The 10 Best Canadian Coffee Roasters (City Coffee Guide)

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by John Moretti

The coffee scene in Canada has been continuously increasing for the past two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s more important than ever to pay attention to your neighborhood coffee roasters and suppliers.

That’s why I want to help you to find the best quality product by bringing the list of the top 10 Canadian coffee roasters that you should try.

The Best Canadian Coffee Roasters

With so many coffee roasters popping up across the country, it’s difficult to know where to start. I can personally attest to the fact that all of the roasters on this list are masters of their trades.

Each of them will dazzle you with their handcrafted coffee bean batches, allowing you to take your desire for freshly brewed coffee to new heights.

So, without further ado, here is our list of Canada’s 10 most excellent specialty roasters.

1. Pilot Coffee Roasters

This Toronto-based coffee roaster, founded by Andy and Jessie Wilkins, does various things.

This Ossington café has a full roastery, brewery, and training facility for aspiring baristas, making it a prominent player in Toronto’s downtown café scene.

Their coffee shops feature the welcoming atmosphere you expect from a café, as well as courteous service from knowledgeable employees. The company features an easy-to-navigate product selection online. They sell the whole bean and ground decaf coffee in various blends, single origins, and decaf varieties.

Transparency in the process from farm to cup” is something Pilot takes pleasure in. They take care to source only ethical and Direct Trade coffee, so you can feel good about the cup you’re drinking from.

Pilot Coffee Roasters is now a top-tier roastery, brewhouse, education provider, and café with seven sites across Toronto and commercial accounts across the country. What makes them extraordinary is that they are committed to teaching their clients.

2. Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil and Sebastian, the owners of Alberta’s most well-known coffee roaster, met as lab partners in university and connected over their shared passion for great food, wine, and, eventually, espresso. 

Local culinary writer John Gilchrist hailed Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb for having produced “Coffee Nirvana” when they initially opened at the 2007 Calgary Farmers’ Market. They’ve established themselves as a local favorite, with five dedicated sites in the Calgary region. 

Phil & Sebastian brews consistently good coffee, and the roaster is dedicated to making a better cup of coffee. They import coffee in season and work with producers on the ground to increase quality and consistency while also working to improve the environment and social conditions in those communities.

They currently run a full-service roastery, five award-winning cafés, and collaborate with top wholesale partners in Canada and the United States.

3. Detour Coffee

Detour Coffee was created on a single guiding principle: to roast the best coffees possible.

It began in a back alley in Dundas, Ontario, in 2009 with the simple notion that coffee should be more than just mindless morning sustenance. The company has stayed true to its objective for over a decade. 

Detour Coffee is all about quality, and they understand that quality coffee cannot be produced without using environmentally friendly methods. They’re known for their work with tiny coffee farms and are regarded as the industry’s greenest roaster. 

Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour presently roasts on a Loring Coffee Roaster, using convection heat to ensure uniform and consistent characteristics. It also produces 80% fewer emissions than the majority of other coffee roasters.

Detour has partnered with several businesses in the Hamilton area, ranging from local craft beer breweries to specialty coffee roasteries. They were ready to start working with one of the city’s youth centers to give free barista training to anyone interested in starting a career in coffee when the epidemic struck.

4. Milano Coffee

Milano Coffee has been a long-time Vancouver favorite since its establishment in 1984 and has been at the forefront of the west coast coffee culture ever since. The Milano tale, on the other hand, is far older. 

It is one of the few coffee roasters in North America who can claim ancestry. Milano Coffee, based in Vancouver, has a three-quarter-century artisan tradition that extends back to the very roots of Italian espresso! The special flavor produced from the torrefazione’s secrets is fiercely guarded and passed down from generation to generation. 

"Coffee Secrets"

Milano was founded on the west coast in 1984 by famed Italian roaster Francesco Curatolo. In 2003, it was handed over to husband-and-wife pair Brian and Linda Turko, the former of whom had learned under Curatolo for 15 years, retaining a style of classic Italian roasts while continuing to investigate the subtleties of espresso.

Their Italian roots are still present, but they have evolved into a west coast Canadian coffee heritage.

Try the premium “cognac blend” while it’s available, which earned Milano their eighth gold medal for Best Espresso this year from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters.

5. Java Roasters

Java Roasters is a coffee roastery owned and operated by two girls who are “obsessed with quality,” as they put it.

Java Roasters is a Leslieville-based coffee roastery specializing in premium home brew coffee that appeals to a wide range of palates. Leah and Kay have you covered whether you want a fruity cup of coffee or one with a lot of nutty flavors.

From the quality of the beans to the amount of information accessible on each bag to the amazing design of their packets, everything about their coffee appears to have been done with care. These gals are big on being eco-friendly and ethical, in addition to great-tasting beans.

The two friends sell their coffee to several cafes throughout the city, including Milky’s, Brodflour, and Page One, in addition to providing homebrews to customers.

6. Sissiboo Coffee

Sissiboo Coffee Roaster is a tiny coffee roaster with two sites in the historic and lovely town of Annapolis Royal and the village of Bear River, serving fair trade and organic freshly roasted beans.

The company’s physical facility, which debuted in Annapolis Royal in 2014, has become a community center since the duo hosts local musicians and visual artists and remains committed to nature (the Sissiboo River is named after it). 

The roastery and café are committed to making coffee that will brighten your day while also paying tribute to the farmers who cultivated the beans.

Single-origin coffee beans with rich, distinct flavors are formed by combining a range of beans with different qualities. Each batch of Sissiboo coffee is meticulously scrutinized by smelling, hearing, and looking at it—the certified organic and fair-trade Arabica beans are physically attended to—it’s a more hands-on approach than the automated roasting processes that are commonly used.

7. 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, situated in Burnaby, British Columbia, is a specialty coffee roasting company in Canada. Vince and Michael Piccolo have been roasting, brewing, and sourcing specialty coffee since 2004. 

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters is a well-known and expert coffee roaster in Canada, sourcing beans from farmers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Ghana, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and other countries.

Coffee Roaster

Many high-profile cafés across Canada use 49th Parallel’s coffee beans, which are highly regarded by the coffee scene. Why? They carry a large assortment of coffee beans and work with their farmers directly.

These brothers now operate three cafés in Vancouver, in addition to coffee beans that can be found in coffee shops from coast to coast in Canada. 

Their specialty is coffee and doughnuts, but their cafés also feature very comfortable and pleasant decor. If you prefer a dark roast coffee, try their French Roast; it’s delicious!

8. Monogram Coffee

Monogram Coffee was started in 2015 by three coffee professionals—and friends—who wanted to keep Calgary’s coffee scene on the rise. Jeremy Ho, Justin Eyford, and Ben Put want to provide in-season coffee to the caffeine addicts of Calgary. 

They maintain the vitality of the flavors and offer a continually new and changing assortment of coffee by selecting beans as soon as they are harvested.

Every Monogram coffee has its particular flavor profile that should be sampled at least once.

What’s even more fascinating is that you can learn about the origins of each spice directly on their website. They take you on tour through the life of a coffee bean, from how it was planted to how it was dried to how it was treated during roasting.

This award-winning coffee company source grinds and serves its beans in three Calgary cafés. The quality of their beans, which never disappoint, reflects their 20 years of experience.

Their beans are a popular choice in many Canadian cafés, and they’re always a treat to drink. They also ship across Canada, which is ideal during this period of self-isolation.

9. Black Pearl Coffee

Black Pearl Coffee roasts premium coffees from across the world, including attested fair trade coffees and licensed organic coffees. Black Pearl was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 2000 with the ambitious purpose of seeking out and making the best coffees available.

For the caffeine addict in your life, Black Pearl Coffee concentrates on tremendous flavor. “Coffee is one of our last forgivable indulgences, and you deserve better coffee,” their website says.

The shop, which is located on Dufferin Ave., produces quality, fair trade, and organically produced coffees from across the world. Also, if you need equipment to go with your cup of coffee, Black Pearl has everything you need, including presses, espresso makers, and travel cups. 

They offer a selection of 20 different coffees from South America, Asia, and Africa. If you prefer a dark roast, make sure to taste their house specialty “Black Pearl.”

10. Fratello

Fratello Coffee Roasters work directly with farmers to ethically obtain coffee from some of the best growing places on the planet. Working directly with farmers allows them to ensure that their staff is treated decently in terms of food and housing, among other things.

Analog Coffee, Fratello’s coffee business, is a must-visit if you’re planning a trip to Calgary. It’s been recognized both domestically and internationally. Fratello is a family-run firm that has been around since 1974, and now the founder’s sons, who were weaned on coffee, have taken a modern approach to create high-end quality coffee.

Canadian Coffee

Their coffee is a reflection of their family’s 29 years of experience and devotion to being a leader in the coffee industry.


Finding the ideal cup of coffee is a matter of personal preference. I would advise everyone to try a variety of roasters before making a decision.