The 10 Best Atlanta Coffee Roasters (A City Guide)

Last Updated on February 1, 2022 by John Moretti

Highlighting the best coffee roasters in Atlanta means stepping outside of the actual I-285 belt since Atlanta metro encompasses 29 counties, according to the Atlanta Chamber.

However, superb coffee beans and an excellent cup of joe are worth traveling across this big city to purchase as you won’t be satisfied. Even though we have more than two hundred coffee houses, it’s essential to note that only a handful of them roast for themselves.

The Best Coffee Roasters In Atlanta

A WalletHub survey lists Atlanta in the tenth position for coffee roasters in the country. That’s no easy feat. I’ve investigated, tasted, and borrowed input from a few experts to develop this non-exhaustive list of the best coffee roasters in the ATL.

Here is the list of Atlanta’s 10 most excellent specialty roasters without further ado.

1. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

This fantastic coffee roaster and bar has four locations in Atlanta, but I love the Midtown vibe. However, each site in Atlanta has its personality and vibe that makes it worthwhile to visit.

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar Midtown sits across the street from a MARTA station in a pedestrian-friendly and tree-lined neighborhood. 

They serve specialized coffee drinks, including lattes and mochas, as well as freshly made drip coffee and desserts cooked in the area. Their baristas spend months refining their abilities so that they can consistently produce great drinks. 

Flat White

If you want their excellent beans yourself, the baristas are all happy to answer our inquiries about coffee brewing and may recommend the right brewer or filter. 

Their interior seating is ideal for business meetings, romantic dates, catching up on schoolwork, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. Our family, including pets, may enjoy the amenities thanks to their outside pet-friendly patio.

In Olympia, Washington, they launched the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in 1988, offering freshly roasted Batdorf & Bronson coffee. The two cherished Olympia organizations united several years later, opening the way for years of creativity in the quest to ensure exceptional Ethiopian coffee.

The focus of the Dancing Goat is on:

  • Growing – They have long-term partnerships with many coffee farmers worldwide, promoting sustainable, ecologically friendly practices that create the highest-quality beans.
  • Processing – Entails picking the cherries at the peak of ripeness, grinding, sorting, and shipping them all over the world with their farming partners.
  • Roasting – Their master roasters don’t start roasting your coffee until after you’ve placed your order. It guarantees that each order is as fresh as possible. It’s how they ensure you get the best possible cup of coffee.
  • Brewing – An award-winning coffee instructor provides in-depth instruction to all of their employees. Their baristas aren’t allowed even to use the system until they’ve spent several months studying how to create your coffee ideally.

Their roastery is 100 percent green-powered, making it the first in the US to do so; they have near-zero trash in landfills while composting and recycling at nearly 100%.

Even though they launched in Olympia, they have served in Atlanta for almost 25 years.

What I like:

  • Delicious coffee beans
  • Great selections
  • Cafe Lattes and cappuccinos are amazing
  • Talented and helpful baristas
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Affordable

What I don’t like:

  • There is no such thing! Joke a side, I really like everything about Dancing Goats Coffee Bar.

2. Rev Coffee Roasters

Some argue that a flawless batch of roasted coffee does not exist. Rev Coffee Roasters has always attempted to discredit that since 2010. They have a preoccupation with sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee that breaks the mold of excellent quality.

It’s a funky café in a transformed carport that serves house-roasted beans and has live music on occasion. The space is enormous for hanging out to study, work or relax with friends and family.

They serve a wide variety of regular and unique coffee beverages.  

What I like:

  • Great coffee bean selections
  • Summer Breeze Latte is delicious
  • Great holiday lattes
  • Excellent choice of coffee making tools
  • Espresso Nine with beans from Guatemala, Brazil, and Ethiopia with hints of black cherry, smoked honey, and walnut

What I don’t like:

  • Limited parking spaces
  • Lines for the lone bathroom

3. Land of a Thousand Hills(LTH) Coffee

Land of a Thousand Hills comes in third, with a network that supports local coffee farming villages that provide proper wages, schooling, health services, and drinkable water, all while honoring the art of specialty coffee.

They have multiple locations, but I like going to the North Avenue NE cafe. Great for relaxing and writing or meeting someone. Walking distance from Ponce City Market, LTH Coffee & Social O4W is a community with renowned properties. 

Open to the public, the two-story lobby features our integrated cafe and is complete with co-working spaces.

The roastmaster grades their coffee using the most stringent accreditation in the industry. Approximately ten percent of the world’s coffee beans fall under the specialty classification. Their beans are consistently in the top five percent of the market.

When you request a packet of beans, it’s roasted the following day and delivered the next day, ensuring that each bag remains fresh and of high quality.

For one farmer, a single bag of coffee beans is the equivalent of a whole day’s income. Fair wages are paid to all farmers, giving a steady income and job security.

Making Latte Art

What I like:

  • Great bean options
  • The menu is not exhaustive, so less confusion and greater accuracy
  • Roasted to order
  • Can’t selection of roasts and unbiased greens
  • Knowledgeable barista
  • Good wifi
  • Nice setting

What I don’t like:

  • There is nothing to “moan” about!

4. Bellwood Coffee

Bellwood Coffee is a recent addition to Atlanta’s specialty coffee market. In 2019, the firm began as a mobile coffee bar based on Jim Adams Farm & Table on Bolton Road.

Bellwood evolved after Jim Adams closed, taking over the entire space and replacing the eatery with their coffeehouse. Joel and Charles Norman, longstanding coffee lovers with years of expertise in the industry, created the company.

They quickly hired veteran roaster Ben Shaum to oversee the roasting aspects of the industry, as well as designer Tommy Keough to oversee Bellwood’s artistic direction.

They offer their coffee wholesale to various businesses in Atlanta, in addition to serving it and retailing it online or in their café.

Bellwood is committed to sustainable development and planning. Therefore they divide company profits with its staff and only engage with suppliers who offer their growers reasonable rates.

What I like:

  • This coffee is extraordinary. First off, it tastes flavorful – no sweetener required. 
  • Low-acidity 
  • The coffee is very smooth, so you can drink it black even if that’s not your typical way.
  • Affordable
  • Buck head location has plenty of parking, surprisingly(I mean Buckhead rarely does)

What I don’t like:

  • I haven’t found it yet!

5. Radio Coffee And Beer Roasters

These coffee roasters are Atlanta-based micro-roastery, retailers, and suppliers of coffee. Chip Grabow, the founder, and operator, created it in 2013 after working as a radio producer for CNN and NPR.

Grabow is a coffee connoisseur who has been drinking specialty coffee since he was a teenager.

Radio’s subscription service accounts for the majority of its revenue. Still, Radio Coffee sells its coffee directly from its Decatur roastery and wholesale to several premium Atlanta etailers.

What I like:

  • The name as a former reporter myself
  • The coffee options are awesome
  • So are the coffee beans
  • Great subscription service
  • Great with the Ethiopian anyway, from espresso to pour-over 

What I don’t like:

  • Not a hangout spot

6. East Pole Coffee

East Pole Coffee is an Atlanta-based gourmet roaster, distributor, merchant, and cafe. Jared Karr and Jules Tompkins, both homegrown Atlantans and high school pals, started the business in 2015.

Karr worked and lived with coffee producers in Indonesia before establishing the East Pole. This experience motivated him to open a coffee roasting company and gave him the necessary understanding to run one.

East Pole started out roasting on a San Franciscan SF25 roaster in the carport of an acquaintance of Karr and Tompkins’. They then relocated their roasting business to a section of the American Spirit Distillery before opening their cafe and roastery in 2017.


The roasting operation is available to watch, isolated from the café at 255 Ottley Drive by a glass panel.

East Pole provides full coffee coaching and mentoring programs and sells and distributes their roasts digitally and in their café.

They’re also concerned about ethical farming, buying their coffees from reputable importers like Genuine Origin.

What I like:

  • Roasting on full display behind glass separation
  • It doubles as a plant shop, so the aesthetics are breathtaking

What I don’t like:

  • Only roast on Tuesdays and ship on Wednesdays

7. Brash Coffee 

Brash Coffee is an Atlanta-based coffee roaster and cafe company with three locations. Chris McLeod, a Sydney native, founded the company in 2015, and it has been steadily developing since then.

Their first cafe, located at 1168 Howell Mill Road, is a teeny-tiny place made out of two repurposed shipping containers that can only seat about ten people at a time. They opened a more significant site at the Atlanta History Center in 2018.

Huge X Brash, a partnership with the marketing and design agency Huge, launched in 2019 as Brash’s third site.

Apart from Brash’s coffee initiative, this cafe has high-tech components like an interactive countertop exhibit, augmented reality coasters with coffee facts, and a revolving exhibition of tech brands.

Brash is devoted to buying only through direct commerce when it comes to sourcing. It means they work with their farmers directly and pay them more than Fair Trade prices.

What I like:

  • Pull some great espresso
  • Nice to work or hang out
  • Barista is friendly and helpful
  • Great ambiance

What I don’t like:

  • A tiny selection of both food and drinks
  • Limited beans variety
  • I wish the techies would take up less space on the weekends 

8. Firelight Coffee Roasters

Another Atlanta-based micro-roastery is Firelight Coffee Roasters. The company was founded in 2014 and operated out of the Strongbox West shared office space in West Mid-Atlanta.

The site also houses a mini tasting room and café, as well as the business’s corporate office, in addition to its roaster (a compact Ambex unit).

When it relates to coffee procurement, Firelight is diligent and responsible. They evaluate the integrity and sustainability of every coffee they select to import in addition to quality and freshness.

To that purpose, they collaborate with coffee producers directly or through reputable, responsible suppliers.

What I like:

  • Their Fresh Harvest Blend is great
  • Coffee beans roasted fresh
  • Their black coffee is good
  • Baristas are very helpful
  • Nice rustic setting 

What I don’t like:

  • Limited opening hours, you’ll miss them after 1:30p.m

9. Docent Coffee 

Docent Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and cafe situated in Atlanta. It is owned and operated by Nolan Hall and a “Mr. Docent,” two co-founders. Hall is a seasoned coffee connoisseur and specialist with distinct technical and hands-on roasting expertise.

Hall, a Georgia Tech graduate, began roasting coffee on a cast iron skillet while still a student. He rapidly refined his skills and understanding of the requirements and eventually developed and built his roaster.

Mr. Docent has worked as an artist and a businessman throughout his career, and he brings his creative thought and business skills to the business’s everyday activities.


They roast their coffee beans once a week at their 381 Edgewood Ave SE roastery and cafe. From the design and atmosphere to the sandwiches named after famous artists to the coffee bags, which include artwork by local Atlanta artists, the restaurant has a strong art theme.

In 2019, Docent teamed with the Museum of Design Atlanta to deliver coffee training and education programs in addition to their retail and wholesale operations.

What I like:

  • Cloud Walker beans excellent for drip coffee
  • Great coffee beans overall 

What I don’t like:

  • They need to open back the cafe

10. Three Heart Coffee

Three Heart Coffee, located in Atlanta, is a gourmet coffee roaster, distributor, retailer, and cafe.

Jessamine Starr of Good Food Truck and chef Nhan Le of 8Arm and Octopus restaurants co-own the enterprise, which launched in 2018. Matthew Mullins, the chief roaster at Three Heart, is the company’s general manager.

In Atlanta, you can find Three Heart Coffee’s cafe, retail store, and roastery on Ponce De Leon Pl. In 2019, a fire badly damaged that facility. However, the company has quickly recovered, and both the roastery and coffee shop are presently operational.

They regard Three Heart as “beyond third-wave coffee” since they self-identify as “independent roasters.”

What I like:

  • Great roasted whole beans
  • Welcome addition to the ATL beltline
  • Focus on fruity and sweet coffees if that’s what you prefer

What I don’t like:

  • A bit pricey



Best Roast Variety – Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats got it right with so many options to pick and refuse. Most of them are excellent, depending on your preferred roast, and you always want to try a new roast at home after tasting one of the barista’s unique creations. They are happy to give us suggestions too.

Best Decaf Roast – Bellwood

Bellwood gets it, hands down. The owners say it took a long time to locate the proper decaf for the clients, but after months of hunting and sampling, they believe they’ve discovered a true treasure(and they have). The decaf coffee has the same kick and flavor as a regular coffee, with dark chocolate and graham cracker undertones.

Best Espresso Roast – Rev Coffee Roasters

Rev Coffee nailed this one, which is why they are in the top ratings for coffee beans.

What to Look for When Buying Coffee Beans?

The quality of the beans is the most crucial variable in coffee. After roasting, beans stay fresh for two months, but getting fresh coffee in supermarkets can be challenging.

There is a solution: buy specialty coffee from local roasters in Atlanta. The purpose of the roasters is to make a product that allows you to taste all of the many flavors of coffee.

Roasters in the area choose the most intriguing, aromatic, and delicious types from South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Asia, and other coffee-producing regions of the globe. The beans are then blended and roasted.

Coffee Beans

Coffee roasters explore varying roast profiles and levels of roasting to provide your cup of joe overtones of butterscotch, cocoa, hazelnut, biscuits, fruits, wildflowers, or citrus. These emphasize the beans’ merits while concealing their flaws.

Local roasters, unlike huge coffee production companies, deal closely with farmers.

The freshness of the coffee is the primary concern. That’s why local roasters partner with dependable vendors. With an open and consistent supply chain, they assist the top producers.

What exactly does this imply? You get the best quality, and the farmers get an excellent rate for their beans.

What’s The Best Way to Get Beans From Local Coffee Roasters?

Buy Local

You can buy beans the same day they’re roasted if you seek a coffee roaster close to your residence.

Because the coffee roasting happens in small batches, it is always fresh. Beans are typically roasted a couple of times a week and dispatched as soon as we order. Many roasters let you sign up for a coffee delivery service. The roastery will send the exact amount of your preferred beans to your home every month.

Additionally, some coffee roasters will let you order online and pick it up yourself. That’s the second-fastest way to get fresh beans other than going into a cafe that does roasting and ordering while you have a cup of coffee.

The Bottom Line

In Atlanta, the atmosphere is always great. The same goes for the coffee roasters and their bean selections as well as brews. 

I hope you’ll enjoy trying out these options that come highly recommended whether you live here or you’re just passing through. Enjoy!