What Is An American Roast? (Answered)

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 by Barry Gray

An American roast is a medium roast of coffee beans. It’s as simple as that. 

Well, not quite.

This coffee is neither light nor dark roasted. It’s somewhere in between.

In short, an American roast can be classed as a medium roast that is neither too sweet nor bitter. It’s a balanced coffee drink, which makes it perfect for most coffee drinkers as it has a bit of everything without being overbearing.

I like all things medium; it’s a simple strategy that gives people more options when enjoying a great cup of coffee. In other words, it can ignite the creative flair and hidden coffee artiste within us all. 

I digress. 

The final product of coffee is a medium brown coffee bean that boasts a mild flavor that can satisfy even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts. So, it sounds pretty cool, and there’s lots more for me to tell you about an American roast.

If you want to learn more about American Roast and how and where it is grown, stick around, I will also throw in some great recipes for drinking your American Roast, including food!

what is an american roast

What’s So Good About an American Roast?

Of course, everyone has unique preferences for coffee, with some preferring a dark and slightly bitter taste. In contrast, others prefer a lighter and more mellow flavor.

Nevertheless, this medium coffee roast strikes a perfect balance between the two, making it an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee.

I am game for most flavors; the one I struggle with the most is bitter. To me, bitterness is not a good experience when it’s pushed to an extreme. 

At that point, I feel it overpowers other flavors in the coffee resulting in you failing to enjoy the experience. I highly doubt anybody wishes to experience that type of thing.

I also don’t like what I’d call ‘wishy-washy’ coffee, but my great aunt would insist on wishy-washy coffee most mornings. She said it would mess with her heart if it were more potent. 

American roast coffee is often described as having a smooth, full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. What is not to like about caramel and nuts? 

Where And How Are Beans Grown 

green coffee beans

American roast coffee is grown worldwide but is most commonly grown in Central and South America. Those areas of the world are viewed as the best for the balanced flavor of the coffee bean you are looking for with an American roast. 

The growing process of coffee beans, particularly American roast, begins with planting coffee seeds. Coffee seeds are typically grown in shaded beds, as too much sunlight can damage the seedlings. 

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the seeds to germinate. After that, the seedlings are transplanted into separate pots. This process is quite labor-intensive and requires a lot of human resources.

Coffee plants need well-drained soil and a warm, humid climate to thrive. 

After the seeds sprout, they usually reach 6-8 feet tall and bear white flowers that blossom for approximately a week. It is a significant plant, taller than me.

Then the flowers are pollinated by insects, and the cherries grow about 6 to 9 weeks after pollination. 

Coffee cherries take about 9-11 months to mature. When they are ripe, they are a bright red color. Then the cherries are hand-picked and processed to remove the beans from the fruit. 

Only a few know that the cherry holds the coffee bean, and you do too. There are two main methods of processing coffee beans:

  • Wet processing: The cherries are washed in water to remove the fruit and pulp. The beans are then fermented for a short period to remove the mucilage, a sticky layer that surrounds the beans. The beans are then rewashed and dried.
  • Dry processing: The cherries dry in the sun or a mechanical dryer and are hulled to remove the outer layer.

Once you have the bean, it gets roasted. 

As mentioned earlier, the roasting time for American coffee beans is medium. This results in the aromatic, full-bodied taste of American roast coffee. 

The roasted beans are then packaged and shipped to coffee roasters worldwide. The roasters will roast the beans again to their desired flavor profile before selling them to coffee shops and consumers.

This process makes coffee so variable and, of course, attractive to coffee lovers. 

What are the Main Factors Affecting the Flavor of American Roast?

what affects the flavor of an american roast

You cannot expect every coffee bean to produce the same result. It’s just not possible.

Instead, so many different things contribute to the coffee’s flavor and aroma. It’s one thing I love about coffee, as it gives you the opportunity to explore all sorts of tastes and have different coffee experiences.

But what are the main factors that will affect the flavor of your American roast? Well, four areas have the ability to change everything you will experience.

  • The type of coffee bean: Arabica beans are typically used for American roast coffee, as they have a smooth flavor.
  • The growing conditions: The climate, soil, and altitude where the coffee beans are grown can all affect their flavor. Season failings can also affect the beans. 
  • The processing method: The wet processing method produces a cleaner, brighter flavor, while the dry processing method produces a more earthy flavor.
  • The roasting method: The roasting time and temperature can affect the flavor of the coffee beans.

American roast is a versatile type of coffee, meaning it can be enjoyed with milk, black, sugar, or without. It also makes a great iced coffee

Why Should I Drink American Roast?

reasons to drink an american roast coffee

The coffee world has so many different options when it comes to blends and roasts, with different regions of the world having their own unique take. So, why do I think you should go ahead and give an American roast a shot?

Well, I’ve identified several points that stand out.

  • It has good flavor and is pleasing to most palettes. Although medium roast, it still punches above its weight. 
  • It is a good source of caffeine, which can help to improve alertness and focus.
  • It contains antioxidants, which can help to protect the body against damage from free radicals. This is such good news for us coffee lovers!
  • It is a relatively affordable coffee option; you need not break the bank to buy a decent coffee. 

But I also admit it’s not all positive when it comes to this roast. Yet, that’s nothing new, as every roast has its own negatives.

Fortunately, there aren’t too many, but here are three points you may want to know about if you plan on trying an American roast for the first time. 

  • It can be high in acidity, upsetting some people’s stomachs.
  • It can be high in caffeine, which is stimulating for some people.
  • It may not be as flavorful as some other types of coffee, such as dark roast coffee.

Wondering How to Drink Your American Roast? 

how do you drink an american roast coffee

I’m going to leap forward and move to the point where you have your hands on some American roast coffee, and you are now wondering what to do with it. 

American roast is highly versatile, and it will work well with a multitude of coffee brewing options, so you won’t be struggling to find something that suits your coffee needs at that time. 

Here are a few of those options to kickstart your American roast journey:

  • Americano: Let’s keep it simple, an Americano is made by diluting espresso with hot water. It is an excellent way to enjoy the strong flavor of espresso without being too overwhelming. To make an Americano, brew a shot of espresso and then add hot water to taste. Drink it black or add milk and sugar.
  • Caffè Mocha: This is a chocolatey coffee drink made with espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. It is a popular choice for people who enjoy a sweet coffee drink. To make a caffè mocha, brew a shot of espresso and then add chocolate syrup and steamed milk to taste. You can also add whipped cream and chocolate shavings to top it off. You can play around with this as much as you like. I’ve even added mint shrapnel to it. 
  • Frappuccino: A blended coffee drink with espresso, ice, milk, and flavorings, a popular choice for people who enjoy a cold coffee drink. To make a Frappuccino, blend espresso, ice, milk, and spices until smooth. You can also add whipped cream and chocolate shavings to top it off. Remember the fancy glass if you are making it for two or even just for yourself. 
  • Iced Coffee: A cold drink with brewed coffee, ice, and milk. It is a refreshing way to enjoy coffee on a hot day. To make iced coffee, brew coffee as usual and then chill it in the refrigerator. When you are ready to serve, add ice and milk or whipped cream to taste.

Unconventional Ways to Enjoy American Roast 

Finally, I want to have some fun and throw in another suggestion – using an American roast in something other than a drinkable coffee. Instead, you can also use it in baking to have some fantastic coffee-flavored snacks that will be perfect for people with a sweet tooth.

Here are two examples of how to use an American roast coffee.

  • Coffee Cake: A delicious cake made with coffee, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, and baking powder. It is a moist and flavorful cake perfect for breakfast or dessert. To make a coffee cake, combine all ingredients until well combined. Pour the batter into a greased and floured cake pan and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30-35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  • Coffee Cookies: These are chewy and delicious cookies made with coffee, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, and baking soda. They are perfect for a coffee break or a snack. To make coffee cookies, combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until well combined. Drop the dough by rounded tablespoons onto a greased and floured baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

My Conclusion

I genuinely enjoy American Roast Coffee since it caters to my taste and my family’s distinct preferences. Although I have never personally made a coffee cake, I have relished a few pieces while vacationing in Brazil and found them delicious.

 I am fond of items with multiple purposes, and coffee always amazes me with its countless applications and means of enjoyment.

I see an American roast as being a lovely coffee that is not too powerful and a delight to enjoy. If you have never experienced it before, now is the time to change that and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.