The 7 Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over (Special Selection)

Last Updated on September 13, 2021 by John Moretti

Pour-over coffee is for you if you enjoy a full-flavored, delicious cup of coffee. You’ll receive some of its most tasty and clean brews, primarily if you use this technique. As both baristas and home brewers know, the coffee you use for the pour-over can significantly impact the final product.

The pour-over method, out of all the many options to brew coffee, certainly gives the most freedom and the most exciting experience. It’s lovely to watch the steam rise from freshly planted grounds, and it’s also entertaining to be able to control the entire pouring process.

The variety of coffee beans to use for making a “pour-over coffee” determines its strength, flavor, and scent.

If you’ve perfected the blooming step and the pouring action, you can now play around with one more significant variable: bean type.

I’ve crushed a lot of coffee and made a lot of cups, and these are my personal favorites.

My Top 3 Coffee Beans Picks For Pour Over 

It may seem that I’ve chosen coffee from all over the world, but these were my final choices after testing with friends and family. 

They all come out great and bursting with flavor when used in the Pour Over machine. Some work elsewhere too, but they all work great and perk you up when used with this technique. It’s your preference that will determine what’s right for you. Enjoy!

Best Coffee Beans For Pour Over Brewing Method

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee is my special pick on this list. If you’re looking for a top-notch Arabica bean from a single location, you should taste a cup or two, or…you get the gist.

This high-altitude coffee’s pure, smooth flavor comes from the rigorous growing and harvesting method. It has a thick, creamy body with no harsh aftertaste. The Guatemalan Highlands produce Lifeboost beans, which are high in antioxidants.

There are varieties; however, for Pour-Over coffee, I recommend medium or dark roast coffee beans. If you don’t want to bother with the grounding aspect, why not give the decaf or medium roast grounds a try?

Lifeboost is among the top names in this category for individuals who like credible coffee. The coffee is non-GMO, fair trade, and certified organic by the USDA. In addition, through their cooperation with the non-profit Vitamin Angels, for every bag of Lifeboost coffee sold, the company will provide a year’s worth of vitamins to a kid in danger of malnutrition.

There is no excuse, in my opinion, not to try this delicious and nutritious cup of coffee.


  • Certified Organic
  • Free of pesticide 
  • Certified Kosher
  • High elevation
  • Fairtrade
  • Single-origin (Nicaragua)
  • Shade-grown
  • Non-GMO 
  • Low acidity


  • It was a bit expensive

Real Good Coffee Co.

The Seattle-based Real Good Coffee company believes in basic, decent coffee. For the past 30 years, the small crew has preferred to impress coffee rather than elaborate names, words, and gimmicks.

I chose Donut Shop, which is their medium roast variation, for my Pour Over. With cocoa powder and hazelnut scents, it has a lovely, smooth flavor. The beans from the donut business are low in acidity and have no bitterness. Instead, you’ll love the sweetness that comes from the delicate taste of a plum.

Real Good Coffee comes from Arabica coffee beans from South and Central America of the highest grade. They are carefully farmed, sourced, and packaged after being freshly roasted in Seattle, Washington.

Feel free to taste their mild and French roasts, as well. The natural dark roast from Sumatra beans is the newest addition to their menu.

Are you looking for a great cup of coffee at an affordable price? Please don’t take my advice for it; test it out for yourself. These dark-roasted, whole coffee beans give the coffee a rich and robust flavor with a sweet aftertaste, making it the most acceptable way to start the day!

It has rich and sweet raspberry undertones combined with dark chocolate undertones that give it a lush, Mediterranean spice taste. It also includes oils, and the combination of the rich flavor and the oils makes this the ideal coffee bean.

French Roast, Organic, Donut Shop and Breakfast, are the four various flavors available. These blends are available in three different shades: dark, medium, and light.

Overall, many coffee lovers adore this coffee, and with good reason: it has an excellent taste and scent.


  • It contains no additions or artificial substances and comes from 100 percent Arabica coffee beans
  • Freshly roasted beans
  • Ideal for any coffee machine
  • Delivers a pleasant flavor with a zesty citrus flavor and a milk and cream scent


  • Sometimes the package comes damaged

Volcanica Coffee 

Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region, Organic, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
$39.98 ($5.00 / Ounce)

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02/17/2024 02:41 pm GMT

It’s an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee famous worldwide for its bitter, wine-like, and fruity flavor. But what makes Ethiopian Yirgacheffe so unique? This location grows coffee beans at a very high altitude, delaying growth and accumulating more nutrients, giving it a distinct flavor.

The faint but distinct fruity smell and flavor boost the coffee’s quality, while the delightfully acidic taste ensures that drinking coffee is a rewarding and delightful experience.

It’s dried coffee and, because it is grown organically, it is brimming with the exotic goodness of nature, as well as the authentic taste of a fruity and savory coffee.

Cinnamon, Lavender Flowers, Pineapple Guava, Strawberry, Dark chocolate, and the perfect combination of oils found in the coffee beans are among the flavors experienced with this type of coffee beans.


  • There’s a wide variety of coffees to try.
  • Certified specialty beans.
  • Roasted to order with three grind sizes and whole beans from which to choose.
  • Exceptional coffee flavors
  • Options for gifts
  • Beans and aromas to die for


  • Not all their coffees are fair trade and organic

Press House Coffee – Finca La Montana

These coffee beans are from the “Land of the Saints,” often known as “Costa Rica,” to the general public. The majority of this coffee is grown, processed, and sun-dried in Costa Rica’s Tarrazu region.

This coffee has a strong flavor profile with deep overtones of honey and chocolate, as well as a spike in acidity. This coffee is on-demand, roasted in Pennsylvania, and gets to you in four days.

Although the beans are medium roasted, the flavor they add to your cup of coffee is unrivaled and well worth the low price.

The only drawback to this item is that it is a bit light on the oil. However, there aren’t many oils in this brand’s coffee beans; the rich taste of honey and chocolate help to calm you down and compensate for the lack of oils.



  • Somewhat pricey

Lavazza Gran Filtro 

Lavazza Gran Riserva Filtro Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast 2.2LB Bag
$26.00 ($0.74 / Ounce)
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03/21/2023 11:00 pm GMT

For a long time, it has been the preferred method of brewing ‘Pour Over coffee.’ Created with 100 percent Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted and blended. 

This coffee’s specialty is its vibrant aromatic flavor, making it an excellent choice for pour-over coffee. Aside from its delicious and rich fragrance, it also has subtle fruity undertones that improve the taste and smell.

Would you please try this coffee, which is for anyone looking for a rich, flavorful Italian coffee?


  • A large amount of crema
  • Flavors of honey and fruit
  • Consistent and dependable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Fruit taste usually takes precedence over other selections.

Hawaiian Gold Kona 

Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans - 16 oz, by Kona Gold Rum Co. - Medium/Dark Roast Extra Fancy - 100% Kona Coffee
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02/17/2024 04:00 pm GMT

These beans are strong in flavor and aroma, harvested and roasted on Kona Island, one of Hawaii’s largest islands. These coffee beans are unique in that you can roast them in tiny batches rather than giant sets to guarantee that every bean is perfectly toasted. 

The coffee has a depth of flavor and a silky texture, and it is free of any bitter aftertastes or odors. It has a taste of herbs and fragrant flowers, with a nut overtone that adds to the richness and darkness of the flavor.


  • You import them straight from Hawaii Good price
  • Smooth medium blend


  • Pricey
  • Low acidity

Bulletproof Coffee The Mentalist

If you prefer your Pour Overs to be somewhat darker, Bulletproof Coffee’s The Mentalist might be a good alternative for you.

This high-altitude, medium-dark roasted bean offers the full body of Guatemalan and Colombian beans to your cup. This South American variety strikes a pleasing balance between a juicy sweet cherry and caramel and almond aromas.

The high-quality, organically produced, and handpicked beans are checked for mycotoxins to guarantee your coffee is fresh, clean, and mold-free, as well as to keep you jitter-free. They manufacture Bulletproof coffee in a way that is both environmentally and socially responsible.

Bulletproof coffee is an authentic ‘powerhouse’ coffee that has many internal benefits too. A mug of Bulletproof Coffee in the morning might help you stay attentive and awake throughout the day. With a Bulletproof boost, you can start your day off right.


  • Bulletproof Coffee is ideal for people following a low-carb diet 
  • Excellent fruit and caramel balance
  • Hand-picked
  • Sustainably grown
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified


  • Not the typical taste if you prefer milk and sugar
  • Has MCT oil and grass-fed butter 

Is it Worth Getting a Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Yes! Pour-over coffee brewing is well worth the time and effort. It is both psychologically and physically fulfilling, as well as producing excellent coffee. The flavor and aroma of coffee get defined by the type and manufacturer of coffee beans utilized. 

Let’s look at the best types of coffee beans for a pour-over coffee that guarantee a 100 percent strong and rich flavor that works its charm on the coffee drinker and gets him going for the day! 

You can purchase according to your liking and availability. However, we believe that buying whole coffee beans and grinding them using a grinder to produce the right consistency of the coffee powder is the most excellent option for making the perfect cup of coffee.

Selecting the right coffee beans for a Pour Over

If you’ve tried the French press but don’t care for the intense flavor, the pour-over method is for you. So the most important thing is to get high-quality coffee beans that you appreciate. We’re here to help you out with this.

Before investing in the right equipment, read our guide to making great pour-over coffee if you’re new to the process. We’ve got you covered with our reviews of the best gooseneck kettles for Pour Over coffee, the most incredible Pour Over coffee makers, and fantastic Pour Over coffee stands.

The Ideal Bean

Pour Over brewing is excellent since I use it with nearly any coffee when I’m in the mood for lighter and more flavorful coffee. The essential thing is to find one that you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Single-origin beans and light roasts with subtle flavors are what I typically brewed in Pour Overs. Using whole beans rather than ground coffee is also recommended.

The Taste

What kinds of flavors do you look for in your coffee? Pour Overs bring out the flavors of a wide range of coffees, from creamy dark roasts to complex light roasts, and are mostly a matter of personal taste.

The deeper the roast, as many coffee lovers know, the more natural oils are extracted from the beans. Darker roasts, on the other hand, can often obscure the unique flavor characteristics of various coffees. What’s the point of going to the trouble of creating a pour-over for a boring cup of coffee?

If you appreciate complex fruity or floral scents, go for a lighter roast. The intrinsic tastes of the beans will shine through at this light roasting degree.

Keep in mind that pour-over coffee does not have the same texture as French press coffee.

The Technique 

There are various Pour Over brewers on the market, ranging from the Hario V60 to the Chemex. The primary method is the same in each model: grind your beans, lay them in the paper filter, and slowly stream hot water in slow circles, allowing the grounds to bloom. For the most outstanding results, use medium-grind coffee with a gooseneck kettle.

The good thing is that Pour Over allows you to explore freely because it is such a simple procedure. Experiment with various amounts of ground coffee and even different water temps. Because you’ll be brewing in such tiny quantities, even minor changes could significantly impact the flavor.

The degree of roasting makes a difference.

The roast degree of your coffee has a significant impact on its flavor, aroma, and texture.

Floral and fruity tastes, a slight body, and a brighter acidity are typical with lighter roasts. Pour Over brewing is an excellent method to taste a light roast, and they’re great for exploring the nuances of single-origin coffee beans. A handful of my personal favorites are listed here.

Medium roasts feature a little more sweetness and less acidity than light roasts due to the caramelization of sugars during the roasting process. They’ll have a thicker texture and a roasted flavor.

Dark roasts with a bittersweet flavor profile and a powerful, rich body are the best choice. The roasting process, as well as the coffee bean itself, contribute to its chocolatey, nutty, and earthy characteristics. I avoid dark roasts for Pour Over brewing, but if you want to try something different, here are a few excellent dark roast coffees to try.