Are Miele Coffee Machines Worth It? (The 5 Factors)

Last Updated on November 16, 2021 by John Moretti

Miele is a German-based company that has been in operation since 1899! As a family-owned business, they have been making automatic coffee makers since 1998, and they produce some of the best super-automatic coffee makers in the world at affordable prices.

With superb design, excellent materials, innovative features, and 20-year operational longevity, Miele coffee machines are most certainly worth the money. Pleasing to the eye and reasonably priced, their usability, durability, and functionality are up there with the best.

An investment in a Miele coffee machine, whether countertop or built-in, will yield significant returns as the coffee quality is excellent, so let’s now take a deeper look into what makes a Miele a coffee masterpiece.

Miele Offers Counter-Top And Built-In Coffee Machines

Miele is one the few manufacturers that offer built-in machines, they have created a unique option for customers that want a little more sophistication and stature in their homes or offices and provide that extra bit of class and style.

The built-in machines give your home or office an element of luxury and humble opulence that speaks quietly but firmly to the coffee lover and tells them that you are serious about great coffee for yourself and your friends.

Their countertop systems are equally impressive, offering a full range of coffee drinks and simple maintenance and cleaning, touch-screen simplicity, and exceptional durability.

Miele Machines РFlexibility For The Few Or The Many 

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One of the more outstanding features of the Miele machines is that they can deliver superior tasting coffee for your breakfast or up to eight people if you’re having a party! While many other automatic machines struggle to provide this volume, Miele’s pump system sets it apart from the competition.

Able to make eight cups of coffee consecutively or to use the supplied 1-liter coffee pot to create a pot of coffee for your guests speak to their inherent understanding of their customer’s needs.

This flexibility in design and function is a no-brainer if you are the coffee social butterfly and love to entertain people over a great cup of coffee. No doubt your Miele machine will become a congregation and conversation point at your parties.

Your biggest challenge will be ensuring you have enough of your favorite beans to keep everyone’s cup filled!

Miele Coffee Machines Have Exceptional Durability 

Miele machines are well known for their super-effective self-cleaning systems. One of the reasons they strive for 20-year longevity is that they ensure their machines maintain their operational status by taking the pressure of cleaning off their customer’s shoulders.

Designed to provide easy access to the internal components for easy removal and cleaning, the machine will notify you when grounds or the integrated drip tray require cleaning.

Miele knows that cleaning a coffee machine’s components by hand is a chore; they have made most of their parts dishwasher safe with only the service cover, main dispenser cover, coffee bean container, and main brew unit needing hand washing.

Another convenient feature is that Miele provides water hardness testing strips with your machine so that you can fine-tune the programmed descaling feature to match the potential calcium build-up.

Because the small things that matter when it comes to value for money, and as mid-priced machines, the Miele coffee makers punch well above their weight in that department.

Miele Coffee Machines Deliver Exceptional Coffee

No coffee machine is worth its price if the very core of its existence doesn’t elicit a big smile of satisfaction, and that is the quality of the brew in the cup. Being able to control all the elements that make up a perfect coffee is critical, and Miele coffee machines provide all that and more,

Miele gives you complete control over the portion size of milk and water, the grind’s coarseness, and will process any beans you put in it. However, these machines stand head and shoulders above their competition regarding the brewing process and the incredible options you have at your fingertips.

One of the critical aspects in brewing is the water temperature, as different beans require slightly different temperatures for optimum extraction, aroma, and flavor. Being able to use either the default settings or create your own gives you a level of control second to none. Ranging from low to maximum, you can set your brewing temperature precisely as you need it.

Furthermore, Miele also gives you the option to set the pre-brewing time, which determines the amount of time that the grounds have contact with the water, affecting the strength and flavor of the brew.

All of this means only one thing, and that is exceptional coffee every time you need it, and that truly is the point of having a coffee machine, and for that, these machines are worth every cent.

Miele Coffee Machines Have Profile Memory 

One of the more outstanding features that Miele machines bring is the individual profile settings. This means that you can make your drink with all the parameters like portion size, pre-brewing time, water temperature, grind settings and then allocate those to your personal drinks profile.

Now, your Miele KNOWS how you like your drinks and will deliver results every time at the push of a button. No complex instructions or studying the manual; save your settings and voila! It’s done!

You can save profiles for friends and family so they can enjoy their drinks precisely the way they like them without having to fiddle with the settings every time. This saves a lot of frustration and makes you look like a pro barista!

Miele Coffee Machines Produce All The Coffee-Shop Drinks

cappuccinos and lattes

One of the great attractions of the coffee shop is the range of drinks their baristas can offer you. From the single espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and latte, your Miele can deliver every style of drink your coffee shop can!

Now you can have your coffee shop in your kitchen and choose your favorite coffee drink in the comfort of your own home and at the touch of a button! Plus, once you have found your optimum combination, you can store your settings in the machine for the future!

Miele also understands that sometimes you need a little more than just coffee, so their machines provide hot water and frothed milk using the supplied glass milk froth jug, which slips easily into place and is much easier to clean than the earlier stainless steel models.

Wrapping Up

For anyone asking whether Miele machines are worth the money, there is no doubt that they are. While not in the super-expensive range, starting from around $1000, Miele certainly delivers high-end performance with German precision.

With their stylish design and unique features, as well as the fantastic control and functionality they provide, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option for a coffee machine for home or business, and this makes Miele magic!