The 7 Best Coffee Roasters In Austin (Complete Guide)

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by John Moretti

Austin might not be one of the biggest names on the coffee scene, but don’t be fooled; they have some excellent small-batch coffee production companies that have some mind-blowing beans to make you a delicious cup of coffee.

All over the city, you’ll find them, whether in the form of a corky cafe, roasting while you watch, or full-time roasters, you will get some good cold brew or a cappuccino, whatever tickles your fancy.

I didn’t want you to rummage through the list of coffee roasters to find the best one, so I kind of went ahead and did that for you and came up with seven of the top roasters in the metropolitan region.

  • Best Overall Coffee Roasters: Wild Gift Coffee Roasters are consistent with their blends and roasting technique in general. Hard to find fault cause there’s none. Their Rude Boy line is excellent, and whether you’re getting single origin or blends, you’re in for a treat.
  • Best Espresso Blends: Levercraft Coffee offers you blends that are consistent across the board. They go all out with creativity, including espresso lemonade. Everything you order is guaranteed fresh, and they are all great-tasting.
  • Best Decaf: Austin Roasting Company does a mean decaf, and of course, what makes it even better is the water process that uses no chemicals. Kudos to you for that, Austin!

I looked at many, and after careful analysis, I shortlisted the following:

Wild Gift Coffee Roasters

Clancy Rose, Jenée Ovitt, and Rob Ovitt are the owners of Wild Gift Coffee Roasters. In 2018, Jared Hill, a keen coffee drinker, joined the team. Clancy Rose, a native of Austin, began his career in the coffee industry after graduating from high school.

Clancy has always been interested in traveling throughout the world to learn more about coffee. He began his career as a barista before moving on to become a seasoned coffee roaster. Clancy currently operates as a green coffee buyer. His passion for coffee got further boost from his preoccupation with unusual coffee and other rare species.

Jenée Ovitt, although being from Texas, learned about life in New York and coffee in North Carolina. She returned to Austin to pursue her coffee ambition, utilizing her expertise to ensure Wild Gift’s coffee quality and to welcome all coffee enthusiasts.

Rob Ovitt grew up on a diet of gas station coffee and seaside breezes in Southern California. Rob Ovitt relocated to Austin in the late 1990s. It was in Austin that he discovered his appreciation for high-quality coffee.

He is the most senior member, and he takes on the task with youthful hope. He spends the majority of his time exercising, producing, and cupping great roasts. Rob also enjoys spending time in Barton Springs swimming. His passion for coffee and coffee drinkers is undeniable.

In 2012, Jared Hill joined the Wild Gift team. Wild Gift Coffee Roasters had just built a coffee shop near his Fullerton apartment at the time. He quit a prosperous career as a saxophonist to take on a coffee career. In Austin and the surrounding areas, Jared is one of the most excellent coffee roasters.


  • Consistency
  • Great blends
  • High-quality coffee
  • It makes excellent drip coffee
  • Small batches


  • Don’t cater for drinkers on the lighter side 

Levercraft Coffee

Eric Mann founded Levercraft Coffee as a result of his enthusiasm for restoring old lever espresso machines. Several years ago, Eric fell in love with the intricate process of preparing high-quality espresso beverages.

He believed that making outstanding espresso required expensive equipment until he met a good friend who exposed him to vintage coffee makers, completely changing his mind.

Eric got into artisanal small-batch roasting after infatuation with fixing lever coffee machines. He’s also now become the favorite guy for several local businesses with a need for good coffee. In addition to the full-service specialty coffee trailer, LeverCraft also sells high-quality coffee online.

LeverCraft seeks out high-quality, unique coffee. The roaster then lovingly washes, roasts, packs, and distributes the coffee to East Austin coffee aficionados. Eric takes pride in generating high-quality roasts while also experimenting with novel beans to provide coffee enthusiasts with the best experience possible.

It’s a one-of-a-kind coffee business in East Austin serving great espresso concoctions, coffee made from whole beans, ready-to-drink cold brew, barista equipment for home use, a museum of vintage lever espresso machines, and just a fantastic atmosphere.


  • Top-notch coffee beans
  • Excellent lattes
  • Great all around
  • Amazing espresso 
  • Like the vintage espresso museum
  • Wifi is available for free.
  • A constantly changing beverage and food menu


  • Nothing

Greater Goods Coffee

This coffee has just the proper roasting to avoid tasting burnt like Starbucks and other high-end brands. Both for grinding and for brewing, the scent is fantastic.

Trey Cobb and Khanh Trang lead the greater Good. Trang seeks the best coffee to provide the best experience for Austin coffee enthusiasts. Greater Goods Coffee Roasters takes pride in the precise preparation of its coffee.

This rapidly expanding coffee company gives back to the community by partnering with a local charity for each roast. The local charity’s slogan, “Let’s Make Good,” is true. Apart from the Dripping Springs location, Greater Goods has three locations in Austin: Bee Cave, East Austin, and the flagship location.

Michael Hsu, an Austin architect, built the company’s main venue, which is a beautiful space in a homey Austin setting. A training camp, roasting demonstrations, and a campus cupping lab are available at the flagship location.

Comfortable couches sit next to bookcases on the Pedernales site. Visitors to this site will have the opportunity to sample premium roasts at large communal tables and on the patio.

Only two percent of all coffee in the world fulfills Greater Goods Coffee’s specialty-grade threshold, so you can rest assured that the coffee you’re drinking is of the finest quality.

The Austin coffee roaster is incredibly proud of its smoke-free roasting, which uses 80% less energy than traditional roasters. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the distinctive packaging and preparation.


  • Serious about sourcing
  • Smoke-free roasting
  • Great tasting coffee
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Friendly staff


  • A bit pricey

Progress Coffee Roasting

Joshua Bingaman and James Benson are co-owners of Progress Coffee Roasting. This prominent coffee roaster in Austin began as a modest café on Austin’s Eastside in 2004. Progress expanded into coffee roasting five years later, in 2009.

Progress Coffee Roasting’s creator, Joshua Bingaman, aims to impact the community by creating a gathering area for East Austin citizens. He brought together a diverse group of artists, designers, musicians, and residents. Since then, the company has continued to thrive in the area.

Joshua and James Benson became friends a few years ago as Joshua’s boot firm grew in prominence. James worked in management and operations for local eateries before meeting Joshua. He did, however, continue to enjoy coffee.

After joining Progress, he used his skills and passion for coffee to help the company become one of Austin’s most popular coffee roasters. James Benson oversees manufacturing, selling, and promotion.

This coffee roaster does its coffee bean preparations to prevent extra costs from hitting consumers. Progress Coffee Roasting offers excellent quality and reasonable rates by procuring its coffee.

Progress surrendered its café a long time ago to concentrate on roasting, which provided a solid foundation for expansion.

Even though the café enabled the corporation to establish neighborhood links, it collaborated with local organizations despite its closure. Progress participates in a variety of fundraisers and is planning to open a new café shortly.


  • Great classic blends
  • Great for hanging out
  • Good espresso


  • The waiting area is small and gets crowded
  • Not suitable for quiet work or study 

Cuvée Coffee

Cuvée Coffee began as an experiment in 1998 and has continued even now. The coffee roaster started by setting up a straightforward trading system to assure quality and consistency with the coffee we buy from them.

Since then, the company has developed an excellent laboratory in Austin. Nitro Cold Brew in a widget-activated container was also a first for the firm.

This fantastic boutique in East Austin offers a laid-back vibe and upholds its standards. Cuvée Coffee is a one-of-a-kind venue for all coffee connoisseurs, thanks to their blue and black coffee.

Iced coffee and a variety of specialty beers and wines are available for coffee specialists in Austin. Patrons can only drink their favorite beer in-house now that TABC has shut down the company’s crowler machine. The great news is that the city will return the gear following a court ruling.


  • Guatemala Hunapu is great in the French press.
  • Chachuda from Peru has light fruitiness, nuts, and a woody aroma.


  • A bit pricey

Flat Track Coffee Co.

Flat Track Coffee, a roastery and coffee shop, creates humorous espresso blends like “Dog speed” and “Sidepipe,” as well as expert advice on how to prepare them. Flat Track, which used to operate from Farewell Books, now shares 1619 East Cesar Chavez with Cycleast.

Flat Track Coffee proprietors Sterling Roberts and Matthew Bolick are always on the go, from launching a pop-up business in 2012 to creating a 150-square-foot facility in the rear of Farewell Books. In fact, at Flat Track, “anything with wheels” became a catchphrase. 

We can tell these guys are crazy with the road just by looking at their Instagram, which is full of photographs of old pickup trucks, dirt motorcycles, and the rare Mercedes fire truck. Their name comes from motorcycle racing. It only fits that they’ve opened a shop inside Cycleast, an Eastside custom bike shop.

Flat Track has grown an extensive clientele in the cycling world, and riders enjoy coffee, so the fit felt logical. Flat Track’s new location, unlike the initial micro-brick-and-mortar, was fully funded through a triumphant 30-day Crowdfunding effort last year

The goal for Roberts and Bolick was to keep the minimalist essence of their previous shop alive. They had more room in the new location. With two full-length bars, one out front with a window overlooking Cesar Chavez and one in the back viewing the cafe, the previous six barstools changed into accommodation for about 25-30 people.

Customers may also observe Flat Track’s roasting and day-to-day activity through a wraparound bar. Flat Track’s look is a blend of industrial and minimalist elements.

Roberts has a history in welding, and metal is an essential part of the design. He designed all of the shop’s woodwork alongside Flat Track associate and roaster Jeremy Brooks.


  • Great espresso blends
  • Colombia Excelso decaf is pretty good
  • The rugged outback vibe and I like it
  • The seating and the overall atmosphere is great


  • Limited Latte options

Austin Roasting Company

Austin Roasting Company has devised an intriguing lineup of specialty blends, like “Bacon & Eggs” and “Zilker Perk,” in the interest of keeping Austin unique. It’s a family-run enterprise that specializes in high-quality coffee.

All of the signature mixes can be purchased individually or as part of a membership. The roasts are single-origin, grower direct, fair trade, and verified organic, all of which are values shared by the community.

Their coffees are roasted in small amounts, packed, and shipped from their Austin location.

With over two decades of experience in coffee roasting, they go to great lengths to identify and retain the fundamental nature of each bean’s distinct characteristics.

They think that by utilizing the most incredible coffee, employing the best technology, and roasting it carefully, they can provide the best coffee to your home.

Currently, Austin Roasting Company offers the following high-quality coffees roasted to order:

  • Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Pacific all have a single origin.
  • Farm Direct – a service that connects farmers and consumers.
  • Fair Trade Coffees – environmentally and economically sustainable. Certified Organic Coffees are also available—coffees not sprayed with herbicides, insecticides, or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Water Process Decaf – a decaffeination method that does not use any chemicals.
  • Gourmet coffee – available in ground or whole bean at retail
  • Bulk bean valve bags in 1lb, 2.2lb, and 5lb sizes

Austin Roasting Company also provides commercial coffee, such as:

  • Wholesale Coffee
  • Coffee for Private Labels
  • Distinguished Office Coffee Programs


  • A wide array of single-origin from multiple regions
  • Link directly with the farmers
  • No chemicals for the decaf process
  • Shipped promptly
  • Always fresh


  • Nothing

Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company 

Third Coast Coffee, which has nearly 30 years of roasting experience, gets certified fair trade organic beans from small rural cooperatives in Indonesia, Asia, Africa, South, and Central America and roasts them domestically in limited quantities.

They can roast to order because of their 27 years of experience as a small batch roaster. The Third Coast sees business as serving their clients, themselves, and, most importantly, their farms.

They recently relocated to 10515 Old Manchaca Rd. in Austin, Texas. Third Coast Coffee encourages visitors to sample their coffees, tour their new premises, shop for Third Coast Coffee items, and purchase beans to use at home.

Even though they are not a coffee business, they always have coffee made for tasting. The third Coast always has a selection of freshly roasted coffee available for pickup, or if we know what we want, we may call ahead (512-444-7820) to place an order. On their next shift, they’ll roast it and keep it aside for us.

As new beans come, Third Coast puts fresh roasts to the test and tastes them. If you’d like to participate in a coffee tasting, contact the team, and they’ll make the necessary preparations.

They’ll roast your coffee to order, how you want it and whenever you want it. Your coffee will never be stale.

They’ll go above and beyond to develop a unique espresso mix for your store, assist you with a problematic brewer, and offer you coffee information so you can share it with your customers. Every wholesale account, no matter how big or small, is essential to them, and they are pleased to assist.

What to Look For

Coffee is more than simply a beverage; it’s a sensory overload. The quality of the beans is among the essential variables in coffee. After roasting, beans remain fresh for two months, but getting fresh coffee in supermarkets is sometimes challenging.

There is a solution: buy specialty coffee from local roasters in Austin.

The purpose of the roasters is to make a product that allows you to taste all of the many flavors of coffee.

Roasters in the area choose the most intriguing, aromatic, and delicious types from South and Central America, Africa, Asia, and other coffee-producing regions of the globe. The beans are then blended and roasted.

Coffee roasters tinker with roast variations and levels of roasting to provide your mug of coffee chocolatey, flowery, fruity, citrusy overtones, and more. They emphasize the beans’ merits while concealing their flaws.

Local roasters, unlike huge coffee producers, deal straight with the growers.

The freshness of the coffee is their top priority. That’s why localized roasters partner with dependable vendors. With a fair and transparent distribution chain, they assist the top producers.

What exactly does this imply? You get the best quality, and the farmers get an excellent price for their coffee.

What’s the best way to get beans from local coffee roasters?

You can buy coffee the same day they’re roasted if you locate a coffee roaster close to your home.

Because the coffee comes in small batches, it is always fresh. Beans are typically roasted twice per week and dispatched as soon as orders are received.

Many roasters let you sign up for a coffee delivery service. Every month, they will send the exact amount of your preferred beans to your home.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Austin has a great coffee scene in its rights, and the roasters are doing a fine job with both single origins and blends.

You are bound to find something you like at any of these establishments whether you live here or you’re visiting like me. I was mightily impressed since I wasn’t sure what to expect.