The Best 4 and 5 Cup Coffee Makers (Unbiased Review & Guide)

Last Updated on October 4, 2021 by John Moretti

When you’re looking for a new coffee maker it can be hard to pick out one that works the way you want and doesn’t clean out your bank account. There are so many coffee brands that make a wide variety of coffee makers, so what should you choose?

Well, first of all, consider using a 4-cup model! These coffee makers are not only convenient but also can help you save money. The 8 brands we have selected below are so great because they make coffee quickly, make an ideal amount of coffee, are compact, simple to use, and are of great quality.

1. Bonavita One-Touch Coffee Maker BV1500TS

Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel
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03/22/2023 02:46 am GMT

If you are looking for a great coffee maker that is easy to use, the Bonavita One-Touch Coffee Maker is a great option for you! This coffee maker makes coffee in approximately 6 minutes, so you can get your coffee quickly on your way to work, school, or anywhere else you may run off to on your busy mornings.

One of the benefits of the Bonavita One-Touch is that it only takes one touch for brewing and it is simple to use. The design of this coffee maker also facilitates an even saturation of coffee grounds, ensuring that your coffee tastes great every time. It also allows for degassing before brewing.

It contains a powerful 1100 watt heater that maintains a perfect brewing temperature of 198-205 degrees Fahrenheit and holds a carafe thermal to help you store coffee. The showerhead carafe lid and filter basket are all dishwasher safe, allowing for a quick and easy clean-up as well!

If this is the coffee maker you choose to brew your coffee, you’ll be happy to know it has a 2-year warranty. You’re guaranteed to have a quality machine for at least that long, and probably even longer!

2. Hamilton Beach 48136 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker, Works with Smart Plugs, Black (48136)
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02/17/2024 08:05 pm GMT

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are well known in the coffee world and are very popular. They are known for their great brewing quality as well as affordability and convenience. These coffee makers allow you to customize your coffee by giving you a range of different brewing options. This is a simply brew-ti-ful machine!

Another benefit of the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is the pause and pour option. The brewing cycle will pause when you remove the carafe from the tray, even if the whole pot is not yet ready. This allows you to get your cup without having to wait for the entire pot to be finished! Talk about convenience!

The brewing basket also swings out, which helps with the ease and cleanliness of filling the coffee maker with coffee grounds. This coffee maker is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

3. Capresso 304.01 Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

Capresso 304.01 Steam Pro 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine
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One of the great things about a Capresso coffee maker is that there are options for making other kinds of drinks as well as coffee. In these machines, you can simply heat up water, make coffee, hot chocolate, espresso, and cappuccino.

This pot is simple to use and very easy to clean. It is made of stainless steel with a glass carafe and has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Benefits of this design include a lighted on and off switch, a thumb guard on the filter holder for safety, a boiler cap with a safety valve, a coffee/steam selector, and a swivel frother.

With the swivel frother and the coffee/steam selector, you can adjust the coffee strength to your taste and create perfectly frothed lattes.

4. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, Black
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This coffee maker is simple and sleek looking, and it brews great-tasting coffee as well. Similar to the Hamilton Beach coffee maker is the auto pause-to-pour feature. In addition, this coffee maker has an automatic shutoff feature after thirty minutes of sitting idle. This saves energy, power, and can help prevent fires if you forgot to turn off your coffee maker.

The carafe is made of stainless steel and has a dripless spout, keeping your area clean of leaks and spills. This coffee maker has a 3-year warranty that is sure to keep your coffee coming when you need it.

5. Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker,Silver
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03/21/2023 11:29 pm GMT

This coffee maker is a simple compact machine that looks clean and sleek. It will look great on your countertop and it won’t take up much space. The machine is made out of stainless steel and plastic, and it features a glass pot. This coffee maker makes up to 5 cups of coffee, and it has a removable water tank.

This machine has a great price for a daily coffeemaker that will last you a long time.

All of the parts are designed to be hand-washed, and the charcoal water filter should last up to 2 years under normal use. The product comes with a measuring spoon, and it has an automatic keep-warm plate. This feature is nice for keeping the rest of your coffee leftover in the mug warm while you drink the first cup. Then, if you want to refill your cup, you can refill it with warm coffee and not have to reheat it.

The product has 4.5 stars out of 5 in reviews, and if you are looking for a coffeemaker that is easy to use and to clean, and isn’t bulky, then this coffee maker is a great option.

6. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Simple Brew Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe
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02/17/2024 01:24 pm GMT

This Mr. Coffee brew coffee maker is very affordable and is perfect for making simple, everyday drinks. This is a smaller coffee maker because it only serves 4 cups, but if you are the only coffee drinker at home, or if you’re one of two coffee drinkers at home, then this size coffee maker is probably perfect for you.

There are no advanced settings on this coffee maker, but it makes a great-tasting simple brew coffee. It has 4.4 stars out of 5 stars, and it comes in white or black. For being a cheap coffee maker, it works really well and it should last you a long time if it’s treated well and used correctly.

It has a removable filter basket for easy cleaning, makes 4 cups of coffee, and has an on and off indicator. The cord is 26″ long, and the coffee maker itself weighs 2.2 lbs. On the pot and the water tank, there are markings for easy measuring, and when you buy it you will get a 1-year warranty on it. This might be perfect for you if you live on a tight budget, are a college student, or if you don’t drink a lot of coffee but you still want a well-made simple coffee maker.

7. Black & Decker DCM18S Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker, 1, Black/Stainless Steel
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02/17/2024 11:18 pm GMT

This coffee maker is great for personal use. It comes with a mug that takes the place of the coffee pot and it is great for quickly making drinks in the morning and taking them on the go. This machine is perfect for those who have early starts to their day and need to quickly grab a coffee on their way out the door to work each morning.

Black & Decker DCM18S Coffeemaker is designed for smaller living spaces such as dorm rooms, apartments, and small kitchens. That way, it doesn’t take up a lot of your limited countertop space.

The coffee maker has a permanent reusable grounds filter, which reduces waste and keeps you from buying paper coffee ground filters all of the time. The machine turns off immediately after brewing the coffee so that if you do not have time to turn it off, you don’t have to. It is one less thing to worry about in the morning on the way to work.

The coffee mug is 15oz, and it saves you money from going out to buy coffee every morning. Instead, you get to make your own fresh cup before leaving your house, and you can quickly grab it and go without paying $5 every day. In the long run, you save lots of money and it costs a lot less than buying coffee every day or even buying it weekly.

8. BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker

BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker, 10 cup, Stainless Steel

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Even so, the BUNN Het N Brew coffee maker is a bigger, 10 cup, coffee maker, I still decided to put it on my list. If you choose to get a bigger coffee machine, consider this one.

Depending on how many people drink coffee at home, this may or may not be a worthwhile purchase for you, but it has great features that are worth looking into.

The BUNN Heat N Brew Programmable Coffee Maker is great for its size and more. It makes 10 cups of coffee in 10 minutes without using the programmable start feature. This has an auto plate warmer to keep your coffee warm while it is in the pot. This is great for at-home workers or office workers who like to refill on hot coffee without having to remake coffee every time you want it.

What is the Difference Between a Regular and 4-Cup or 5-Cup Coffee Maker?

Regular coffee makers can be single-serve or they can have a big pot to fill. A 4-cup coffee maker is a great size for not making too much coffee and not having enough coffee.

The amount of coffee you have a day, or the amount of coffee the people in your home drink per day can determine the size of the coffee maker you have in your home. People who live alone do not usually need coffee makers that fill more than 4 cups, and in homes where 2 or more people drink coffee, a 4-cup coffee maker may or may not be big enough.

So, consider how you like to have your coffee and if you like advanced settings or not, as well as if you like to use coffee pods or coffee grounds. This will help you decide whether you need a regular coffee maker or not. Then, decide how much coffee you have a day and use that to find yourself a perfect coffee maker.

Benefits of a 4-Cup and 5-Cup Coffee Makers

A 4-cup coffee maker is less expensive and less bulky than many other large coffee makers, and it is a great size for when there are 1-4 coffee drinkers in the house. If only parents are drinking coffee at home, then this size is perfect for making enough coffee for each parent to have 2 cups. And who doesn’t like to refill on coffee?

The amount of coffee is perfect for adults, and it is a great size for countertops in the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, not a lot of countertop space, or you simply don’t want to crowd your countertops with appliances, then this size of coffee maker is great. You can find a coffee maker that has simple settings or advanced settings in the 4-cup size, and it often is a perfect size for a kitchen that is in a dorm, apartment, or house.

It is convenient to have a coffee maker that works and makes coffee hot and ready in the morning. It can be wasteful to have a coffee maker that makes too much coffee than you want to use because you will always have leftovers that are never as good as fresh coffee.

You can also have a coffee maker that doesn’t make enough coffee for you and every time you need or want a cup of coffee, you have to remake it and wait for it to finish. The best size to avoid these problems (depending on how much coffee you or others drink a day) is a 4-cup sized coffee maker.