The 6 Best Coffee Pod Storages (For Every Machine)

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by John Moretti

The best coffee pod storage lets you keep your single-serve pods and coffee capsules conveniently organized, and cut on counter clutter. Check out my six picks for the best coffee pod storage, and pointers on what to look for while shopping for one. 

Best Drawer-style Coffee Pod Holder

DecoBros 3 Tier Drawer Storage Holder 54 Keurig Coffee Pod
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02/17/2024 07:24 pm GMT

DecoBros is a brand renowned for its exemplary lineup of kitchen and home organizers, and their 3-tier coffee pod drawer storage sure lives up to the reputation. The drawer measures 12.75x7x7.9 inches meaning it will take up quite some counter space. That is no surprise since it is designed as a large-capacity coffee pod holder.

At 4.4 pounds, it is, however, quite a lightweight coffee capsule holder, and can be easily moved whenever need arises. Each of the three drawers are mesh meaning they slide in and out easily, are durable, and most importantly, are easy to clean. It comes with a packet of rubber feet which you’ll attach to prevent it from slipping on your counter space. 

The DecoBros 3-tier drawer storage can hold up to 54 capsules, making it ideal for coffee drinkers with low-height kitchen cabinets. It is compatible with both Original, and Vertuo line coffee capsules and as the name implies, has three shelves, each with three rows.

Each row accommodates up to six regular-sized k-cups, with five upright, and one meant to turn forward so it’s easy to pull out whenever you need to make your cup of Joe. What’s the catch? Well, the last drawer can be pretty problematic to slide in and out. 


  • Can hold plenty of coffee pods at a go 
  • Durable thanks to the mesh design 
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight 


  • Requires low height kitchen cabinets
  • The third and last drawer is pretty tricky to slide in and out  

Best Carousel-style Coffee Pod Storage (K-Cups)

The Everie Carousel Holder is the best coffee pod storage for coffee aficionados who like to show off their collection. At only 1.9 pounds, this carousel-style  coffee pod holder lets you stack up to 40 K-Cup pods. And you won’t have to worry about them flying out, or knocking against each other whenever you rotate it since each slot is compact, about 0.3 inches apart from the next, and has a slightly raised lip to ensure each capsule you add to your collection is securely held at all times. 

The Everie Carousel coffee pod holder comes in white, with a black, incredibly easy to spin turning knob. It spins 360 degrees so you can seamlessly find your flavor for the day. The bottom is slightly weighted for stability, and it only measures 8x8xx12.4 so it won’t be taking up much counter space. I however found quite a lot of complaints about its instability after assembly. Carefully follow the instruction manual to avoid such issues. 


  • Compact design 
  • Smartly designed slots
  • Rotates smoothly so it’s easy to find coffee flavors
  • Holds up to 40 K-cups


  • Might be a bit unstable 

Best Large Capacity Drawer-Style Coffee Pod Storage

If you are in the market for a drawer style coffee pod holder but need something slightly larger than the DecoBros 3-tier drawer, the Nifty Coffee Pod drawer might just be what you need. The Nifty pod holder is only 7-inches wide, and 13.2 inches in height so it won’t take up much counter space as it’s designed to maximize vertical space. That means you still get plenty of storage even with limited counter space. 

The design is quite appealing too. The exterior is made of durable, easy to clean mesh, and it has a stunning black finish. Each drawer also features a knob so you can easily slide it in and out. The trays are also durable, and feature a tongue and groove design meaning they won’t fall out even when pulled out fully. 

It is a five tier coffee pod storage meaning it has five trays and can hold up to 90 k-cups. That is quite impressive for an affordably priced yet high quality coffee pod holder like this one.  Each tray holds six regularly sized coffee pods. 

The unit also has rubber feet so it securely clings to your counter surface all the time. There have been reports of malfunctional units being delivered so ensure you buy from a reputable vendor. Also, some buyers complained of the second, and third trays interlocking on opening.  


  • Plenty of storage for limited space 
  • Features knobs for easy opening and closing 
  • Tray remains hooked even on full extension 
  • Rubber feet for non-slip installation on your counter 


  • Second and third drawers interlock on opening 

Best Coffee Pod Holder for Vertuo

DecoBros Crystal Tempered Glass Nespresso Vertuoline Storage Drawer Holder for Capsules
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03/22/2023 02:13 am GMT

Short on space but need a convenient and stylish way to store your coffee pods? The DecoBros crystal tempered glass storage fits the description. It is a tray-style coffee pod holder meaning it goes under your coffee machine. That not only reduces the amount of space it takes up, it also means your coffee pods will always be easy to access. 

It also features a durable plastic construction and a heat-resistant, highly durable tempered glass shelf which is durable enough to hold the weight of your coffee machine. The glass shelf also means you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee since you can visually track the flavors in stock, and replenish as necessary. 

The unit is designed to hold more of the large coffee pods but it can also work with regular sized ones. It comes assembled, and ready to use and can store up to 40 small coffee capsules, or twenty large ones. You may however find it slightly wobbly. Also, while the glass is durable, it may shatter after periodic use, which is no deal breaker considering the unit’s affordable price tag. 


  • Unique tempered glass design enhances aesthetic appeal without impeding functionality 
  • Can hold both small, and large pods 
  • Inexpensive 


  • Not very stable 
  • Glass may break 

Best Wall Mounted Coffee Pod Storage

Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder, 10.71" W x 15.75" H, Black/Cork
$16.99 ($16.99 / Count)
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03/22/2023 02:56 am GMT

If you are completely short of counter space but need to keep your coffee pods well-organized but easily accessible, the Mind Reader Mounty is the best coffee pod storage unit for your home. It can be wall-mounted, and it can also serve as a freestanding coffee holder, a functionality tweak that most standard wall-mounted storage options lack. 

The Mind Reader coffee dispenser has four compartments, each with five compartments, for a total of twenty coffee pod storage. Each compartment has an opening for you to easily place in your pods, and what’s more, the bottom is designed for seamless dispensing, making your coffee-making routine a tad easier.

If you always leave early in the morning, the Mind Reader coffee pod storage has a cork top just above the storage compartments where you can leave some cute, sticky note messages for your spouse or kids. 

The design is quite impressive too. It has a durable, black, plastic finish and boasts an open view perfect if you love showing off your coffee flavors. The open design also means easy access and allows you to visually track your capsule stock. Note however, there are quite many complaints of the magnets not being strong enough to hold the unit. Consider replacing the adhesive strip to alleviate the issue. 


  • Wall-mounting and free-standing installation options
  • Open-view design 
  • Easy to dispense your coffee pods 
  • Cork top for your sticky note messages


  • Adhesive strip is too thick it reduces magnet efficiency 

Best Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder

If you strictly take espresso for your morning cup of Joe and own a Nespresso coffee machine, the Peak Capsule Holder is just what you need. While it has plenty of amazing features, it’s minimalistic design definitely stands out. It weighs only 1.12kg, and measures 37.5×12.5×37.5 with a thin, durable metal construction. The modern chrome finish enhances its minimalistic design, and also means it will blend in with any kitchen decor.

This chrome-plated Nespresso coffee capsule holder is split into six walls, each with a 10-pod capacity. So, if you only take a cup of espresso every day,  it will hold up to two sixty original coffee pods, allowing you to stock up on up to two months’ supply of coffee. 

What’s more, it’s design allows you to separate your flavors so it’s easy to tell when your favorite espresso coffee flavor needs replenishing. The stand features a 360degree rotating base making your coffee-making routine even easier. It is also stable, and quite straightforward to assemble. However, the coffee pod holders aren’t very secure, and your capsules may occasionally fall out. But other than that, it’s a pretty excellent organizer for your Nespresso coffee capsules. 


  • Holds up to ninety pods
  • Design allows easy capsule organization 
  • Stable, rotating base 
  • Small footprint 
  • Stunning chrome finish 


  • Coffee pods may fall out 

What to Look for in the Best Coffee Pod Storage 

Coffee pod storage comes in all shapes and sizes. To buy the best one possible for your needs, prioritize the following:

Type of Coffee Pod Storage

As with any other product, coffee pod storage comes in an array of styles. Common options include:

  • Tray: this type of coffee pod holder goes under your machine and is typically a single drawer. Tray coffee pod storage is easier to use since you only need to pull it out. On the downside, it takes up more space and increases height to your coffee machine setups.
  • Drawer-style: drawer-style coffee pod holders are essentially designed like the tray but with multiple tiers, and cannot be stacked under your keurig coffee machine. This type of coffee pod storage has more capacity, and can hold both original, and vertuoline coffee. The catch? Takes up more counter space 
  • Carousel-style: as the name implies, this type of coffee pod holder is designed like, and rotates like a carousel. It’s typically vertical with single compartments for your coffee capsules. Carousel-style coffee pod holders take up less space since they hold your coffee pods vertically, and are quite the conversation starter. On the downside, they leave all your coffee pods exposed which might feel like an eye-sore if you like organizing your stuff out of sight 
  • Wall-mounted: this type of coffee pod storage is often wall-mounted and is the best if you are extremely cramped on storage space. It also allows you to show off your coffee pod selection. On the downside, you’ll need to find an extremely specific spot for it meaning you may have to shift your entire coffee set up too. 


Some coffee pod holders are designed to hold the OriginalLine pods, while others are meant for VertuoLine coffee pods. What’s the difference? Well, original line pod holders can only hold specific-sized coffee capsules, while VertuoLine is compatible with pretty much any capsule size. For instance, since Tassimo coffee capsules are all the same size, buying a Dolce Gusto holder would not make sense. Also, if you own a Nespresso coffee machine, you’ll want to look for Nespresso-specific storage for your capsules. 


Some coffee pod holders are small and can hold a maximum of 20-40 pods which you’ll finish up in a few days if you are a heavy coffee drinker. Others are large, and can hold up to ninety pods reducing your coffee pod grocery runs. 

The Build 

Coffee pod holders are built from various materials, ranging from mesh in most drawer and basket-style pod storage, plastic, wood, and even metal in carousel and wall-mounted capsule holders. 

Your Space

Although a coffee holder is essentially an organizer for your coffee pods and capsules, some like the Deco Bros tier and the Nifty pod holders, are large and can take up significant counter space. So, determine how much space you have before you start shopping. If you’re limited on counter space, a carousel, or a single tier drawer pod holder that your coffee machine can sit on will be best for you. But if space is no issue, then you can go as big or as small as you need.