that.

I must also add that you should only buy this in Trader Joe’s if you can.

  • Cheap in store and does not need grinding
  • Some don’t like instant coffee.

Pro & Cons


I love the fact that many of these brands maintain good relations with local tribes or farmers. While Colombia produces most of the world’s coffee, coffee pickers make a very meager salary. So it is nice to support their hard work while enjoying the amazing product they work so hard to create.

Since Colombian beans are harvested twice a year in different regions of the country, there can be a slight change in taste. 

However, the taste is usually pretty good. I myself am a fan of anything with chocolate and nuts. I also appreciate a bold full flavored coffee. Luckily, Colombian coffee has no problem delivering my preferred flavor.


Some of these coffees can be very pricey. I am not sure if 1 lb of coffee should be $20 or more. I guess that is the price for artisanal production.  While these are mostly high-end coffees, customers still run the risk of sometimes receiving a bag that is not always fresh. One online reviewer even found a rock in one of his coffee bags. In other words, don’t assume your coffee will be flawless just because you paid a lot of money for it.

What To Look For

When you drink Colombian coffee, you will most likely notice a rich flavor and medium to high acidity. Most coffee from this region may have some type of chocolate overtones or caramel sweetness. Colombian coffee also has a very distinct strong aroma when you brew it –  sometimes the scent may be enough to wake you up.

Since you often pay a great deal of money for this coffee, you should look out for bags that have a one-way valve. That air volve serves as a way to instill freshness. Look out for expiration dates as well. Note coffees that are grown at high altitudes. While Colombian coffee can be great across the board, coffee grown at a higher altitude is considered the best.