What Is The Best Coffee For Beginners? (Mini Guide)

Last Updated on November 19, 2021 by John Moretti

For a person who is just starting to get into drinking coffee, or at least starting to drink good coffee, the complex world of coffee can seem very daunting. The truth is, good coffee does not need to be complicated. There are some very straightforward ways to start enjoying good coffee for beginner coffee drinkers.

The best coffee for beginners is a strong milk drink such as a Flat White and black filter coffee. The best coffee brewing method for beginners is a filter method such as pour-over. The best coffee beans for beginners are fresh medium roasted coffee beans sourced locally.

The world of coffee is full of adventure, variety, complexity, and unique experiences. If you are new to this wide world, there is so much to discover and even more to enjoy, but where do you start? Let’s discuss the best coffee for beginners.

What Is The Best Coffee For Beginners?

The wide world of coffee can be very daunting for those who are just entering it. There is a massive variety of different coffee drinks, various types, roasts, blends, and origins of coffee beans, and several brewing methods that make coffee so very complex.

If you are a person who is excited about coffee and eager to learn more about good coffee, brewing good coffee, and drinking good coffee drinks, there is much to learn, and it may be a real challenge for you to find the best starting point.

The best way to get into drinking good coffee is to look at three important aspects of coffee: coffee drinks, coffee brewing methods, and coffee beans.

Exploring these three main aspects of coffee will give beginner coffee drinkers an excellent foothold for beginning a journey into understanding, preparing, and drinking good coffee.

The Best Coffee Drinks For Beginners

flat white coffee for beginners

The idea that most people have of coffee is a bitter, harsh drink that must be masked with milk, sugar, syrups, or added flavors to taste good. This is typical because the coffee most people drink is not very good quality and not brewed very well.

The best coffee drink for a beginner is a drink that highlights the flavors of the coffee but also makes for a smoother entrance into the full, strong, bold flavors of good coffee.

The perfect drink for this is a well-prepared Flat White. The Flat White is the best coffee drink for beginners because it contains a small amount of milk to mellow out the intense flavors of the coffee, but it is a more coffee-forward drink, allowing for the flavors of the coffee itself to come through.

The milk in a Flat White is also a new experience for many people, as it is not foamed but rather textured, which adds another layer of complexity and enjoyment to drinking coffee.

For the best flat white, be sure to visit a local specialty coffee shop or café, rather than attempting to make one at home for the first time. This will provide a better gauge for what a good Flat White should taste like.

Once you have experienced a good Flat White, begin to experiment with black coffee. This can be filter coffee, espresso, or an Americano. Drinking black coffee will teach the coffee beginner what flavors can be experienced in good coffee and what may be present in a bad cup of coffee.

The Best Brewing Methods For Beginners

hario v60 brewing black coffee

Part of enjoying coffee is brewing coffee. Every lover of coffee has their own preferred brew method to get the most out of their preferred coffee beans, to create their own idea of the perfect coffee drink.

One of the best coffee brewing methods for beginners is filter coffee. Specifically, pour-over filter coffee. This can be done with a brewer such as the Hario V60 or the Chemex.

The reason why pour-over brewing is the best for beginners is that the results of pour-over brewing are typically a good cup of coffee, even if some method or recipe tweaks are required to refine the cup.

Brewing with pour-over methods is not complicated; they are easily repeatable and simple to earn. This makes pour-over the best brew method for coffee beginners, rather than methods such as espresso brewing or brewing with a Moka pot. Brew methods such as espresso are very difficult to refine, especially without experience. 

The Best Coffee Beans For Beginners

medium roast beans

Another vital aspect of learning to enjoy good coffee is learning about coffee beans.

The typically coffee beans or pre-ground coffee that most of us are used to, often the coffee that we buy from the supermarket, is not the best example of what good coffee is and is not usually the best coffee for beginners.

The best coffee beans for beginners should be bought directly from a local coffee roaster. This will ensure maximum freshness, even if the beans have to be pre-ground before arriving in your kitchen.

Freshly roasted beans will produce the best tasting coffee, regardless of the brew method, and using these beans is the best way for a coffee beginner to learn about the complex and delicious flavors that are present in coffee.

Another important aspect of coffee beans is how the beans are roasted. Dark roasted beans produce very rich, textured coffee with not much complexity and are often heavy on bitterness. Lightly roasted beans are more complex, light, acidic, and allow for more of the individual flavor notes of the coffee to be tasted clearly.

The best roast for coffee beginners is a medium roast. This is somewhere in between light and dark roasted coffee and provides a good balance of body and intense richness while allowing more of the precise flavor notes to come through when drinking the coffee.


The question, “What is the best coffee for beginners” is a complex question to answer. The best coffee drink for beginners is a Flat White or a drink that has milk to dilute it but still allows the coffee flavor to shine, and also for the beginner coffee drinker to learn to enjoy black coffee to better understand the flavors of coffee.

The best coffee brewing method for beginners is pour-over filter coffee brewing methods, as they are the easiest to learn and execute well while also being very repeatable.

The best coffee beans for beginners are fresh, medium roasted coffee beans from a local roastery. This will provide the best possible coffee drinking experience regardless of the brewing method.