Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by John Moretti

Some people believe that before every successful day is a strong cup of coffee. Some get it from Starbucks before heading off to work, others from the barista at the coffee cart two blocks away from the office, and then some get it at home. 

Built-in coffee machines are worth it if you drink enough coffee to justify such a pricy kitchen appliance. With a sleek and modern design and minimal fuss, this fully automated kitchen feature can have the perfect cuppa joe in your hands, ready to greet the day in no time. 

If you are pondering whether buying such a stylish kitchen appliance and whether it is worth it or not or want to convince your partner or yourself that you need to get one – then this is the right place to start reading. 

are built-in coffee machines worth it

Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It?

Bean to cup by the single press of a button in the comfort of your own home. That is how easy built-in coffee machines are. Extremely user-friendly with high automaticity with a variety of functions for coffee lovers to coffee connoisseurs.

But the question lingers, is that worth it? Do I drink enough coffee to justify it? 

Let’s face it. Built-in coffee machines are expensive. However, if you have been drinking decent take-out coffee and want to scale down on the amount of take-out your drink, it is becoming a bit more achievable, mainly, thanks to lockdowns, you have been working more hybrid than in the office.

Suppose you have been making manual espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes and feel that it is too much effort, from grinding to getting the cup of coffee and the relentless cleaning afterward is taking the pleasure out of your morning cup of glory. In that case, you should consider investing in one.

Although built-in coffee machines will also inevitably need cleaning, it has automatic cleaning functions that will make your cleaning tasks easier than a manual espresso machine.  

Usually, these machines tell you when you need to activate cleaning, so you will only need to remember to check for that every once in a while. 

Are you wanting to wake up to the smell of coffee being made? Since it is fully automated, another fantastic feature of a built-in coffee machine is having the cup ready and programming the machine to make your coffee at a particular time. 

Pros Of A Built-In Coffee Machine

  • It saves countertop space. Built-in coffee machines save a lot of countertop space because its built-in. Nothing bulky on your countertop, with no cords that you constantly must try and neaten. 
  • Convenience is essential. One of the main pros, also already mentioned here.
  • Sleek and modern. A built-in coffee maker is a real statement piece in a kitchen, offering you the epitome of kitchen appliances. 
  • Fresh taste. Built-in coffee machines usually come with a grinder since they are bean-to-cup devices. Brewing coffee with freshly ground coffee gives you a fresh and rich-tasting cup of coffee.
  • A reliable source of hot water. Since your built-in coffee machine is permanently connected to a water supply, it can constantly provide you with hot water to make a variety of hot drinks for yourself. 
  • Cost effectivity. If you are a regular at your nearest coffee shop, buying an appliance to make coffee at home might save you money instead of getting a take-out coffee for yourself. 

Disadvantages Of Built-In Coffee Machines. 

  • They are expensive. They do cost a lot of money. With so many internal components, from grinders to thermo-blocks, it is difficult for these machines not to become expensive to make. Not even considering all the research and technology that goes into making it. 
  • Coffee machine maintenance. Like all good things in life, they do need maintenance and cleaning. Because it works with water, you will need to descale it every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Do Built-In Coffee Machines Make Good Coffee?

built-in coffee machine

The question begs an answer that comes down to taste and personal preference. 

Many built-in coffee machines make a great cup of coffee for even a coffee connoisseur to recognize. The water temperature is the correct heat, it sprays the water with the right pressure through the coffee ground, and the result is a great-tasting full-bodied aroma cup of coffee.

But not all built-in coffee machines make great coffee. If the water temperature is too hot or drips too quickly, your coffee will taste burnt or dull. That’s why it is super important to do proper research on which ones are the best. 

Your top range build-in coffee machines come at a higher price tag, but they also make the better coffee. 

However, you might not be a coffee connoisseur. All you want is something to give you coffee every day. Coffee that tastes great and will not give you an aneurism making it or cleaning up afterward. 

You get decently built mid-range built-in coffee machines. That will give you precisely what you need. 

Why Are Built-In Coffee Machines So Expensive?

built-in espresso machine

Making a perfect cup of espresso is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes skill and knowledge for baristas to do so. That’s why a machine that can make an espresso will be expensive.

The technology and innovation that goes into designing and making a built-in coffee machine are extraordinary. But, unfortunately, the research, the testing, the engineering, all those things cost money. 

For a company to take on such a project for an appliance is a huge task. However, when successful, they need to make up for the expenses incurred and make enough money to grow and innovate new appliances, making life for us plebs easier.

The parts to make a built-in coffee machine or any good bean to cup coffee machine are expensive. Also, since it is highly automated, it needs an excellent electronic system, which can cost quite a penny to invent and make.  

You will find that certain brands of coffee machines are more expensive than others because they have been manufacturing coffee machines for longer. Therefore their design, technology, and other things listed above are of higher value than brands that have not been doing it for so long. 

The Best Built-In Coffee Machines

You have probably looked at several sites with the best built-in coffee machines if you are reading this. Also, remember to consider your budget when looking to buy a built-in coffee machine or any appliance for that matter. 

Gaggenau CM470711

The Gaggenau 400 series is a German-made coffee machine with superb built quality, eight personalized espressos, or other coffee drinks. You can either use the 2.5 qt water tank or connect it to your plumbing. In addition, all removable parts of the Gaggenau are dishwasher safe, making cleaning even more effortless.

Miele CVA6405

The Miele coffee machine CVA 6405 features a plumbed water system with auto cleaning features that rinses every machine switched on or off. It also has what Miele calls the OneTouch function, meaning it can produce two cups of coffee simultaneously. In addition, it can save up to 10 profiles for personalized coffee, grinds coffee beans to perfection, and feature a glass milk flask that easily clicks in and out for storage.

Bosch BCM8450UC

The Bosch 24″ is like all things German-made – excellent build quality. It has a dual-chamber built-in grinder that you can pre-load with two different types of coffee beans. In addition, it has a refillable water tank, so it does not require plumbing. 

Easily connect to the Home Connect app and order your coffee from bed. You can also save eight personalized coffee profiles.

Thermador TCM24TS

The Thermador TCM 24TS is part of Thermador’s Masterpiece series. It features a refillable water tank and coffee bean grinder. The sensors of the Thermador are programmed to let you know when the coffee and water are running low. It can also make two cups of coffee simultaneously, automatic cleaning rinsing when the machine is turned on and off. And it includes home connectivity with Thermador’s Home Connect App. The Thermador can also save up to eight personalized profiles. 

Smeg CMSU6451X

The Smeg 24” Built-in fully automatic coffee machine comes with a milk frother, its automatic cappuccino maker. It features automatic hot water cleaning and rinsing every time you switch it on and off. In addition, it features both a ground coffee container and a coffee bean grinder. IT also features three different coffee temperatures.


If a built-in coffee machine is worth it or not is up to you. Of course, they are expensive, but if it is within your price range and you are a big coffee lover or have a few people in your household, and you can justify buying it, it can make a big difference to your time management.