The 15 Best Coffee Roasters In Seattle (A Complete Guide)

Last Updated on October 9, 2021 by John Moretti

When you want the best of anything, no exaggerations here; you can always visit Seattle, which falls on the “best of” lists in many categories, including coffee roasters. 

Finding a place to breathe in the fantastic aromas of roasted coffee beans or to buy a bag and maybe grab a latte, cappuccino, mocha, or nitro cold brew is not tricky. They are a dime a dozen, but finding the best of the best might prove tricky, which is the reason we’ve done all your homework for you. 

There’s a slew of large roasters in Seattle and many small ones who provide some of the metropolitan area and its environs with the most delectable bags of beans. We are looking at the innovative roasters who are propelling Seattle coffee forward. 

Many companies emphasize coffee traceability, sourcing products from historically underrepresented regions, and partnering with environmentally friendly farms. Even among the “smaller” roasters, there are a variety of sizes represented. 

Whatever our preferences, one thing all of these roasters have in common is that their coffee makes a fantastic cup of joe. Here’s Seattle’s 15 best Coffee Roasters you should know. 

  • Kuma – Best Coffee Roasters 
  • Seven Market & Cafe Coffee Roasters 
  • Lighthouse Roasters 
  • Elm Coffee Roasters 
  • Slate Coffee Roaster 
  • Caffe Ladro 
  • Victrola Coffee Roasters 
  • Espresso Vivace – Best Nico Beverages 
  • Seattle Coffee Works 
  • Blossom Coffee Roasters 
  • Broadcast Coffee 
  • Hello Em 
  • Onda Origins 
  • Stamp Act 

Kuma is hands down the best in Seattle, not just in my opinion but the experts and their many repeat customers. From espresso to cold brew and, of course, their coffee beans, you’ll never have a dull moment drinking a cup of joe there. 

Give credit where it’s due, and Espresso Vivace sure deserves this one. They make mean brews, and I am not much of a cold brew fan, so that says much. You have to try them because explaining will take up the whole article. In a word, exceptional!! 

Kuma Coffee *Best Coffee Roasters 

Kuma Coffee is a brand of Japanese coffee. 

This direct-trade micro-roaster sits in Interbay, but that’s partly by design. 

Peter Mark Ingalls, the Kuma team’s owner and head roaster prefers to avoid public relations in favor of focusing on sourcing the best coffees they can find and roasting beans with precision on a Loring Kestrel 35k, one of the world’s most energy-efficient roasters. 

Kuma was one of Seattle’s first light roasters, and since its start in a garage in Bellevue in 2008, the roaster has won two Good Food awards and placed second in the 2013 America’s Best Espresso Competition. 

Single origins are the name of the game here, with seasonal offerings. They offer great deals whenever new batches of beans arrive from Honduras

We can purchase Kuma’s seasonal selections, or we can set up a subscription on its website. Milstead & Co. in Fremont, Anchored Ship Coffee Bar, and Rachel’s Bagels & Burritos are just a few Seattle cafes and eateries that serve roasts. 


  • Smooth and delicious fresh crop blend 
  • Online service is superb and timely, with personalized notes 
  • Great coffee selections 
  • If you never liked black coffee, Kuma will transform your taste buds 


  • They make it hard to enjoy coffee anywhere else 

Seven Market & Cafe Coffee Roasters 

Seven Market & Cafe, which opened in 1922, is reportedly Seattle’s original market. They serve the coffee-craving residents of Ravenna and the University of Washington’s neighboring areas. 

Seven Coffee Roasters, the parent firm, is a coffee roasting company based in South Seattle. Seven roasts coffee regularly for several small businesses in the Puget Sound area. 

Seven also delivers freshly roasted coffee to customers’ homes all across the United States. Their website allows customers to place orders directly. The coffee is freshly roasted and delivered within 2-3 days, and shipping is free. 


  • Great coffee selections 
  • Flavorful beans 
  • Nice cozy atmosphere 
  • Family-friendly 
  • Wide range of pastry and food to pair with your specialty coffee 
  • Brazil Carmo de Minas and Roasters choices are amazing 


  • Double-check so they don’t replace your online bean order with a random alternative
  • Can get crowded 

Lighthouse Roasters 

This Fremont-based roaster, which is 28 years old, got its start at the height of Seattle’s burgeoning coffee scene but never grew too big for its boots. There are blends to suit a variety of tastes, as well as specialty roasts for the most discriminating palates. 

After all these years, the company’s attention to detail hasn’t wavered, and it still uses a vintage cast-iron roaster every day at its small facility. Fans of chocolatey coffee will likely gravitate toward the Sumatra Mandheling or Yirgacheffe offerings from Indonesia

And, with a French press, Captain Bert’s breakfast blend is a great way to start any morning. You can use Lighthouse Roasters beans in various grocery stores throughout the city, but you can also purchase them directly from the online store. 

The company roasts small batches all day in its small shop, which is open for pickup every day. 


  • Great lattes 
  • Whole beans are full of aroma 
  • They pull excellent espresso shots 
  • Outdoor seating 
  • Nice art show 


  • Long lines 
  • Nothing for people who prefer light roasts 

Elm Coffee Roasters 

Elm specializes in coffee roasting bit has a fantastic cafe. The philosophy at this roaster, founded in 2013 by Brendan Mullally, who had previously assisted in the launch of Joe Pro coffee shop in New York, is that there are no right or wrong answers to coffee preferences. 

Elm Coffee is an enthusiastic guide for those who want to explore the full range of coffee varieties. Pioneer Square is home to the production, which includes a fantastic cafe near Denny Triangle.

Farmer Vanessa Quintero makes a classic Colombian coffee with added complexities of stone fruit and honeydew, and Ethiopia’s Guji region’s Gogogu Bekaka lives up to the region’s world-class reputation. 

In addition to Elm’s two shops, Mullally’s terrier Tammy has a local delivery service that includes not only the excellent roasts but also bottled lattes, teas, and even a few wines. 


  • Fancy set up 
  • Great mocha and chai 
  • Dreamy golden latte 
  • Silky smooth cappuccino 
  • Beans are always fresh 


  • Pricey 
  • Espresso is a bit sharp sometimes 

Slate Coffee Roaster 

Slate Coffee Roasters has several locations in Seattle, but the one on 2nd Avenue sells various flavored green and lightly roasted coffee beans. 

The team realizes that a mild roast, in contrast to the more robust beans that some people prefer, best captures the original flavor of every distinct bean. 

Slate Coffee beans will not be for you if you would like a darker roast, except you roast your own and buy from the green selections. The Mijane Woresa, cultivated at roughly 2100 meters high in Ethiopia, is a great coffee bean. 

The taste of this bean is similar to black currant and grape jam. Many coffee enthusiasts are drawn to its rich natural flavor, peculiar to the Gedeo Zone territory. 

The entire bar is crammed with coffee-making equipment, indicating that these gentlemen are coffee connoisseurs. They pull the espresso shot with care and craft every drip coffee to order. They also have a working nitro tap, which creates a fantastic glass of cold brew, unlike most restaurants in Europe. 

Chelsea and Keenan Walker, the company’s founders, are on a mission to promote coffee in its most refined form in any way they can. From purchasing exceptional coffees at the source to preparing the ideal cup of coffee, we’ve got you covered. 


  • Great cappuccino
  • Brazil Canaan Estate whole bean medium is excellent for French Press, Iced Or Cold Brew, Pour Over, Aeropress, Espresso 
  • Nice deconstructed espresso 


  • Limited seating 

Caffe Ladro 

Caffe Ladro has a proven track record of delivering exceptional coffee praised, rewarded, and loved worldwide. We can find it in a variety of sites throughout Seattle. If you’re on the go and need coffee fast, it also offers excellent delivery service. 

It offers a diverse selection of coffees, which it sources from ethical sources then roasts until close to perfection. El Salvador Orange Bourbon, a mild roast dark chocolate plus delicious tangerine-flavored coffee, is a preferred choice. 


  • Flavorful beans, especially the Kenyan medium-light coffee beans 
  • Great morning scones 
  • Great coffee and lattes. Try your coffee infused with orange zest; it’s delightful


  • Small space 

Victrola Coffee Roasters 

Victrola Coffee Roasters, nestled just on the junction that joins 3rd Avenue and Pine Street near Seattle, is a forward-thinking coffee roastery specializing in sourcing and providing some of the world’s finest whole beans. 

It has a good selection of diverse possibilities, and the Costa Rica William Murillo, which is honey prepared with a flawless finish, is among the best. It’s a crisp bean with an unexpected apple and raisin fragrance, as well as combined chocolate and ginger that entice your taste buds. 


  • Mineral water alongside your espresso 
  • Great cappuccino 
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee beans are sweet, with citrus and mill chocolate aroma 


  • It gets crowded, so please be patient

Espresso Vivace *Best Nico Drinks 

Espresso Vivace has been roasting specialty coffee since 1988, making it one of the country’s oldest specialty coffee roasters. It all started with a coffee cart, which engineers David Schomer and his wife Geneva Sullivan, a mainframe technician. 

People in the coffee industry acknowledge the founder, David Schomer, as kickstarting latte art in America, as well as innovating some of the procedures and processes utilized in coffee imports, warehousing, and roasting. 

Since 1992, Espresso Vivace has been roasting its coffee on-site in the Northern Italy style — a medium roast. They provide rich and delicious espresso drinks (never drip coffee) created traditionally with carefully hand-roasted beans. 


  • Delicious white velvet 
  • Amazing espresso beans 
  • Nico drinks are exceptional 


  • Everything is great! 


Herkimer Coffee, based in Seattle, is coffee roasters, merchants, and suppliers, notwithstanding its New York title. 

Herkimer is a pioneer of Seattle’s third-wave coffee culture, having opened in 2003. Mike Prins, the company’s founder and owner, and Scott Richardson, the company’s head roaster, are at the helm. 

In all of their business activities, they focus on responsible sourcing, high-quality roasting, and a commitment to high criteria. 

Herkimer sources most of its coffee directly from farmers and co-ops worldwide, establishing healthy and mutually beneficial trading connections. These allow the importation of only the highest-quality green coffee, which Herkimer expertly roasts. 

In Seattle, they have three locations: a flagship café, a retail store, and a roastery. They roast on a big Probat machine at 7320 Greenwood Ave N, easily noticeable from the lounge area. 


  • Latte is always on point 
  • Affordable 
  • Comfortable atmosphere 
  • Great brews
  • Local art displays are beautiful 


  • Baristas could be more interactive 

Seattle Coffee Works 

Seattle Coffee Works is a business that provides good coffee to the people of downtown Seattle, as well as transparency in its ideals and employment practices and the plantations from which it sources beans. It offers a small selection of delectable coffees that are well-liked by its many loyal clients. 

It has several locations throughout Seattle, so you won’t be short of options no matter where you reside. 

They produce an award-winning coffee blend called Seattle Space, created with direct trade beans from Kenya and delightful milk chocolate, mixed berry, and more. It is one of the company’s most noteworthy coffees. 


  • Great coffee bean selection 
  • Pull a great espresso 
  • Lots of outlets and tables 
  • Fairtrade coffee beans from across the globe 


  • Cramped seating 

Blossom Coffee Roasters 

Blossom Coffee Roasters is a company that specializes in the production of specialty coffee 

Blossom Coffee has been roasting award-winning coffee for nearly 20 years, formerly as Vashon Coffee Roasters. 

The roaster, certified organic, carefully develops various flavor profiles, enhancing the nuances of each meticulous selection (Blossom says it tastes many coffee beans a year to choose a handful). 

The fruity Incuti from Burundi, gaining traction as a coffee producer, and the Dark Side of the Moon blend, a favorite at restaurants and bakeries, are two current must-haves (it has a dark chocolate flavor with a caramel finish). 

We can purchase bags for delivery on the official website for non-locals who don’t want to take the ferry out to Vashon. 


  • Great coffee
  • Amazing service 
  • Dark Side of the Moon Whole bean dark coffee is delicious. 
  • Amazing pour-over 


  • Expensive 

Broadcast Coffee 

With locations in Roosevelt and the Central District, as well as a new collaboration with Temple Pastries, this small-batch community roaster has grown in popularity over the last 11 years. 

In addition to its famous cup of Joe, the Broadcast’s lined black-and-white coffee bean bag; the background is bisected, with an aquamarine color on top and gray color on the bottom. Broadcast Coffee offers a variety of easy-to-drink blends. 

There are approachable blends like the floral Crossfade and the dark-roasted Request Line, as well as the Colombian Tunja, which is a great roast on the medium to light side obtained from the Castillo coffee combination. 

In addition to Temple, we can find Broadcast bags in several local cafes and markets, and we can purchase subscriptions online. 


  • Friendly baristas 
  • Great coffee bean selection 
  • Affordable 
  • You can’t miss their signature “Disco Pony.” 


  • No coconut milk as an alternative 

Hello Em 

If you’re iffy about Vietnamese coffee, this place will change your views. Delicious all the way. Hello Em roasts its coffee, sourcing it directly from farms in Vietnam. 

When this Little Saigon cafe first opened in January, it had lines out the door for its expertly crafted Vietnamese coffee, and it has now expanded to sell whole beans. 

Yenvy Pham, a co-owner, roasts in-house in small batches about five days a week, primarily using robusta. These bitter coffee species are higher in caffeine content and more resilient than arabica varieties. 

The Em roast is a delicately flavored blend of 100% arabica coffees from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and Oaxaca that you’ll enjoy best on its own; the Anh is a single origin Vietnamese robusta that pairs

well with cream (milk or egg). We can purchase bags at the cafe itself, located at 1227 S Weller Street. 


  • Coffee beans roasted on-site 
  • The ca phe trung coffee is a beast! 
  • Authentic Vietnamese cafe 
  • Great service 
  • Espresso on ice shaken with condensed milk is so delicious 


  • Not for people who may prefer light coffee 

Onda Origins 

Onda Origin shares portions of each bag and cup of coffee sold with individual farmers. This five-year-old South Seattle company has a small roaster and cafe tucked away in Hillman City, and it aims to create more equity for farmers. 

Founder Scott Tupper says producers aren’t just paid based on their harvest but get a portion of “every cup of coffee sold.” 

The coffee also happens to be stellar, available in bags or as single-serve offerings, and Tupper’s team is on hand to advise on home brewing methods. 

There’s a lovely nutty finish to the Guatemalan roast made by farmer Ivonne Herrera, and Enrique Navarro’s Costa Rican coffee won a Cup of Excellence award, one of the highest honors in the specialty world. 

Customers can head down to the cafe on Rainier Avenue S to shop and sip; individual roasts and subscriptions are also available online. 


  • Great coffee bean selections 
  • Sustainably sourced coffee 
  • Roasted on-site 
  • Friendly barista 


  • A bit pricey, but you get quality beans 

Stamp Act 

This small-batch operation from former Seattle barista Andrew Kent (who founded a coffee company in Singapore) features various specialty roasts and mixes in selections that might have broader appeal.

They carefully source their green coffee from around the world, relying on long-standing relationships. They roast with a lighter profile in mind, focusing on the difference between filter and espresso coffee. 

Stamp Act’s selection includes delicate and vivid single origins, as well as seasonal blends, all developed to ensure you are satisfied regardless of how you enjoy your coffee. 

They want their espresso to be as vivid and flavorful as possible; thus, they use seasonal coffees. The Milk Money espresso mix is full-bodied and powerful, with a deep chocolate flavor. They come with designs, whether it’s in the form of espresso or drip. 


  • Great Stamp Act Airscape Canisters to keep your coffee fresh 
  • Superb South American coffee beans 
  • Constantly releasing excellent limited editions 
  • Awesome small-batch coffee roaster 

Bottom Line 

As you see, there are some exceptional coffee roasters in Seattle, and these are just a few of them that we believe will leave you with a memorable experience. 

If you’re out of state, feel free to order their beans online, but once you’re visiting Seattle, drop in and let the baristas surprise you. There is never a dull moment or dissatisfied palette when you visit one of these shops, whether it’s a chain or small-batch roaster. 

Whichever way you choose to get your cup of joe from a Seattle Roaster, enjoy!