The 15 Best Coffee YouTube Channels (Best Coffee YouTubers)

Last Updated on November 7, 2021 by John Moretti

If you’re an avid coffee enthusiast, beginner barista, or are just looking to spice up your coffee-making routine, you should turn to the web for tips and tricks. There is a wide variety of content available, especially on YouTube. With the number of videos and channels present today it can be difficult to choose the best sources for information.

That’s where I have you covered! I have researched and selected the 15 best coffee youtube channels out there today. So, grab a cup of coffee and browse through this list to find your new coffee crazy channel.

1. RealChrisBaca

RealChrisBaca is a YouTube channel that was established in 2015 by former barista champion, Chris Baca.

The channel sports various types of coffee-related content, ranging from one-minute brewing tutorials and equipment recommendations to tips for owning your very own coffee business.

Chris, along with two of his friends, owns a coffee company called Cat & Cloud Coffee. They have started a podcast about their business and how it has now become a brand name that sports wholesalers across the globe.

The main aim of his channel is to inspire people to embrace their unique talents and interests. His YouTube channel currently has 74,000 subscribers who tune in to watch his upbeat coffee content.

2. Coffeefusion

Coffeefusion is a YouTube channel that was established 10 years ago, in 2011. They have 59, 000 subscribers as of this year.

Coffeefusion’s most popular videos include a so-called “latte art Bootcamp.” These videos teach watchers how to do popular latte art designs in their milk foam for lattes.

This channel also reviews products, discusses popular coffee topics such as types of espresso, and even does a monthly coffee news video.

This channel is aimed at those who wish to learn the skill of latte foam art, as well as learn new things about coffee.

3. James Hoffmann

Undoubtedly one of the most popular coffee YouTubers is James Hoffman. His channel was established in December of 2014, and his success has only grown from there.

James discusses coffee and entrepreneurial business tips. He does how-to videos, guides, product reviews, vlogs, video essays, and mini-documentaries.

James is a self-taught filmmaker and that’s why he started creating content for YouTube. He has written a book, called The World Atlas of Coffee, and he does advisory work for startup coffee businesses

James Hoffmann’s channel really does cater towards all coffee enthusiasts, as he covers a wide range of topics in his how-to videos, and even does some celebrity coffee videos.

His channel has grown since 2014, with his current number of subscribers sitting at 1 million. 

4. European Coffee Trip

European Coffee Trip is a channel that was started by two friends, Ales and Radek. The channel was established in July of 2014.

Their channel started when they decided to visit the best-rated coffee shops in Europe and comment on their experiences. Their journey to explore the world of coffee is continuing.

European Coffee Trips makes videos such as coffee guides, tips and tricks on how to brew the best coffee in the comfort of your home, and reviews of coffee makers and other coffee gadgets.

They currently have 161,000 subscribers and counting. Their content is easy to watch, and entertaining. Any coffee enthusiasts should check this channel out.

5. Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love established their YouTube channel in August of 2009. Their channel is one of the oldest coffee channels that still exist today.

Their channel includes espresso machine reviews, help with tech and machinery, machine maintenance tips, recipes for great coffee, and more.

The aim of their channel is to help their audience find the perfect espresso machine to suit their individual needs. They have machine comparison videos, playlists, and guides to help you make the smartest buying decision, and find a machine that suits your home barista skills.

They have 262, 000 subscribers, and many of them are devoted fans of the channel. This is the perfect channel for anyone who wants to know more about espresso.

6. Seattle Coffee Gear

Another older channel, Seattle Coffee Gear, is not only a YouTube channel but also a brand of espresso machines, coffee beans, and much more. Their channel was established in 2008, and they have grown over the years, as a brand and as a YouTube channel.

Their channel features espresso machine reviews, tech help, tips and tricks for coffee brewing, and machine maintenance help. They review and test coffee machines, as well as experiment with different machines to find unique recipes.

Their channel is always open to questions, and they strive to answer as many of these as they can, in order to help people with all their espresso and coffee bean needs.

They currently have 252, 000 subscribers, and are dedicated to providing each and everyone with the answers and help that they need.

7. Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe’s YouTube channel was started in April 2013. They are a relatively small channel, but their content is worthy of so much more.

Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roastery, espresso bar, and coffee school that focuses on importing the finest coffees, developing quality products, and educating their customers on the quality of certain products.

Tim was the World Barista Champion of 2004 and the World Cup Tasting Champion of 2005. 

The goal of their channel and their company is to grow into one of the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world. They use their channel to educate and inform their audience on quality products and showcase their innovative products.

Their channel has 19, 000 subscribers and they deserve so much more. Their channel is one of the most informative coffee channels out there today.

8. Caffeine Mag

Caffeine Magazine created their very own YouTube channel in October of 2012. They are a well-established magazine and decided to branch out into the digital world of YouTube.

Their channel covers all aspects of specialty coffee and quality espresso products. They do caffeine tastes, barista care, and a show called “The Caffeine Show” where they discuss the business of coffee, how to make good espresso, and more.

Their reviews are some of the best available, as they come from experienced baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

While they don’t have many subscribers, they are just lesser known than other brands and deserve the same amount of attention. Their content is on-par with the bigger channels out there.

9. Wolff Coffee Roasters

Wolff Coffee Roasters is a YouTube channel that was established in 2016. Even though it is a fairly new channel, it has grown substantially over the past five years.

Their channel offers educational videos and courses that are specifically designed to help people discover the secrets of the craft of coffee brewing. All of their videos are for educational purposes, and they aim to show their audience how to develop their roasting, cupping, latte art, espresso and brewed coffee barista practices.

The Wolff Coffee Roasters YouTube Channel offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of specialty coffee, including some of the world’s most recognized coffee experts, inventors, and educators, as well as the master roaster, Peter Wolff.

10. Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria’s Coffee created their own YouTube channel in February of 2008. They are a café as well as a well-known coffee channel.

Sweet Maria’s Coffee is an Oakland, California-based café. This group of seasoned cuppers will guide you on the correct path. They also sell green coffee and roasting equipment in their spare time while making YouTube videos.

This is an excellent channel for people interested in home brewing since it has several videos on how to make coffee at home and how to achieve the right taste.

They also take the time to examine coffee makers and occasionally do things that are a little out of the usual, such as roasting coffee with a popcorn popper.

11. CoffeeCourses

Since 2013, Coffeecourses has been posting free online coffee bootcamps to teach their viewers new skills and information related to the world of coffee.

CoffeeCourses is the right channel for you if you’re searching for a straightforward way to improve your coffee game. Willem Boot, the channel’s founder and a renowned authority and pioneer in Specialty Coffee, guides you through a variety of skills that can help you improve your coffee, including videos on coffee roasting processes and reviews of coffee makers.

Even if the channel hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s still a wonderful resource for coffee enthusiasts. Their last video was posted six months ago, but I’m sure we’re all routing for their return.

12. Dritan Alsela 

Since joining the world of YouTube in 2007, Dritan Alesla has made a name for himself in the world of baristas.

Dritan Alsela is a barista himself, and he gives us a look inside his life as one. Dritan’s videos, unlike those on other coffee-related YouTube channels, are more conversational and less polished, giving them a more natural vibe.

His material, however, is still excellent, as seen by his excellent latte art videos and barista lessons. His channel boasts casual, yet informative content for everyone.

Dritan’s channel offers all you need to know if you’ve ever considered becoming a barista. Take it from his 847, 000 subscribers!

13. Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

In December of 2016, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters decided to start their own YouTube channel. They are based in Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and own micro-roasteries throughout Australia.

Seven Miles is another fantastic channel for coffee fans, with a vast network of content to choose from. Not only does the channel offer excellent lessons on how to make latte art and make a fantastic cold brew, but it also has more informative videos on upcoming coffee industry developments.

Though their video library is currently small, it will undoubtedly expand in the future. Watch out for new content from them.

14. MorganDrinksCoffee

This channel is definitely one of the newest coffee channels. Morgan established her channel in 2020, after gaining attention on the popular video app, TikTok.

Her videos are on-trend and provide a humorous insight into being a barista in today’s day and age. Morgan, like Tim, works as a barista, although she is considerably younger than the two of them because she is still in college.

Despite her youth, she continues to give a wealth of information on latte art lessons and other delectable coffee recipes. MorganDrinksCoffee is the perfect coffee channel for you if you’re interested in the life of a young barista.

In the year that she has been active on YouTube, she has already gained 460, 000 dedicated subscribers and has totaled an impressive 47 million views on her channel.

15. CliveCoffee

CliveCoffee joined the world of YouTube coffee channels in 2010. Since then, popular coffee equipment manufacturers have managed to provide their viewers with quality coffee content.

Product reviews, setup videos, and how-to tutorials for espresso machines and coffee grinders can be found on their channel. In their brew instructions, they’ll show you how to draw the perfect shot of espresso, how to steam milk and pour latte art and offer you some of their favorite coffee recipes.

In addition to tech hints, maintenance, and care, their videos include espresso machine maintenance and care.

Their goal is to assist you in becoming the greatest home barista possible!

The Final Word

As you can see, there are a plethora of entertianing and informative coffee channels on YouTube that you could easily spend the day binging, and more are being added on a daily basis.

There is content available for every type of coffee enthusiast or up-and-coming barista. So what’re you waiting for? Take a peep at some of these channels and make your next cup of coffee the best one yet.